Valclaron's systems seemed to overheat at the mech that came charging up to him. A hard strike landing on his lower jaw unhinging it and breaking it off sending it flying out into the crowd. His anger rose and furry got the best of him, pulled back a fist then shot both out wildly as if he couldn't see his target at all.

Megatron stood slapping the flying fists down and way as he started to laugh. "It is too bad you will not live to see the idiot that put the idea in your processor that you could beat me."

"It doesssssssn't maaaaaatter, I shall kill him." Valclaron promised himself as he said through his missing jaw.

Megatron just shook his head knowing that in a few moments he would be in agreement and it will not have mattered. He grabbed on of the fists that were aimed in his general direction and pulled it forward while twisting it out of its socket. If and vocal sound was made from Valclaron the sound of the whining metal coved it. Energon flowed brightly out of the new wound and splashed out on to the ground. Watching closely Megatron assessed Valclaron's abilities to clarify himself and go on while missing a limb, something that few mechs could do.

Valclaron paused, and then released a peg from the compartment on his remaining arm. It popped out and he grabbed the small stick that then lit up into a longer energon powered staff.

"That will not help you, you cannot kill with a sick." Megatron said sarcastically.

"It was never my intent to kill. The shame that you had lost would be enough."

Megatron posed to defend himself tired of the little play that was taking place. Under other circumstances he would have had much more respect for the one he currently faced and perhaps this one could have even had a place in his new plan for Cybertron. However here and now, it would be impossible. Valclaron came at him, aiming for the tare in the shoulder that he had managed to make earlier. Megatron kicked away the hand and forced his opponent to turn in his tracks. He stood behind Valclaron his fingers pressed into the weak parts of the armor on the back of the neck.

"In another life perhaps we could have been allies." Megatron pressed again penetrating and pulling the lines that sent fuel to Valclaron's Medaprocessor as well as stopping the total flow of power.

The gold and white mech's optics flickered then blinking out. His now lifeless form falling to the ground. The crowd's volume increased again as Megatron walked back to his spot mid arena and stood in victory. The arena staff came out and started to clean the area taking Valclaron and his parts putting them in to a cart to be sent to the smelter.

Down at the pools the cart arrived, two small drones starting taking pieces out and tossing them into the smelter as if playing a game. The cart twitched and they paid no mind to it, the chassis that resided in it shifted.

Valclaron's systems went through a series of restarts before his back up systems finally got his processor online. He was told many times that he needed an auxiliary fuel line. This time he thanked Primus for having actually listened. He powered up his repair systems then his mobility. The two drones looked wildly at him then scampered away as if they were scared. He pulled himself from the cart as damage scrolled through his optic screen. His current condition was not acceptable, first on his list of things was repairs.