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Chapter 1: The beginning

It was early morgning in Konoha and the sun was just beginning to rise. Most of the villagers were still asleep and would be for quite some time. Only few shinobi were already awake but mostly because they had dutys to attend to like guard duty, one of the most boring things next to D-Rank missions of course.

But in one appartment in the village a little 12-year-old girl was starting to wake up, her name was Uzumaki Naru. She opened her sky-blue eyes, started to get up in a sitting position on her bed and sleepy muttering something about 'stupid sun always so bright' or something like that. She was still sleepy but moved to the edge of her bed and sat down there rubbing her eyes. Now she got up and slowly moving into the bathroom. 'Need cold shower to wake up...' she thought while opening the door to her small bathroom. It had only a little shower, a sink with a mirror above it, a toilett and a small cupboard to store some things which are needed in the bathroom.

Finally standing infront of the shower she started to get out of her night garments which just consisted of a red T-Shirt and white panties. During the night she wasn't wearing a bra because it would be less comfortable wearing one while sleeping. That was her opinion and she didn't care if other female would think diffrent. Now she got out of her T-Shirt and her panties and lay them gently on the cupboard. Taking one step into the shower she turned the water to cold. Waiting one moment she just turned the water on. Just as the cold water hit her soft skin her eyes shot open and jumped back out of the shower. 'Now I am awake... damn cold' she thought and sighed. Walking back to the shower she turned the water warmer and stepped back in when the water was warm enough for her taste and starting to get her morning shower.

It took her about 10 minutes to finish with her shower because she enjoyed the shower in the morgning everyday. She turned off the water and stepped out of the shower again. After taking the towel which also lay on the cupboard she started to dry herself with it. After her body was dry she took another towel out of the cupboard and put it around her head with her long hair in it so it could dry and she could go and start making her breakfast. She then took the wet towel in her left hand and did a few one-handed seals with her right hand and dried the towel with a small Katon jutsu she learned a while ago from those scrolls she receives every now and then. She was thankfull to the mysterious person who gave her the great training help with these scrolls. She remembered the day she got the first scroll.


It was 10th October, the day Naru was born. It was her 7th birthday but she wasn't happy. She knew that the villagers always were more furious than on the other days of the year. She didn't understand why and she always asked herself 'Why?'. She never got an answer when she asked some of the villagers while running away from them. They only threw stones, bottles or anything they could grab at her while running and trying to beat her senseless. But she was always lucky if you can call 'get beaten to bloody pulp but not to die' lucky. It was always worse but on her birthday everthing got even more worse. But the Hokage himself and some ANBU members always saved her in the last moment and took her into the hospital to get her fixed again. She knew that she never was long in hospital but why she didn't knew. Normally she would stay there for one up to a maximum of three days. After that period she was always one hundred percent healed and could leave or just got thrown out of it. On her 5th birthday it was the worst beating she ever got from the villagers. She didn't knew why but the Hokage and ANBU didn't arrive on time so she got even beaten more and nearlydied because of her injurys. Nearly all her bones where broken and her organs where also damaged. This was even the only time she stayed in hospital longer than three days. It took her a whole week to regenerate.

Thats the reason why she never left her appartment on her birthday since she was 5, she was scared. She didn't want to end like that again. She just wanted to be left alone on that day so nothing could harm her. It was another 'normal' birthday for her: no parents, friends or someone else. No one. She never knew someone apart from the Hokage and the few ANBU who saved her a lot of times who would even talk to her without saying something like 'demon' or 'monster' and demand that she should leave immediately or they would have to 'do something'. But they never visited her on her birthday. Only the Hokage would bring her a present on the next day and congratulate her.

But her 7th birthday was a bit diffrent from the others so far. The day began with her normal routine in the morning: taking a shower, eat breakfast, etc... But later that day she heared a knock on the door. She was shocked and scared. 'Would they now start coming to beat me?' she thought and began shaking slightly because of fear. She slowly began walking to her door.

