AN: Now I'm writing five stories at the same time... Oh, well. This story is a crossoverish, Hellsing/fantasy (especially dragonlance). Fantasy part will be dominant in the prologue. There might be romance, but OC will have nothing to do with it. Yet at least. Maybe later, but then it will be OC/OC.

DISCLAIMERS: Hellsing is not mine. Mittheleana and Laurelie (as well as King Anzor and Filia) are mine.

Chapter 1/Prologue

The village of Filia was swarming with people as everyone who could do something for the village. People were preparing to receive very important guests from the court of king Anzor. Those villagers who were already finished with the preparations or couldn't do anything were gathered at the main square to receive the guests.

The tension caused by excitement grew thicker, as sun was climbing above the horizon. The guests had sent a messenger the previous evening to inform the villagers of their arrival at dawn.

Soon enough they were able to see a cloud of dust at the horizon. In this terrain, it would mean that the guests would be at the village border within fifteen or thirty minutes.

In the meantime, a little off from the village, the representatives of the king Anzor were travelling towards the village with their entourage, only coming to a halt as one of the guards noticed two figures by a tree which grew about fifty feet off from the road.

A man with a red outfit was crouching next to a white clad woman who was leaning against the tree. The convoy was stopped, and after a short conversation two guards left to check their situation.

As the two guards approached the pair, the man looked up to them. They could see worried look on his pale face, and his black hair shone in the light of the rising sun. Neither of these caught the guards' attention, though. The one thing that made them curious was the colour of his eyes, seeing that red irises weren't that common.

The man turned his attention from the two to the woman in front of him. The guards shifted their eyes from him to her, noticing that she seemed to be exhausted. Her eyes were closed, and her skin was nearly transparent. Her long platinum tresses were looking lifeless, as they hung around, and partially on, her face.

The guards wondered what had happened to her. The older one decided to ask. "Is she alright?"

The man in red ignored the question at first, as he lifted the woman in his arms. As soon as he stood up he worriedly listened to her shallow breathing, before turning his attention to the men in front of him. "She is fatigued, but otherwise uninjured. We were on our way to Filia, but she fainted. She doesn't weigh much, but I haven't slept for days. I didn't want to collapse while carrying her."

The younger guard frowned. "You're doing it now."

The man grinned. "Yes, but now you are here. If I was to fall, you would catch her."

The guards exchanged a glance before turning to the two travellers. "We are on our way there ourselves, and we have one extra horse with us. Wait here with my comrade as I go and ask if you could join us for the last miles."

As the older one of the soldiers rushed off to the convoy the younger one decided to ask more of these two, when they heard a shout coming from the convoy. The other informed them that the two were allowed to join the convoy.

The guard then led the man in red to the convoy. As they approached it the man and the woman in his arms received a number of curious looks. Reaching the dark mare they were allowed to use he lifted her first on the horse's back, before getting on behind her.

Many people in the convoy couldn't miss how the woman seemed to lean heavily on him, and how his rein-free hand was wrapped securely around her waist, pulling her tightly against him.

Noticing this and his entourage's looks, the representative rode to the mare. "Your woman doesn't look too well."

The man in red turns his attention to the other man. "She is extremely tired. Thank you for letting us to use one of your horses."

"We couldn't let fellow travellers to be left to fend for themselves. May I ask your names?"

"My name is Alucard, and this is Mittheleana."

The representative was about to ask more, especially about the woman's odd name, but he was cut off by one of his servants who reminded him that they were already expected in the village. He nodded at his servant, turning his gaze to the two, only to realise that Alucard's full attention seemed to be on the woman. I wonder if they are lovers. He surely seems to treat her as such.

In the village the people were beginning to become nervous. Sun was already way above the horizon. Many of the villagers were afraid that something had attacked them, but these worries were proven unnecessary as the convoy finally was in the sights of the guards.

Soon enough the convoy entered the main square, with still unconscious Mittheleana and worried Alucard. The odd pair was immediately the center of attention, until the representative informed that the two had to be situated into the Inn right away.

Alucard understood what he meant, and was too proud to accept charity from the man. "You have done enough for us already."

