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After his near death experience, Aang, Katara, Sokka, Appa, and Momo decided to go to Omashu. It was very warm flying over the earth kingdom, and everyone felt tired. Sokka and Katara were both sleeping. Aang was leaning against the saddle, trying to not fall asleep, but was failing. He felt too warm to sleep, but there's nothing like feeling too warm to make a person fall asleep(he didn't feel like sleeping because he was warm, but he did anyway...live with it!) Soon, he passed out(dun, dun, dun...it's a fanfiction, he's gonna pass out!) Later, Appa grunted, alerting that they were in sight of Omashu. Katara woke up, feeling very warm and tired.

"Sokka, Sokka wake up. I think we're near Omashu," said Katara, shaking her brother awake.

"Oh, five more minutes."

"Oh look! Omashu! Aang! Wake up! It's beautiful," said Katara, now shaking Aang awake. It was beautiful. Aang did not wake. Katara and Sokka were in sleeveless, but Aang was in long sleeve.

"Aang? Sokka, why isn't Aang getting up?" asked Katara, shacking him harder.

"I don't know. Wow, it's really warm. Do feel as tired as I do?" asked Sokka.

"Yeah, I'm tired too. Aang, please wake up!"

Aang still didn't wake up. Katara was starting to get concerned. He would usually wake up by being shook. Appa landed in Omashu on a big open place(like the Air Temples) King Bumi, King(duh) of the Earth Kingdom Omashu, greeted them.

"Hello there! How are you!" asked King Bumi.

"Not too good. Is it always this warm?" asked Sokka.

"Actually, it is unusually warm for the Earth Kingdom. Where's my good friend, Aang?" asked King Bumi.

"Umm...asleep we think. He didn't wake up," said Katara, still on Appa.

"What do you mean he didn't wake up?"

"I tired to wake him up, but he didn't," said Katara.

"Well, let's get him down and see if we can find what's wrong," said King Bumi.

Sokka got Aang and got down off Appa. Katara also climbed down, but as she dropped, she fell down on her side. Sokka carefully dropped Aang's lifeless body and went to his sister.

"I'm ok, I'm ok," said Katara, getting up with her brother helping her.

"I think your guys have been in the sun too long," said Bumi.

"Yeah, maybe. How does that explain Aang? Wow, it is REALLY warm," said Sokka.

"Let's go to the infirmary. Guards, please escort these two young people. I will be taking Aang," said Bumi, picking up Aang.

"Guards, go ahead of us and warn the doctors that we have a two cases of dehydration and one case of heat stroke."

"Will Aang be ok?" asked Katara.

"Hopefully, but sometimes people die...not him! He'll be fine!" said Bumi quickly, seeing Katara's face. They went to the doctor's office, to be greeted by a 12 year old girl.

"Hello! Welcome to Omashu! I'm Lotus, and I'm helping my mom today in celebration of the festival!"

"Hello Lotus. Please show us to your mother. We have some guests that need some treatment," said Bumi kindly to Lotus.

Lotus showed Bumi and the guards to a women, tending to a person.

"Hello there King Bumi, what can I do for you today?" asked the women.

"My friends have come, but we believe that they are having some complections," said Bumi, putting Aang down on a table.

"We believe that these two have suffered dehydration, and this one has heat stroke,"continued Bumi.

"Well, let's sit these two youngens down. May I suggest drinking some cold water and just relaxing."

Katara and Sokka sat down on two chairs and were offered some cold water. After a while, both felt much better. Sokka was very relaxed, though Katara was worried with Aang still.

"Well, what do you say we do?" asked King Bumi.

"Humm...for starters, lets get him cooler," said the women. She started to take his long sleeve shirt off.

"Lotus, can you please get me some towels and cold water?"

"Sure mom," answered Lotus. She left the room, and seconds later came back with some towels and a bowl of cold water. Katara looked on with interest.