„Who's there?" she askes trying not to show that she was scared but failed miserably. Her voice wasn't clear as normally was. It sounded like a trembling voice and it was hard for her not to stutter. After she waited a few moments she put her ear against the door and tried to her if some people where outside but could hear nothing. After waiting another minute she took all her courage and opened the door slowly, just a few inches to look outisde if there where some armed villagers trying to hurt her again.

But no one was there and she opened the door and stepped outside to look around. She couldn't see anyone. She sighed and was relieved that no one was there trying to hurt her but at the same time also sad that no one was there to congratulate her or something else. Just when she was about to enter her appartment again she noticed something lying on the ground infront of her door. She looked curiously at the two scrolls lying there and picked them up carefully. 'What are these scrolls doing her? Someone left them? But why and who was it?' where some of the thoughts running through her mind at the moment.

She walked back inside closing the door. She now looked at the scrolls with more interesst and she saw on both scrolls written 'to Uzumaki Naru'. She wondered even more who gave her these scrolls and how he even knew her name. She stared at both scrolls and took one of them and wanted to open the scroll only to find out that she couldn't open it. She didn't knew why she couldn't open it but shrugged it off and took the other scroll to see that she could open this scroll without problems. She began reading the scroll:

Dead Uzumaki Naru,

I know that you don't know even if I would tell you my name. But for now you it's enough for you to know that I am going to help you.

'Helping me? How?' she thought and read on.

I know that you are thinking right now 'How will he help me?'. I'll tell you know that I am going to help you to train. Not personally but I am going to give you scrolls from time to time that you can use to help you train on diffrent things like Chakra controll, Taijutsu, Ninjustu, Genjutsu and maybe Kenjutsu. About Kenjutsu we will se what time will do...

Now back to the other scroll. I'm going to tell you know how to open that scroll and remember how you do this because I'm going to seal all scroll as of now so nobody except me and you can read them. All you have to do is to do a few handseals to open the scrolls and then touch the red seal on the scroll with your right index finger. It's quite easy and with little training you will do this with little efford. Now to the handseals, they are: Bird, Boar, Ox, Bird, Dog and Ram.

After you touched the seal it should disappear and you should be able to open the scroll. If you want to reseal the scroll so that nobody can read it after you read it you just have to the same seals again but starting from the back, so: Ram, Dog, Brd, Ox, Boar and Bird.

After that just touch the scroll with your right index finger again and the red seal should appear on the scroll again. If you don't know about handseals yet you can just ask the Hokage about that and I am sure he will help you with that, but don't tell him about the letters. Don't tell anyone about these letters at all.

From today I'll start sending you scrolls from time to time.

Until we meet for real,


A friend

PS: by the way: Happy 7th Birthday Naru

To say that Naru was happy was happy was an understatement. Nothing could explain how happy she really was because no one except the Hokage was ever friendly to her or even told her that they would help her. But at all she didn't knew what to think about all this. 'Why is this person is helping me and why doesn't he tell me his name ?' thinking about this a few moments before she shrugged these thoughts off and picking up the other scroll.

'Now lets see again. I need to do handseals... hmm.. Bird, Boar, Ox, Bird, Dog and Ram... damn it, I don't know that much about handseals... only that I can use jutsus with them. Damn the academy for not showing them to us in the first year!' she thought angered but also sadly. She couldn't open the scroll at the moment because she didn't know the handseals which she needed in order to open the scroll and see what is written in it. Thinking about some things she could try she finally thought about her few books of the academy. 'Maybe I can find something about handseals in these boring books... then they would be good for something at least.' she thought and dashed into her bedroom where she kept her academy stuff.

Looking arround the room se quickly found the books she had from the academy. The first book was about shinobi history 'hmpf, I don't think that this book will help me at' she thought when she read the book title and after that just throwing the book on the bed. The second book was about physical training a shinobi needs to do and some training exercises 'This won't do either' she thought also throwing the book on the bed. The third book was about the basics of chakra, Ninjutsu and Genjusts. That was something she was looking for. 'That could help me' she thought happilly. Taking the book she walked or rather ran out of the room and sit down on the table she sat before.

