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The Loss of Innocence

Chapter One


It had been just over a month since Bridget, Julie and Veronica had been rescued from Dunne and Burns. Just over a month since Sara and Catherine had started dating officially. Just over a month since Charles Oscar Dunne had been shot and killed.

Sara had gotten into the habit of visiting Veronica every other day for a couple of hours before work. She had been out of the hospital for two weeks and was slowly going crazy over Kimberly's constant fussing. They hadn't spoken much about what had happened since the one conversation right after Veronica had woken up, neither of them felt really ready to face it yet. They weren't bending backwards avoiding the subject, it just never came up. Mostly they just sat in a comfortable silence, the kind you can only experience with an old friend who you trust completely.

Today had been another one of those days. Veronica had sent Kimberly out with Julie to get a little peace and quiet, while she and Sara sat on the terrace enjoying the sun – Sara with a cup of coffee, Veronica with a cup of tea.

"Did you have a nice date yesterday?" Veronica interrupted the silence. She spoke softly as if she didn't want to interrupt the birds singing in the garden.

"Yes," Sara nodded with a smile, "we just went out for lunch before she had to pick up Lindsey from school, but it was nice." Sara spoke in the same tone of voice, enjoying the peaceful calm of their surroundings.

"A nice simple date." Veronica summed up. "Those are the best. The only thing I miss in married life."

"Kimberly doesn't take you out on dates?" Sara looked over at her friend who was leant back in her chair, eyes closed and her arm, still in a cast, resting on her stomach.

"Not lately." Veronica shook her head keeping her eyes closed. "I think she's afraid to let me leave the house these days, worried that someone will snatch me up if I leave the property." She smiled a little. "It's irrational really considering that I was taken in the house the last time."

"Maybe it is an irrational fear, but I've never seen her as upset and scared than she was when you were gone." Sara sat up in her chair, half expecting a longer, more serious conversation about Dunne and the kidnapping.

"I know. But she's driving me crazy with it all." Veronica was still leant back in the chair, her features calm. "I've forced her to go back to work Monday just so I can get a little peace around here."

"She's coming back Monday?" Sara leaned back in her chair again. Once again they avoided the topic of what had happened to Veronica. Neither of them mentioned it, but they both knew that they would get to it eventually when both of them were ready. "Sofia's gonna love that. She didn't like the replacement too much."

"I know." Veronica chuckled. "She's been around here a couple of times complaining."

"She's been complaining to Catherine about him too. They were on a case together and the guy didn't know what to do at all, apparently."

"When's your next date?" Veronica changed the subject.

"Tomorrow." Sara answered with a smile.

"Mmm. That's good." Veronica nodded in approval.

The silence stretched between them again. Sara loved spending time with her friend like this. It wasn't that she didn't like talking with the other woman, she really loved that as well, but in these quiet times she could just get lost in thoughts without Foxy getting annoyed or mad at her for doing so. She'd simply just wait and let Sara finish with whatever she was thinking about and talk after that. Veronica had been the first person Sara had been able to enjoy silence with. Before the doctor had come into her life, silence had always been associated with threats and pain.

This afternoon she let herself get lost in thoughts about Catherine, something that happened more often than not these days. She remembered how they had made love for the first time. It was on their third date and it had been magical to her, it had been just right.

They had been sitting in the car outside Sara's apartment for five minutes just talking about nothing, before she had worked up the courage to ask her upstairs. Luckily she had said yes.

Asking Catherine to sit on the couch while she had gotten a bottle of wine and two glasses had helped her get her nerves under control. It had started slowly, they had talked about everything and nothing drinking a glass of wine and all the while Sara hadn't been able to keep her eyes off the blonde next to her. Catherine had been wearing a dress – knee length, low cut, black and sexy as hell. Sara couldn't keep her eyes off her. She couldn't decide which view she liked better – the dress sliding up a little revealing more skin than intended or the intended amount of cleavage shown. She settled on dividing her attention equally on both, since Catherine was sitting on what was Sara's favourite part of her body.

She didn't know who had initiated the kissing, but she was enjoying it immensely. Kissing Catherine was fantastic, it was something she could spend the rest of her life doing and not get tired of it. She did know that she was the one who brought things further. She had pushed the blonde gently back on the couch until she was lying down and then placed her own body halfway on top of her, one leg between Catherine's.

From then on she hadn't been able to stop herself. The kissing was intensified, wet almost sloppy open mouthed kisses. Mouths finding necks, licking, sucking, gently biting. Gentle caresses in safe places became fevered touches, hands under clothes feeling the backside of her knees, her thighs and finally, finally that perfect ass. She heard herself moan as her hands squeezed it, let her hand wander all over getting acquainted with the forms of the woman underneath her.

She had stopped at once when Catherine, who by this time had managed to get Sara's top halfway off her and unhooked her bra, asked her to. She was disappointed, but willing to wait as long as it took for Catherine to be ready. She remembered the exchange of words by heart.

"I don't want our first time to be in the heat of the moment on your couch, hon."