"Would you like to help Lotus? I mean, if that's ok with your highness," said the women, looking at Bumi.

"We could always use some good doctors here in Omashu," answered Bumi with a smile.

Lotus took the towels and got them wet. She then went on to putting them on Aang. Lotus smiled.

"How am I doing Mom?"

"Very good Lotus. Me and Bumi are going to talk now. You keep the Avatar cold, ok?" said the women.

"HE'S the avatar? Wow, he's my age!"said Lotus. She thought he looked kinda cute, even though he was unconscious. She started to look at him.

"He's really cute. I hope he likes me! I think I like him, but I wonder if he's with that other girl. She's pretty too," thought Lotus to her self. Katara saw what Lotus was doing, and suddenly felt very angry.

"She shouldn't be looking at him! Wait, why do I care? He's 12! No, I do like him, as a friend. But I care because he's unconscious, yeah that's why," thought Katara to herself. Suddenly, a boy around 14 walked in.

"Hey Koda. This is the Avatar. Isn't he cute!" said Lotus.

"Be quiet little sis. Well, hello there," said the boy named Koda, apparently Lotus's sister.

"I'm Katara. And this is my brother Sokka, and my friend Aang," said Katara politely.

"I'm Koda, and this is my annoying sister Lotus. So, what brings you to Omashu, and more importantly the infirmary?"

"Well, Aang's here to learn earth bending. And we came here with him," said Katara.

"What about the festival?" asked Koda.

"What festival?" asked Katara.

"Oh, my head."

"Aang? Are you awake?" asked Katara, getting up next to him.

"No," said Aang, sitting up, letting the wet cloths dropped onto his lap. He looked up and saw a girl his age stare at him, then look away blushing.

"What's her problem?" asked Aang.

"That's Lotus. And you are going to lay back down," said the women, walking back into the room.

"No, I'm good. Hi Bumi! How are you?" asked Aang very cheerily.

"Why is Floopsie in here?"

"Aang, Floopsie isn't in here"said Sokka.

"Yeah, that sometimes happens after heat stroke, hallucinations. Now can you lay back down?" asked the women gently.

"A no," said Aang.

"Aang, please listen to her. She just wants to help," said Katara.

"And also, the person may act agitated or irritable," said the women.

"I am not agitated! Oh my gosh! Zuko! Now he's an agitated person!"

"He's not here thank goodness. Why don't you lay back down?" asked the women.

"No! Hey Sokka, how are you feeling?" asked Aang.

"Good. How 'bout you lay down?" asked Sokka.

"Please?" asked Lotus, in a very girly voice.

"Who are you?" asked Aang, looking at Lotus.

"I'm Lotus. Please can you lie down?" asked Lotus again.

"Fine then," said Aang. He laid back down.

"Can you guys back off?" asked Aang.

"Fine then. Let's leave him alone," said Katara, very protectively. Everyone left, even Lotus. Aang quickly fell asleep. Later, Aang and everyone was better. They started to talk about the festival.

"And every four years, the nation changes. We celebrate on the Hill of Lovers. It's when couples and friends go with each other and watch the stars and have fun. And guess what nation it is this year?" said Lotus, who was sitting next to Aang.

"Ummm...earth?" said Aang.

"No, air! And it's great because you returned!" Lotus moved closer to Aang.

"Ummm...That's nice. Why is it so hot in here!" said Aang suddenly.

"After effect. You'll probably feel moments of extreme heat for about the next hour or so," said Koda.

"No, it's REALLY hot!" said Aang, doing the whole tugging at the shirt thing.

"Why don't you just take off your shirt?" suggested Lotus, very hopefully.

"True, true," said Aang. He started to pull off hist shirt, but stopped.

"Never mind. There are girls here," said Aang, blushing a bit.

"But it's better that passing out, isn't Aang?" asked Bumi.

"No, I don't think it is," said Aang.

"Well, I think it's better than passing out," said Lotus, looking at Aang.