She opened the book and searched it for handseals. After a few minutes she found what she was looking for 'YEAH! Now I can open this damn scroll. Never thought this books would be good for something' she thought and watching at the handseals she needed to open the scroll.

'Ok, now watch the handseals. I need Bird, Boar, Ox, Bird, Dog and Ram in order to open the scroll. Looks quite easy. Let's give it a try.'She slowly started doing the set of handseals.

Bird... Boar... Ox... Bird... Dog... Ram...

After finishing the last handseals she touched the red seal on the scroll and waited for something to happen. Only a few seconds later the red seal began to disappear and a few seconds later it was gone. Now she picked up the scroll again and now she was able to open the scroll. She was proud of herself that she was able to do this and in her first try. Now she was excited what would be written in the scroll. She watched over the scroll.

There were a lot of basic exercises written in it for chakra controll training and other things. There were also some objects sealed in the scroll which would help her training like weights, kunai and shuriken. The weights were no normal weights. They were chakra weights which would increase their weight if the user got more chakra. The weight depend the users chakra capacity.

The first scroll itself had only some basic training exercises for chakra controll, physical exercises, basic taijutsu, ninjutsu, genjutsu and kunai and shuriken use.

For the chakra controll exercises there were only tree climbing and some sort of meditation. On the physical part there were some things she could do like running arround konoha, push-ups, etc. Taijutsu was no special style, only a basic style which was also taught in academy. But at all it was something to learn for her. Ninjutsu was also only basic stuff like Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Replacement Technique), Bunshin no Justsu (Clone Technique) and Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique). About genjutsu was only written how to cancel it but no genjutsus at all. She didn't mind at all because she thought that genjutsu wouldn't be that good in a real combat. The last thing written about training was about shuriken and kunai, how to throw them correctly and so on.

After reading the exercises she was happy that she now was able to do something in her spare time. Something different than always eating ramen at Ichirakus. Then she saw a little note and something sealed on the bottom of the scroll. She began to read whats written there:

PS: I know that you don't want to look too muscular because you are a women. So I sealed a special 'medicine' that was invented by one of the sennin by the name of Tsunade. She herself also used it to prevent her muscles to develop that much in looks. At all this 'medicine' will not work against your training to get stronger. It will only prevent the 'look' of your muscles to nearly remain to look like you aren't that strong. I hope you understand what I want to tell you, but if you don't want to use it you can just ignore this. Also the mixture of the 'medicine' is written in the scroll sealed with it.

After reading this note she was happy. Now she wouldn't end up looking like one crazy bodybuilder with huge muscles. She would just look slim but would be strong as hell. She only wanted a few muscles shown on her body so she would look physically fit.

She was just happy after reading both scrolls. Now she knew that someone was out there who liked her or even loved her even if it wasn't in a romantical way. She always wanted someone who acknowledged her and now she had someone even if she didn't knew him personally. Only the thought that there was someone was enough for her, for now.

„Tomorrow I will start my training with the help of these scrolls and I will make everyone acknowledge me!" she exlaimed out loud and was determined to train hard and become a strong kunoichi. Stronger than Tsunade !


That was the day she got her first scroll and she got every few weeks or months she got a new one. She always wondered about one fact: Why does she always get a new scroll when she just finished the last ? That would mean that the person giving her the scrolls was in Konoha all the time. She even tried to watch for the person who gave her the scrolls but she never saw anyone putting the scrolls down in front of her door. After 3 years of trying she finally decided to leave if by the fact that she would never see the person. She just hoped that someday the person who gave her the scrolls would approach her so she could thank him for everything he had done for her.

Now the towel in her left hand was dry so she put it back into the cupboard. She looked arround the bathroom and took her clothes she put on the cupboard before getting into the shower. She put on all her clothes and walked out of the bathroom and headed to the kitchen to get something to eat. Entering the kitchen she walked to the refrigerator, opened it and looked for something to eat. She noticed that she only had milk in it and nothing to eat. She groaned while closing the refrigerator and walked to the table in the kitchen to take an apple and began eating it. Now she walked to some glasses which stood next to the sink in her kitchen. She took one glass and filled it with water.

