The long hall was dark, yet threw the crack in the door the light lit the way. Thunder seemed to come from everywhere yet nowhere, the noise was near deafening for most audios, but his were protected by his helm. He stood at the door listing as the announcer called the challenger from his corridor on the other side of the arena.

The announcer took his time, as the challenger from the northern territory walked out to the middle of the arena. The crowed cheered idly knowing he wasn't going to last. He stood there looking at the huge crowd wanting their show of engergonshed. He was not a battle unit though he had taught himself well. This was his first time to here and he was determined for it not to be his last.

"And our challenger is Valclaron!"
The crowed started to cheer and though some held back. Valclaron raised his fist into the air.

The champion stood a smirk tugged at his lip. 'Just like every other challenger' he thought to himself.

The crowed died off to a dull roar, then the announcer started again.

"And as you know coming from near the equator of our beloved planet, he comes from where only the strong survive." The crowd amped up its noise then died to listen again. "He has won every mach thus far and the sole title of champion." He paused to emphasize dramatics. "MEGATRON!" The decibel level rose to near unbearable levels as he strode through the open door and out on to the field.

With each step the crowd seemed to grow and the cheer rose. He stopped just out of striking distance from Valclaron, facing him in direct defiance. He raised his sword to the dark sky, and the crowd cheered again.

"Our champion has accepted the challenge. A fight to the death!" The crowd hushed and watched as Valclaron posed him self for the beginning of the battle. Megatron didn't move antagonizing his opponent as much as possible.