"Aang, would you like to start training now?" asked King Bumi, changing the subject.


"Can I come watch?" asked Lotus.

"Can she Bumi?" asked Aang.

"I don't see why now. Come, let's go outside."

King Bumi, Aang, and Lotus went outside, in a shaded training arena.

"Katara, can I talk to you for a moment?" asked Koda.

"Sure Koda," said Katara.

"Well, it's tradition to go with a friend to the festival, so would you like to go with me?" asked Koda.

"Sure. It's better than going with my brother," said Katara. They both started to laugh. Koda showed Katara Omashu, while Sokka stayed in the shade and watched Aang, King Bumi and a soldier practice.

"Aang, this my friend...Aang?" started Bumi.

"What? Oh, sorry, looking at Floopsie," said Aang.

"Are you ok?"asked the soldier.

"Yeah. I'm just really warm, that's all," said Aang, sitting down.

"Are you sure your ok?" asked King Bumi, walking over to him.

"Just warm," said Aang quietly. He looked over and saw Koda and Katara walking. Aang suddenly felt extremely jealous...and warm.

"I think you need to lay down a bit more," said King Bumi, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"No, I'm good. Really," said Aang.

He thought about if that was true. He did feel tired and warm, but he knew he had to start earth bending if he was to be ready for summer's end. Aang took off his shirt and immediately felt a wave of relief wash over him.

"Much better," thought Aang to himself. Lotus giggled, seeing him like that. Aang looked over and blushed.

"I'm ready now Bumi," said Aang standing up.

"Now, to start, earth is very strong and powerful. Once is starts it gains momentum..."started Bumi, as they started to train. Lotus looked on to the guys earth bending, but mainly at Aang. He looked very cute to her.

"Maybe I should ask him to the festival," thought Lotus.

"I wonder if Katara likes Koda," thought Aang to himself.

"Aang! Focus!" said the soldier suddenly.


"Aang, what's on your mind?" asked Bumi.

"Nothing, nothing," said Aang, wiping his hand across his face. He felt warm again, but also dizzy.

"Can I stop? I don't feel too good," said Aang, walking over to Sokka and Lotus. He sat down and held his head.

"You ok Aang?" asked Sokka, looking at his friend.

"Not really," said Aang, looking the ground.

"Oh! Your getting burnedsaid Lotus suddenly, looking at Aang. Aang looked up.

"What are you talking Floopsie? Oh wait, you're Lotus. Never mind," said Aang.

"Watch," said Lotus. She sat on her knees next to Aang and slapped him.

"Ow! That hurt!" said Aang, rubbing his back.

"Yes. Normally it wouldn't but your getting sun burned," said Lotus.

"No, hitting people does hurt," whispered Aang.

"Can he be done for the day and come in with me?" asked Lotus to King Bumi and the soldier.

"How could I say no to that cute face. Aang, you done for today. Go wash up," said King Bumi, taking a seat.

"And where would I do that?" asked Aang, picking up his shirt which was thrown in the dirt earlier.

"I'll show you!" said Lotus happily, taking his hand and walking briskly inside. Aang followed.

"Right in there are the showers. Oh! I have an idea!" said Lotus happily.

"And what is it?" asked Aang.

"When you shower, I'll rinse off your cloths!" said Lotus happily. Aang suddenly blushed.

"No, I'm good."

"Oh, come on. I need something to do while I wait for you!" said Lotus.

" No, I'm good," said Aang again, still blushing.

"Fine then," said Lotus pouting.

"Umm...I'll be right back," said Aang, walking into the room. Lotus waited till she heard running water(ok, I highly doubt they had real showers, but it's like that thing when you put future things in the past...yeah, let's go with that.) Lotus silently crept in and took Aang's cloths.

"He'll thank me later," thought Lotus.

"He'll fell better with clean cloths."