Sitting at the table she watched on her clock hanging on the wall to see what time it is. It was about 7am so she had another two hours until she had to be at the academy for the graduation exam. She wondered what to do in this time. She knew that she had to go to bathroom again to fix her hair and do some 'girly' stuff before she goes to the academy but this wouldn't take two hours. She cam to a conclusion: Talk to the fox.

'Hey, Kyuu-chan, you awake already?' was her question to the fox. She hoped she would be awake or it would be really boring to do nothing until she needs to go.

'Hmmm ?' was the only reply the fox gave her.

'Ahh. Good you're awake... Now it won't be so boring waiting...' she answered to Kyuubi's response.

'Oh kit, it's you. But wait, I think I know exactly why you are here talking to me. You are going to accept my offer to you! I knew you would take it! I knew! So let's b--' Kyuubi was cut off by Naru who only sweat dropped at her little outburst.

'Hey, w-wait ! I never said that I would-' she tried to answer but Kyuubi wasn't listening anymore. She began to gather some chakra.

'What you're doing? Stop! I never said-' she tried again but only to fail miserably. She felt slight pain in her chest which was gone after a few moments and now she felt uncomfortable in her clothes. 'W-wwhat have you done?!' she mentally shouted at the queen of the demons.

'Haha' she began laughing 'Only a little present. My container has to look really sexy and attractive to men you know? Just like me.' she grinned 'I didn't do much at all' she muttered and her grin widened.

Naru wondered. 'What the hell has she done this time!' she thought slightly angered by the 'queen'. She always did what she wants and nothing would change that. For example, one day Kyuubi had increased her body height a bit, mostly her legs as well made her body slim. But for these changes she was never really asked. Kyuubi just always says something like 'Hey Kit, I could do this and that for you. You just need to say 'yes''but always the next time Naru tries to talk to her she just take that for a 'yes' and starts doing what she wants. And there was no way she could stop her doing what she wants.

She thought about what just happened 'Ok... I felt slight pain in my chest and after that I felt uncomfortab--!' her eyes widened and she didn't even finished what she was thinking. She quickly removed her shirt and her eyes got even wider than before. Now she knew why she felt uncomfortable. Kyuubi had increased her breasts and her bra was much to small now.

'WHAT THE--!' she began screaming mentally at the fox 'HOW COULD YOU?! I NEVER TOLD YOU TO! DAMN FOX!' she continued screaming and cursing the fox who began to chuckle.

'Kit, I did you a favor. Now more men will be 'chasing' you.' she said while mentally adding only to hear for herself with a huge grin on her face 'And this will be more fun for me seeing you try to escape them'. 'You should thank that I am doing this for you.' she added.

Naru sighed 'Why me... Why me...' she thought.

'Ok I can't do anything about it anymore. BUT next time you don't do anything until I say 'YOU CAN' or something like that, got that?' she told her tenant. Kyuubi just began snickering.

'But, what am I going to do now? All my bras and most clothes are too small now... So Kyuu-chan, tell me what to do?' she demanded to know from her tenant.

'Hmmm... Good question kit. Maybe you should go naked arround town, then you would get a lot of attention.' Kyuubi answered with a grin and her grin even widened when she saw Naru with her motuh wide open and a slight blush on her cheecks. She was just about to shout at the fox when Kyuubi went on. 'Oh kit, you should have seen your face! If I just could have made a photo of that. Damn this cage... But back to the topic. I would suggest you go shopping later. For now use bandages. This should work fine too.' she said to Naru who was now thinking about the idea with the bandages.

She then walked into her bedroom to get some bandages out of her cupboard. She found the bandages quickly and took off her bra and threw it on the bed because she didn't need it at the moment because it was much to small now, thanks to the queen of the demons. She walked back into the kitchen and sat down at the table again.

Now she started binding the bandages firmly around her chest. She wanted to get the bandages tight arround her chest to let her 'new' brests look a bit smaller because she thought that it would look odd to have much bigger brest in only one day. After finishing her work she watched it and was pleased with it. She put on her shirt again and walked into the bathroom again to finish her hair and do some other things before she had to go to the academy.

