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Howl laughed. Markl laughed too. The family, except for Calcifer, was grouped around the table, enjoying a nice, hot dinner.

Suddenly, there was a flash of bright light that illuminated the entire room. Howl leapt from his chair as the light dimmed to reveal a pure white wolf. The wolf looked around wildly, panting heavily and looking confused. Its thin flanks heaved.

Sophie gasped as it dashed about, circling the table. The creature stopped and stood stock still, staring straight at Howl. The wizard was muttering and gesturing. With a very final looking flick, he smiled. The wolf trembled as he approached.

Howl crouched down and gazed into the terrified creature's eyes. "She's a female named Terra," he announced, "And something terrible happened. Unfortunately, I cannot discern what." The wizard pulled some cloth from his pocket. Howl quickly fashioned a muzzle and fastened it around the wolf's jaws.

Terra growled softly, deep in her throat, but otherwise made no move to stop him. The wizard straightened and made a sharp movement with his hand. Terra instantly bolted to the corner, where she settled down and put her head on her paws.

The wolf watched somewhat calmly as the family finished their dinner. After the dishes were cleaned and put away, Sophie noticed Terra eyeing some leftover meat. She set it down carefully in front of the wolf, and watched as the creature managed to open her mouth enough to eat it.

The young woman's gaze met Terra's, and she was surprised to find gratitude shining out. The feeling was very disconcerting, so Sophie hurried upstairs.

Soon, Calcifer and Terra were the only ones left downstairs. The fire demon studied the newcomer curiously. The wolf's sides rose and fell as she slept peacefully. Shaking his head, Calcifer settled down to sleep as well.