She went down to the wash rooms and soaked his cloths then took them out and rushed back upstairs, thinking Aang would be done soon. Suddenly...

"Lotus! I SAID NO!"yelled Aang. He was very upset and very embarrassed. Aang got one of the towels, wrapped it around his waist tightly, and poked his head out the door. He saw Lotus and his wet cloths.

"Lotus! I said don't! Now give me my cloths back!" hissed Aang, blushing furiously.

"Fine then, come get them," said Lotus, not really thinking about what she was saying. Aang didn't move.

"You come here!" said Aang.

"Why?" asked Lotus, still not really understanding what was wrong. Aang blushed even more. How stupid could this girl get?

"Because! Now come here!" said Aang again.

"No! You come here!" said Lotus jokingly, thinking it was a joke.

"NO! Please, Lotus, just come here and give me my cloths back!" said Aang, still blushing, thinking he would never say those words.

"No! No you come here!" said Lotus again. Aang was getting very angry, very fast.

"No! Lotus please! Come here!" said Aang yet again.

"No! Lotus, please come here!" said Lotus, mocking him. Aang suddenly stepped from behind the door, snatched his cloths, turned back and saw Katara and Koda. Koda and Katara stopped in their tracks.

"H-hey guys" stuttered Aang.

"Lotus! What are you doing?" asked a very surprised Koda.

"Well, I was trying to wash his clothes, and he said he wouldn't come and get them" replied Lotus.

"Of course he didn't Lotus, in case you haven't noticed, he only has a towel on!" shouted Koda.

"Aang, are you okay?" asked Katara. "Why is your face so red?"

"No reason, I'm just angry" replied Aang, even though this was only partially true. He was angry, but also extremely embarrassed.

"Can all of you leave? I would but..." said Aang. He couldn't just leave, he didn't have his clothes.

"Lotus, never do that again! Let's go," said Koda, walking away with Katara.

Lotus followed. Aang went back into the room and got dressed, still very angry and embarrassed. To his pleasure, no one was left when he came back out. He decided to walk around, and maybe release his anger through bending. Aang walked out side, and went out of Omashu to the hill where a person could see Omashu. He decided to slam rocks together continuously. But unknown to him, Lotus was following him.

"I can't believe she did that! Who does she think she is?" said Aang out loud to no one in particular.

"I wonder if Katara likes Koda. Hummm...I should ponder that. Wow, I think a lot. Echo! Hey, that's fun," thought Aang.

"Hi Aang," said Lotus stepping out from behind a tree.

"Hello Lotus," said Aang with no pleasure of seeing her. He was still very angry. He continued to launch rocks at each other.

"Would you like to come to the festival with me?" asked Lotus.

Aang completely missed the rocks at each other. They kept flying onward and then hit the ground with a THUD. He was dumbstruck.


"Would you like to come to the festival with me?" asked Lotus again.

"Why should I?"

"Because I'm sorry. I should have respected your wishes and I'm sorry," said Lotus very sincerely.

"Well, I really don't want to," said Aang. Then his mind wandered to Katara and Koda. He again felt very jealous. He then thought if Katara liked him. Maybe...just maybe...

"Yeah, I'll go with you," said Aang very angrily.

"So you will go with me?" asked Lotus.

"Yeah, I'll go with you," said Aang, lightening up. King Bumi was walking up the large hill to see if Aang was there. When he did reach the top, he saw Lotus kissing Aang. She then happily skipped down the hill.

"Hi King Bumi!" said Lotus skipping past him.

"Aang, what was that?" asked king Bumi.


"I'll see you later then," said King Bumi, walking down the Hill.

"Ah, young love."

"WE ARE NOT IN LOVE!" yelled Aang.

He stayed on the hill just doing nothing for the rest of the day. He avoided any people, as Bumi had told everyone in the entire Kingdom what had happened. When Katara heard this, she was shocked.

"Well, I guess he wasn't really upset after all," thought Katara.

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