She removed the towel around her hair which now fell loose down her back. She took a brush and startet to comb her long black hair. Finishing with that she went on with her make-up. It wasn't much, just a bit lipstick and eyeliner. She wasn't a girl which needed much make-up to 'look good'. Now she got and and watched herself in the mirror. She wore a white sleeveless shirt with red swirl on the back. Also she wore a blue skirt which went down half the way to her knees. Under the skirt she wore small black skintight shorts (A/N: remember Temari or Sakura, something like that). Now she looked at her hair and was wondered if she should tie her hair in a ponytail. After thinking about it a few moments she decided against it and let her hair fall down down her back. It reched the middle of her back.

Now walking out of the bathrrom again she noticed that she had only 15minutes left until she needed to be at the academy for the exam. She walked to the door, slipped in her black sandals and walked outside on the street.

Right outside on the street she put on her 'mask'. She always wore her 'mask' of happiness when she was outside of her own apartment. She didn't want to let the villagers see that she was sad because they would see this as a 'good result' of their work and would be even more cruel to her. If someone would now watch into her sky-blue eyes they would only see happiness. If she was alone her eyes told diffrent things. Fear, sadness, loneliness.

Walking on the street she experienced it again: The hate of the villagers. Those glares they gave her and she heared some people whisper things like 'Look, there's the demon-child again' or just 'monster' and 'demon'. It hurt her but she kept it inside and not shwoing it to the villagers. This kept on for about 15 minutes until she reached the academy.

She was happy that today was the day she could get a real ninja. This was her dream. To become Hokage and get recongized by the villagers. No one would hate her anymore and she would proof them that she wasn't the Kyuubi, just Uzumaki Naru herself.

After entering the academy she walked quickly to her classroom. She had only one minute left until the exam started or Iruka would just start to scold at her. She just opened the door and noticed THAT she was late but only for one or two minutes.

„Late as always, huh?" exclaimed Iruka, Naru's teacher who was watching her.

She just smiled and rubbed the back of her had sheepishly. Then she put her index finger on her lower lip and put the other hand behind her back. She look innocently at her teacher. Her back was facing to the door so that no one in the room could see what she was doing. She began forming one-handed seals with her hand behind her back. She whispered 'Majutsu: Man Seducing no Jutsu'. She liked the technique she learned from Kyuubi. It often helped her to get out of trouble. Mainly for coming late to the academy. But she will never use this technique to get someone to 'love' her. She vowed that to herself the day she learned it. Only to help her during battles or just like now: to get out of trouble. She often used it when she was followed by villagers trying to kill her or something like that. She would just use the technique, the men would bgan admiring her and then the woman would beat the crap out of them because they were admiring 'the demon'. When the men would get over it she would be long gone and escaped them again.

„Sorry for being late, Iruka-sensei." she answered with a voice that seemed innocent. Every male in the classroom looked at her with a dreamy look and began drooling. Well all except one dark haired boy named Uchiha Sasuke and her teacher of course who was just too old for her.

'If Naru would just be older...' Iruka began thinking but just as he realized what he thought he furiously began shaking his head to dismiss that thought.

Sasuke on the other hand was mentally drooling over Naru. 'She is cute...' he thought and began slapping his forhead mentally after realizing what he thought. 'Cute', something an Uchiha never should think of! 'Damn it! Why do I ever loose control when I see her doing something like this?' he questioned himself trying to find an answer for that.

Well Sasuke never knew that she was using a technique to make this effect stronger than it would be without it.

After about one minute Iruka finally was able to state that Naru should just sit down. He never could be angry at her after she does that and she did it every time she came late. So every day. But he didn't mind at all. He liked her but would never admit it to someone else because it would be troublesome to be 'the demon lover' in public.

While walking to her seat next to Sasuke in the back of the classroom she mentally high-gived with Kyuubi who was very proud of her student to be able to use her skills so well that she don't get into trouble. 'Yeah, training with Kyuubi is really helpfull sometimes' Naru thought while walking to her seat with a sweat smile on her face. She also noticed the looks she got from the female and male members of the class. Most females were jealous that they were not able to do something like that and the males were drooling and dreaming about a certain black-haired girl.