"Nonsense. Pray tell, are you defying the word of the King Anzor's representative?"

Alucard glanced at the woman in front of her, knowing quite well that she needed rest, water, and nutrition. For her sake only he swallowed his pride and nodded, and soon found two of the guards escorting their steed towards the best, and only, inn in this place.

As soon as they arrived in front of the place Alucard lifted her companion off of the horse to the waiting hands of the guards, before landing himself in front of them. Suddenly a silent moan was heard coming from the woman.

Right away Alucard left one of the guards to take care of the horse as he grabbed Mittheleana's shoulders. "Are you alright?"

Her eyes fluttered open, lifting her gaze to Alucard. A sudden gasp was heard from the guards as they saw her eyes which shone like opals. Alucard ignored the gasps, instead telling them to take the horse back to the convoy. The men nodded and left with the horse, marvelling the odd pair.

As the guards left, Alucard helped her inside the inn and to a table near the fireplace. "Milady, I have to leave you for a moment to speak to the landlord. Will you be fine?"

She merely nodded and closed her eyes. She felt so tired, and for a reason. The memory of the ion storm caused her to grimace. I did it yet again! I took the power of that ion storm in to me, to prevent it from destroying the fortress.

She grimaced again as she remembered the dark mage who had created the storm in the first place. And the very same mage tried to separate me from Alucard. Thank goodness my barrier held the two minutes to allow our escape. She shook her head vigorously. Better not to try and remember those things.

Soon Alucard was back with two goblets in his hands. He placed the other one in front of her before sitting down across from her, putting his goblet in front of him, before he spoke. "We have a room in our use for as long as we need. It's only one room though, they only had one room available. I brought you water, and I have ordered some soup.

She took the goblet, lifting it to her lips. She kept it there for a second before putting it back. She just couldn't drink.

"Milady, it's only water. Please drink." He gave her a pleading look.

She captured his eyes for a moment before speaking. "I don't need it." Then she lowered her voice. "I can't really die, remember?"

His reply was just as quiet as her words. "I know, milady. However, you need the energy you will get from it. I can't carry you all the time. What if the events of the fortress are to happen again?" He ignored her flinch. "Then what?" He finally stopped at her pained expression.

"Please don't." She sighed and lifted the goblet to her lips. This time she drank, not much though, but a few sips. With this Alucard would be satisfied. Better be, she wasn't really going to drink more.

As they received a larger bowl of soup with two smaller ones, Alucard filled his own bowl with the soup. Then he filled hers only half of its volume. He knew pretty well that it would be useless trying to force her to eat more than that. He would be satisfied enough if she would eat only half of the amount he wanted her to eat.

She looked at the bowl with a look of disgust on her face. One part of her was trying to get her to eat it, while the other one disagreed. Eat it. It smells fantastic.

It smells disgusting.

Come on, don't you want to be able to walk around without tiredness?

Actually, I don't.


Yes! I can't die.


Why to have energy when the lack of it won't kill me?

And you think Alucard will be there for you, always?

…What do you mean?

He might not be. Face it. Just eat.

She heaved a sigh and took the bowl, drinking a small amount of the warm soup. As she felt that her strength was returning, she startled and nearly dropped the bowl. She didn't want this.

Alucard observed this worriedly. She was doing this again! He tried to get her to eat and drink more, but stubbornly she refused.

The pair had already spent a week in the village, not really leaving the inn. Mittheleana's meals weren't too big, but they gave her enough energy to walk around without Alucard's help. The villagers left them in their privacy, but they were able to overhear many conversations of them held in the inn's common area.

Many of the conversations were centered on the questions like 'who are they?' and 'where did they come from?' Naturally these conversations ceased the moment at least one of them walked in view.

Their room had only one bed and a one soft huge chair. According to a unvoiced agreement Mittheleana spent her nights in the bed, while Alucard chose the chair. During each night Alucard watched over her until she fell asleep, erecting a protective barrier around the room. Only then he allowed sleep to claim him.

