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Aaaah! He was so late from class! And as in any story that starts out with one of the main characters being late, this isn't going to end too well either. This time it wasn't just about detention or anything like that; it was the matter of life and death. The professor was a very strict man and would take no funny business. Besides today was the day he announced the new psychology project that would determine over a half of their grades and if they would pass or not.

Bakura Ryou was normally a good student. Last night however had been a bit hectic for him and he had slept late this morning. Yesterday his father had left again to go on a business trip and Ryou had saw him off and then he had been called and told that they would cut out his college funding. He had tried to call his father to ask for temporary financial support but couldn't reach him. Then on top of all that his friend, who had gone out that night, had suddenly fallen ill and needed a ride to a hospital and Ryou was there to take him there and stay with him the whole night. So this morning he had been very tired and worried about his future as a college student. And he was late from class.

The young man was sure that if he told the whole story to his teacher, he would think that Ryou was making it all up and trying to get his compassion so that he wouldn't have to suffer the consequences.

Bakura Ryou was studying psychology in Domino Central College. He had just started this fall and was generally a hard working student with good grades. Too bad that the psychology teacher, Mr. Akishima, professor in psychology and specialized in mental disorders, didn't like him. Being the teacher of most of his classes, it made Ryou's college life very difficult.

Luckily for Ryou he lived near the college and was just running down the hall and up the stairs to reach his class in time for the bell to ring at the end of the class and the teacher was still there.

"Hey Ryou!" He heard a group of people call, they lived in the same building and some times came to school together, before he could enter the classroom. "You missed the most boring assignment of the year!"

"Oh, how come?" Ryou really couldn't understand why anything that Mr. Akishima would give could be boring; he gave the most exiting assignments in school.

"We've got our own loonies to study and learn from!"

"Please don't use that term on the mentally unstable and if you find the task so boring feel free to fail it and get your ass kicked from school, I'm sure no one would miss you." Spoke Mr. Akishima from the door and the group instantly shut up and scrambled off. The professor enjoyed the respect of all students who had ever met him as well as his colleagues despite his young age and some times a bit questionable teaching methods.

"Um, Mr. Akishima?" Ryou spoke carefully to gain the man's attention. He turned his cold gray eyes to his student.

"Do you have an explanation to your lateness from my class?"

"Ah well…"

"I thought I made it very clear how important this particular lesson was for your future, did I not?"

Ryou started fiddling under his teacher's hard gaze. "You did but yesterday was very hectic for me and I sort of over slept…" He made a feeble attempt to explain.

"I'm not interested in your personal life. I guess you sort of failed this course." With that he started making his way to the teacher's lounge and Ryou quickly ran after him. He didn't want to fail!

"Please wait! Is there really nothing I can do to pass?" He pled and his teacher stopped to give him a scrutinizing gaze. "Please, professor." The teacher had a thoughtful expression, then he turned to walk again with Ryou in his tow.

"Do you know what the assignment is about, Ryou?" Mr. Akishima asked casually but Ryou noticed the use of his first name. No other teacher ever did that and with Akishima it meant that he had something in mind that didn't bode well for Ryou.

"What I've heard it has something to do with studying the mentally unstable."

"Right. Now, why do you think I would give such an assignment to you?"

This was it, his passing or failing the course depended on how he answered. "I guess that-."

"Don't guess. Either you know the answer or you don't."

"Ok…" Ryou took a deep breath and answered trying his best to make his voice sound like he knew what he was talking about. "Because most of us probably will work in psychology and perhaps with some mentally ill people, you want to give us the experience we need to handle that kind of situations. And you probably will use this assignment as a test, to test if we're suitable for this work." Then he waited. Was the answer good enough? Suddenly Akishima stopped and Ryou almost bumped on his back but was able to stop himself in time to save his dignity. The teacher turned around to face him.

"Exactly. You might be able to save your grade after all, Ryou." The boy sighed in relief. "Don't feel relieved just yet. You'll have to do a report on a mental patient like everyone else but your patient will be one I would rather no give to a student. Unfortunately, he's the only one left and you can consider that as your punishment. The assignment is do at the end of the year, here's his file. Have a nice day." And with that Mr. Akishima turned around to walk the rest of the way to the teacher's lounge, leaving Ryou to stand in the hall not believing his luck. He put the file in his bag, deciding to look at it once he got home. Then he glanced at his watch and with a start realized that he was going to be late from class again if he didn't hurry.


At the end of the day Ryou crashed on his bed feeling exhausted. He hadn't slept much last night after all and had had trouble staying awake in class. The teachers weren't very pleased with his lack of attention in class and he had to listen to innuendo about how it wasn't good for you to party on weeknights.

His stomach made a sound and Ryou grumbled to himself but managed to lift his body up and drag it in to the small kitchen. He opened the fridge and get some leftover Chinese food for his hunger. While he was still munching on his food he heard his phone ring and went to answer.

"Bakura Ryou speaking, who's calling please."

/"Hi it's me."/

"Ah, Yuugi. What's up?"

/"Have you seen Jou since yesterday?"/

"No, he was in a pretty bad shape. How is he?"

/"Better now. Thanks for taking care of him."/

"Hey, no problem." He took a bite of his food. "So how are things? I haven't seen you since last week." They were both busy with their studies so they didn't have time to hang out together as much as they used to.

/"Well, grandpa has a flu so I've been helping him out a lot. School has been… hell. We get tons of homework and we have exams coming next week. I went to visit Jou. Oh, he told me to tell you he said hi and thanks for taking him to the hospital and staying with him the whole night."/

"I hope he gets better soon. I don't know if I have time to visit him; we got this huge assignment from Mr. Akishima and all."

/"The one you hate?"/

"No, I don't hate him, I just don't think that he likes me all that much. Anyway, I overslept and missed his class and he almost failed me for that."

/"Bastard. He's the one who you say that makes your life difficult, right?"/

"Yeah… but I think he's generally a good person and he's a very good teacher."

/"You think everyone is a good person, Ryou."/

"No I don't! I think I have to go now; I have homework and I still haven't looked on my assignment."

/"Okay, bye. Talk to you later."/

"Bye." They both hung up and Ryou finished his meal and started on his homework. It took him almost an hour to get them done and he had to check out the file Mr. Akishima had given him. He however just made it to his bed with the file in hand and once he landed on the soft mattress, he fell asleep.

The file on his hand opened, revealing a picture of a man with spiked blond hair, tanned skin and pupil-less violet eyes. There were lost of writing on his condition next to the picture and with larger, bolder letters:

Mariku Ishtar

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