The wind passed soundlessly under the wings of the metallic bird as it used its thrusters to propel itself. In its clutches it held a small part of cargo, his creator. Laserbeak searched the war drawn battlefield that smoked and spued fire looking for the spot that Soundwave had indicated for him to land. It was just like most of his missions assist his creator in infiltrating enemy lines and help bring down the communications from their foes the Autobots.

Finally, he saw it his momentum slowed as he let his thruster's power down in preparation to land. A few feet above the ground he let his cargo go and before it could clank to the ground below it shifted and transformed into the much larger Soundwave.

Without hesitation Soundwave opened his chest cavity and allowed Laserbeak to transform and land within. The mech then stepped forward all his sensors alert and tuned in to his rival. Soon the two would have a chance to finish what was started and this time Soundwave was prepared.


These stories weren't ment to be added to as they are just bits of thought that I've joted down that feature Soundwave.