Some people she knew in her class and recongized them while walking to her sear. First of all there was Inuzuka Kiba. He was her number one fan-boy and always tried to get her to date him. She never accepted because she didn't like his dog-like smell. Apart from that he was a loud idiot like she always thought. But he was quite nice if he was talking to you quite normally.

Next was Hyuga Hinata. She didn't know her that well, only that she was a very shy girl who seemed to look up to her and admire her. She didn't mind that fact but it was always hard to talk to her because she just started to stutter or faint. Hinata was a strange girl at all...

After Hinata there was Aburame Shino. Well, she never talked to him before and he was always silent and nearly never talked to anyone except his bugs. Yeah, those bugs were creepy but Naru thought that he would be quite a nice guy if she was able to get to know him better.

Nara Shikamaru, a lazy guy was the next one she came across and next to him sitting his best friend Akimichi Choji. She also didn't knew much about these two only that they were good friends and quite nice and they would always help someone who needed it.

The next girl namely Yamanaka Ino was some Sasuke fan-girl. Oh she didn't like fan-girls, they were just so 'girly-girl like'. More concerned about their hair and looks than training and becoming strong to defend themselves in the Ninja-World.

Next she noticed the pink-haired devil Haruon Sakura. She couldn't stand her. She was just so... Well, Naru never could think of words to describe her. She was the number one Sasuke fan-girl in whole Konoha. Always trailing behind him, asking for dates, etc.

Last but not least there was Uchiha Sasuke. Naru liked him but she never told that anyone. Well, she didn't like his cold attitude and his 'I am the best of all' character, but sometimes she was able to talk to him when he was 'normal'. She noticed that he was in a way like herself: lonely. He lost all his famaly at a young age when his own brother Uchiha Itachi murdered all Uchiha in Konoha and fled after that becoming a missing nin. She knew that his only aim was to get revenge for his clan and kill Itachi. That was the reason why he always seemed so cold to other people. She thought that he didn't wanted to get hurt again loosing a precious person to him and that other people only would hold him back and it would take him longer to get strong enough to kill his brother. She hoped that she could get to know the 'non-cold' Sasuke better.

Sitting down next to him he could swore that he heared Sakura mutter something under her breath but couldn't catch what it was. Obviously it was something about 'that bitch sitting next to my Sasuke-kun' but she didn't care at all. She smiled at Sasuke and greeted him but all she got in respond was a 'Hn' a nod and a short glance from the boy. Then he just put his head back resting on his hands and listened to their Sensei.

„Now that everyone is here I'll start with the exam. But first I'll tell you all what you have to do in order to graduate and become a Shinobi." Iruka began talking after everyone was quiet and sitting in class. Well, he just waited for Naru because everyone was already in class when she arrived.

„The exam consists of 5 parts:

1.: A written paper test

2.: Shuriken/Kunai test

3.: Ninjutsu test

4.: Genjutsu test

5.: Taijutsu test

You don't need to pass every single test in order to graduate. You will get points in every exam and you need a specific amount of points to graduate. But you don't need to know how many points you get and how many you need, yet."

Naru could see that some in the room were nervous. But she was confident in her abilities and knew she would pass the tests. Maybe not as best but she will graduate and become a Shinobi.

Sasuke was confident in himself, too. Of course he was, who would not if someone thought of himself as 'the best of the best'. But he was slightly nervoues about his team he would be on later. 'I hope I don't get weak teammates... They'll only slow me down.'

Kiba was not just nervous about the written test, he feared it. He never was the intelligent guy and always had bad marks in these tests. But he knew that he would do well in the other tests so he wasn't really nervous, only a bit.

That was about the exact thought of most the other students in class. They knew that they were good at some things but worse at other things. But Iruka told them that they didn't need to pass all tests in order to graduate.

„Then people, let's begin with the exam." exclaimed Iruka as he began to walk around and give the students the tests.

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