Strikes of Illumination
Collection Summary: Within the storm, there are times when somehow everything is made blindingly clear. A collection of Nejiten drabbles and vignettes.

Toboe LoneWolf: Heh, a collection of Nejiten vignettes and moments, ranging from all sorts of subjects, be they sci-fi alternative universe to a fleeting moment caught between seconds.

Summary: Dancing amidst the lightning bolts was like dancing with life.

"Are you insane, Tenten? Get out of there!" Neji yelled from cover of the forest line.

Tenten laughed and did a handspring. "No way, Neji!"

Tenten was currently prancing about in an open field. Normally, Neji would think this was merely crazy. However, currently there was a massive thunderstorm and lightning bolts were flashing everywhere. With all of the metal weaponry on her body, Tenten turned into a human lightning rod whenever this happened, and normally Tenten would be sensible and return back to the forest and put away her weaponry and not dance about in the middle of a field and juggle metal kunai.

And so, Neji currently thought his other, what-was-previously-only-sometimes crazy teammate had become wholly and totally insane.

Tenten giggled, and did a cartwheel, a lightning bolt crashing down where she was previously, sending splatters of mud and grass everywhere.

…Yep. Definitely insane.

"Come on, Neji! Try it!" Tenten threw up several kunai, laughing (how in the world could she be laughing?) as three lightning bolts shot down and lit up her weaponry in blue glory. They fell and thudded into the ground, extinguishing the blue glow. Springing about, Tenten dodged and spun and laughed as she pranced about the field. Perhaps there is lightning chakra in her, Neji mused, or she was using her chakra somehow to sense where the lightning bolts were, to skip blithely in the midst of a raging thunderstorm.

Tenten threw her head back, relishing in the feel of rain running down her face and neck. Arching her body she did a back flip, a lightning bolt shattering down. She could feel the heat and the sound, reverberating through her bones.

Dancing amidst the lightning bolts was like dancing with life. You never really knew where life was going, and sometimes you were in the dark before illumination flashed before you, and sometimes you barely evaded death, and sometimes you cared and sometimes you didn't. Flashy and showy and free, and Tenten just let it go, just this once, to play and dance amidst the lightning bolts.

Watch me, Neji.

She sprang about the field, breaking perhaps every single impression Neji had made of her.

…Ah, she loved shocking the poor Hyuuga.

She drew two more kunai from her waist, spinning them around her fingers. With a shout she threw them up, weaving her chakra, and as the lightning crashed down and hit her puny weapons smoky dragons emerged, roaring along with the thunder. Her dragons twisted and twined upward towards the thunderous heavens. Tenten looked upward, grinning as water ran down her face, following her dragon's trail, before flipping away as another lightning bolt crashed down.

Watch me.