Summary: Chiara Elata, an Ancient soldier fighting in the Lantean war against the Wraith is captured by the Wraith and she struggles to escape, or even to gain some hope of escape.

Spoilers: Some for Before I Sleep although not very many.

Pairing: None since the Atlantis team doesn't come in until much later in the story.

Rating: - K+ – More mild violence.

Disclaimer: I don't own any Stargate characters, and I also do not own Esmora (who comes in later), that character is owned by the writer Esmora (whose story about that character paralells mine). Also, I only partly own Amara.

Chiara snuck up behind her husband, who was doing something with one of the computers. She quietly grinned, and then gave him a gentle hug. She saw his hand shake in surprise as she did so.

"Come on, Janus, it's late, time to go home!"

"I know, I just need to finish this last part . . ." Janus responded hurriedly.

"And you last said that how many hours ago?" Chiara asked him.

"I know, but I still have to finish it," he said.

"We should get extra rest tonight though . . ." Chiara said. Janus turned to her.

"Of course you should," he said with a small grin.

"Janus . . . not just for me, we have to fix the transmitter on Ilaria tomorrow!" Janus looked quickly at her.

"Yes . . . I know. I was thinking about it just now, actually. Perhaps it would be best if you didn't go." He noticed the shocked and outraged look on Chiara's face.

"Chiara, come on. You have to take things easier now. Let's see . . . only eight more months. Then Aerlyn will be here." Chiara smiled winsomely.

"I know, eight months, and then everything is changed and I shall never be able to accompany you again. Come on, Janus, who are you going to take? Would you just leave me behind to do nothing?! I don't even feel any different yet . . . please Janus? All the doctors say that everything is fine so far." Chiara looked up into his face pleadingly. Janus looked at her worriedly for a little bit, and then his face finally broke into a gentle smile.

"Very well, but we are going to be extra careful this time, and you are most definitely getting an extra few hours of sleep tonight . . ." Chiara nodded eagerly and Janus shut down the computer, escorting her back to their quarters, already out-fitted with baby accessories.

The next morning the two were armed and waiting in front of the stargate. The great portal opened and they stepped through. Once on Ilaria, they hurried to a building in the distance. As soon as they reached it Janus immediately began working on the computers.

"A virus, I believe," he announced. Chiara nodded. Common, the Wraith had been attempting that of recent.

"I am going to walk around outside, see if they left anything or anyone behind," she announced. Janus looked up.

"Not too far!" he admonished. Chiara laughed and walked out.

An hour later she returned with nothing to report. She sat down on one of the chairs inside and watched Janus. He quietly worked, looking at the screen once in awhile and furiously fussing with crystals and the keyboard. When they had first met, Chiara had been rather annoyed by how serious he was about it all, as well as his utter inability to defend himself. Chiara smiled. Well, he could a little bit, but besides for that little bit . . . Likewise he had been annoyed by her tough exterior as well as her jokes about his precious science. Melia though, she had always thought the two were a perfect match, and had managed to arrange the whole thing.

"Oh no," Janus said, breaking Chiara out of her thoughts.

"What?" Chiara asked, worried.

"The virus, it was a set up, it's been sending a signal ever since I started working on it. We have to go . . . now!" Janus immediately began gathering up all his tablets and other equipment.

"Leave it, Janus, they will be here any moment!" Chiara said. Janus looked at her and they both ran for the door and then to the stargate. They heard the sound of it dialing, and then the "swoosh" sound.

"Go back! The building will be more defensible!" Chiara shouted desperately, and then they both raced back. They got there, shut the doors, and Janus rushed over to the computer.

"What are you doing?" Chiara asked.

"Overloading the power circuits to the doors, it should force them to open them manually."

"Should?!" Chiara said.

"Nothing is certain, they might somehow manage to override it, but I highly doubt that probability." Janus said, continuing to dial a few more things on it. "There, finished," he concluded, turning to the door. Chiara had already charged her weapon.

"Back to one of the inner rooms, it will take them a little longer. Do you know if there is any other feasible exit?" she asked. Janus shook his head.

"Not one that the Wraith haven't probably already surrounded by now." Chiara sighed and they moved down some stairs and through several corridors. They waited in a side room, listening to the movement above them. Janus turned to her.

"We should surrender," he stated.

"That has to be one of the worst plans I have ever heard come out of your mouth!" Chiara responded.

"No, really, Chiara, they went to an awful lot of trouble to get a scientist out here, they obviously want us alive."

"What, so surrender like cowards?! No, I personally would rather fight to the death," Chiara said angrily, her eyes flashing. "We should be able to take more than a few with us. You might even be able to cause the computers to self destruct, that would take all of them in the surrounding area out."

"That is exactly what we have been doing wrong in this whole war!" Janus protested. "Our forces go down heroically taking Wraith with them, but never enough. If we have to die, it should be somewhere where we can take many more than we could here." Chiara sighed, listening to the Wraith bludgeon the door above them down. She looked at him.

"We fight, and then surrender." Janus sighed and nodded to the compromise. They heard the Wraith storm the floor above them.

"Careful," Janus warned, looking worriedly at her. Chiara flashed a small smile.

"Careful? I do believe that is a foreign word to my ears." The Wraith were getting closer, and Chiara took a small device out of her pocket. As the door opened for them she threw it towards where she knew the Wraith stood and then she and Janus turned away. It produced a huge flash and bang, as well as a large enough explosion outwards to take the Wraith next to the door. For several minutes the sounds of both sides fighting each other filled the air. Janus took a shot from one of the stunners, but managed to recover enough to continue fighting. One of the Wraith took a careful shot around the corner where he knew the woman was hiding. Chiara felt a searing pain in her side and began to fall. Janus reached out, breaking her fall slightly, and Chiara's eyes stayed open just long enough to see him fall beside her.