"I understand." She had already gotten up and started to clasp her bra again when the blonde stopped her.

"I want our first time to be in a bed, Sara." She said with a sexy smile, not bothering to cover her legs where Sara had drawn the dress up to get better access.

"I understand, Catherine." Sara was stopped once again when she tried to clasp her bra again.

"I don't think you do." Catherine sat up and kissed her again. "I want you to take me to your bedroom." She whispered.

They had walked there quickly, some might have called it running pretty fast, but they got there and clothes had quickly been shed and tossed all over the room. And then things had slowed down. The brunette wanted to take her time getting to know the other woman's body, she didn't want to rush anything. They started kissing slowly again, she shuddered at the first skin on skin contact. Lowering them both onto the bed, hands started wandering, caressing breasts, legs, butt. She let her tongue follow the path of her hands and soon she had Catherine begging for release. She placed herself between the blonde's legs and started massaging her clit with two fingers. She replaced her fingers with her tongue and slipped her fingers inside her. Letting her fingers follow the pace Catherine set with her hips, letting her tongue work magic on her clit, she brought her to climax and held her close as she came back down.

"You two are getting serious, aren't you?"

Sara looked over at Veronica and found blue eyes staring back at her. She had obviously been waiting for Sara to return from her thoughts.

"I think so." Sara nodded.

"That's good." Veronica's smile was genuine. "But…"

"But…?" Sara straightened up in her chair.

"I hate ruining such a perfect and peaceful afternoon with serious talk," Veronica sighed, "but if you're getting serious, you have to tell her. She deserves to know."

"I know." Sara smiled sadly. "But I can't help but think 'it was nice while it lasted' every time I think about telling her."

"She'll understand, Sass." Veronica sat up straighter as well, holding out her hand to the brunette. "She's… good."

"Yeah." Sara held the offered hand. "But it's still hard."

"I know." Veronica squeezed Sara's hand. "I hope I didn't interrupt just when things were getting good?" She said, referring to Sara's thoughts.

"No." The brunette, blushing a little, felt that she should have known Veronica would be able to tell what she had been thinking about. Well, to be honest, most people who knew about her and Catherine dating would probably have guessed what was on her mind by looking at the smile on her face.

"That's good. I hate it when people interrupt you from a good daydream." She giggled a little. "And by the look on your face that was a really good one."

"Shut up!" Sara looked away from her, but couldn't help smiling along with her. "I should get going though." She said as an afterthought.

"Yeah." Veronica nodded. "The lab will not survive unless you're there at least an hour early." She teased.

"Yeah, and we can't have that." Sara shot back. "Who'd solve all the crimes if we didn't have a crime lab?" She got up from her chair and Veronica stood up as well.

"I know a couple of detectives who think they're the ones solving the cases." Veronica smiled.

"Yeah, we let them think that." Sara smiled back.

"I'll walk you out." Veronica offered.

"No, I know the way by now. You sit and relax a little longer." They shared a hug goodbye. "I'll stop by in a couple of days." Sara said in goodbye.

"I'll see you then." The doctor waved as Sara disappeared into the house.


Sara had spent the time she had come in earlier doing paperwork. As the time for assignments neared she went to the break room to get a cup of coffee. Most of the nightshift were already there, the only ones missing were Grissom and Greg. After getting the much needed boost of caffeine, she sat down on the couch next to Catherine and flashed a smile.

"Hi." She said.

"Hi." Catherine reached out and held her hand shortly before letting go again.

"Hey Sar." Warrick smiled at the two of them.

"Yeah, hi Sara." Nick smiled as well, just like Warrick he was happy for the two women.

"Anyone up for breakfast after shift?" Warrick asked them. "Tina's working days, so I'm free for once."

"Sure." Nick said.

"Sorry Rick, I have plans." Catherine said with a smile.

"Sara?" Warrick looked over at the brunette who all of a sudden was very interested in her coffee.

"Huh?" She looked up. "I have plans too." She said before concentrating on her coffee again, she knew that there would be teasing next.

"Oh really?" Nick started. "What's you doing, Sara?"

Catherine, having spotted Grissom walking down the hallway towards them, answered for her.

"Me." She said simply with a big smile.

Warrick who had just taken a sip of his coffee spat it all out hearing her answer. And as if on cue, Grissom and Greg stepped into the room at just the right time, preventing Nick or Warrick from saying anything.

"What did we miss?" Greg asked, looking at the spilled coffee Warrick was cleaning up.

"You don't want to know man." Nick said, patting him on the back. "You wanna come out for breakfast after shift? Maybe you'll get lucky and we'll tell you."

"Sure." Greg was about to say something more, when Grissom interrupted him.

"Sara, Nick, B&E. Catherine, DB in Henderson, take Greg. Warrick, you and I have a DB at the Rampart." He didn't wait for their responses, but left the room expecting Warrick to follow him.

"See you at the diner after shift." Warrick said to Nick. "And you have fun doing… what you're gonna do." He said to Sara with a laugh.