During one night after nearly two weeks since they arrived at the village Alucard couldn't get sleep. He recognised this feeling that filled his mind. He had to get back on the road. Only thing that kept him from leaving the place right away was the fact that he couldn't leave her, not after everything they have got through together.

This thought was dwarfed by another one. If he was to leave, who would make sure that the girl would actually eat and drink?

For days Alucard felt the wanderer in him to strengthen, demanding him to leave. He ignored it, even though, as days passed, it was becoming harder. This was so, until a new traveller arrived at the village. Her name was Laurelie.

Laurelie appeared to be a young female mage, even though she hadn't been young in many, many years. She was a several thousand years old dragon disguised as a human woman. She was on her way to King Anzor's capital, and had decided to rest for the night in this charming village.

As soon as she entered the inn she noticed a man and a woman sitting by the fireplace. She observed as a man clad in red was trying to convince a woman in white to drink something that, according to its scent, was clear soup with chicken and thyme. To her, the woman looked familiar.

Her eyes widened as she recognised the other woman. She remembered how she had found a bundle at her doorstep one day. Inside the bundle she had found a baby girl who she had given to a temple near her home to be raised.

She had followed her growing up, until one day the girl was basically a woman and had left the temple in search of her origins. She recalled the 'something' she had sensed in the child, and how the girl had been as lively as a super nova, so to speak. To her chagrin she realised that the young, lively girl was replaced by this shell.

Quietly Laurelie approached the two. Mittheleana seemed to sense her presence, for her opal eyes met her eyes the moment she had walked only a few feet towards them.

"Laurelie!" The younger woman's voice was tired, but everyone who heard it was able to tell that she was happy. She stood up and rushed to hug the dragon, who returned the hug, before Mittheleana took her seat and guided Laurelie to another, introducing the dragon to Alucard, and vice versa.

As soon as this was done, Laurelie turned her worried gaze at the younger woman. "What happened to the girl I knew? You know, the one who wasn't stopped by anything?"

The younger woman sighed with a faint smile. "Oh, I remember. I just… I don't want to be strong. It doesn't seem fair. I feel guilt about the way I feel when I get energy and regain my strength. It feels wrong."

"What happened?"

"I almost killed somebody. After that…"

The older woman placed her hand on the other woman's shoulder trying to comfort her. "It's all right. We won't talk about it today. Tell me, did you find your origins?"

She shook her head. She was about to reply to the dragon with words, but she was cut off by a yawn. Alucard took her to their room before returning back to the dragon. She noticed right away that something was bothering him. "What is it?"

He told her the truth. "I have an urge to move on, return to the world outside. However, I can't leave her alone. How could I if she's not willing to eat? Immortal or not, she still needs it."

Laurelie closed her eyes to ponder over this little problem. A minute later she already had a solution and she opened her eyes. "Follow your blood, vampire. Don't worry about her, I'll take care of out mutual friend."

"Will we ever meet again if I was to leave?"

"Of course you can. Just make sure that she can find you when you both are ready."

He agreed to her idea. He was about to go and say his goodbyes, but her voice stopped him.

"If you go now, she will never be over it. Write her a letter, and I will make sure she gets it."

He wrote it and gave it to Laurelie, before leaving the inn. He was glad he chose to write a letter, for he hated goodbyes.

As Mittheleana woke up next morning she found the letter, with a pendant she never saw Alucard to take off of his neck. As she read the letter, she felt betrayed at first, when he explained that he just had to go. Her emotions changed to tentative joy as she read of his promise to see her again. Until then she could keep the pendant in safe.

Two more weeks passed, and Laurelie forced the younger woman to walk with her in the nearby forest, in an attempt to keep her thoughts away from a certain man…no, vampire. It actually worked, for only few times the dragon found her sitting in front of a window, fingering the pendant which now hung around her neck.

During these walks they changed stories of their adventures. Amazingly enough, Mittheleana was willing to share hers with the older woman.

One thing didn't change though; she still refused to eat properly.

Around month after Alucard left the village, the women left too, going from village to village, city to city. They crossed seas, travelled in the mountains and in the forests and plains. They continued like this for centuries.