Stolen E-Mails

Summary: A guess of what emails our old friends could be sending each other.

Rating: Ask me later.

Disclaimer: All recognized characters are not mine. Oh, and I totally stole this idea from the new Hollyoaks book 'Stolen E-Mails'. But I don't care cos it's pretty unlikely the author is ever going to read this.

Author's Notes: I have been waitressing for 6 hours before writing this. So there are bound to be spelling mistakes/general mistakes. If you are picky about that kind of thing, try having 32 people in a restaurant and being the only waitress. Not fun, not fun at all. Thank you to every one who has reviewed my fics, it makes me feel special.

And another thing: I made up these e-mail addresses. If you have any of them as your own or know someone who does, please let me know asap so that I can either credit you/them or change them. Warning: The character of Kat is referred to as an Aussie psycho more than once. I have nothing against Kat, Aussies, or psychos. I just thought it was a good plot. Don't flame me!

Subject: Happy birthday.
Date: 09/16/2001

Sorry if this has come as a bolt from the blue... it's Kim if you can't tell from the address. I don't know where you are living at the moment, so I got this from Jason. I just wanted to wish you a happy 20th birthday, hope you have a great day.
All the best, Kim.

Subject: Re: Happy birthday
Date: 09/17/2001

Bolt from the blue? How long has it been, 2 1/2 years? Maybe closer to 2. I was speaking to Jason yesterday and he told me that you were in Seattle with old friends--if you don't mind me asking, who? Anyone I know?

Subject: (none)
Date: 09/19/2001

"Thanks for the birthday wish Kim, I had a great time, lots of money was placed on my doorstep etc etc." Yeah right!!
You don't know the friends by the way, they left I guess about a ayear before you came to Angel Grove. Jane and Ben Cresswell, twin brother and sister. We're thinking about opening a music store. Ben is the only one of us three who is gainfully employed at the moment, Jane and I prefer to sit around and watch Ricki, though it's not for the want of trying may I add.
Oh, and how are your mom and dad? If you see them, say hi for me.

From: toliver364
To: backflip142
Subject: Re:
Date: 09/22/2001

Thanks for the birthday wish Kim, I had a great time etc etc.
Actually I did have a good time, I met up with Zack, Jase, Rocky and Adam. I didn't get as much money as I would have liked to have, but still, you can't have everything.
Jason told me not to ask you this thing I'm going to ask you, so obviously I have to ask. Are you coming back to AG in the forseeable future? Much as I have enjoyed our few e-mails, there are a few things we kind of have to sort out in person, and I hope you know what I'm talking about so I don't have to spell it out. I don't know what tension there is between you and this town, and you don't have to answer me if you don't want to. I was just wondering.
Okay, I'm going to go...classes to teach.

From: backflip142
To: toliver364
Subject: Classes and California
Date: 09/24/2001

Classes? Have you become the Earth's new version of Billy Cranston? (I miss him...does anyone ever hear from him these days?) Or is there something that no-one has thought of to tell the girl who's seperated herself for far too long.
Tell Jase that I have too been back to CA, just I've never been to Angel Grove to see you guys. My brother moved to Stone Canyon after college, so I see him at holiday time and stuff. I've been the dutiful little sister more than once.
I have the song 'Elevation' by U2 stuck in my head at the moment, I'm singing at the top of my voice because I'm alone in the apartment. I normally like having catchy songs to sing, except I have a job interview in an hour and it wouldn't look very professional to start singing "You make me feel like I can fly, so high" when the interviewer asks me what qualities I would bring to the stressful and demanding job of...secretary-ing. Is there such a word? There is now.
And leave alone the subject of meeting up, for now anyway, or I'll mention the dreaded Australian pyscho. I know I'm harsh, bitter and jealous, but what else am I supposed to say about your girlfriend that ran off with your brother?
Angel Grove is not a place where I should be at the moment. I'm sorry, I'm not going to say any more. Maybe when it doesn't hurt so much.
See ya.

From: toliver364
To: backflip142
Subject: How'd it go?
Date: 09/27/2001

How'd your interview go? (What was it for again?)
I'm a karate teacher,a dn don't say you're surprised.
And you can call Kat an Ozzie pyscho as much as you want, I've called her a lot worse I can tell you. Just don't do it in any e-mail that might happen to make its way to her. It might cause even more friction in the group than there is at the moment.
Jason's computer is down and has been for a while, so he says to say this
"Hey Kim (and Jane and Ben as well).
Why is Angel Grove suddenly so repellent to you, and when will we be graced by your presence again? I'm not just thinking of you, I want to see Jane and Ben again as well.

From Jason. Not me. Don't even think about getting mad at me, I only typed it. He's three blocks away from me, you're... a lot further which means I'm more scared of him that you.

From: backflip142
To: toliver364
Subject: You, scared? Me, scary?
Date: 10/02/2001

I refuse to believe that Jason scares you at ALL. Not even. So you can tell him from me to mind his own and keep his nose out, and next time don't enlist an innocent party to do his dirty work. (I'm looking forward to what he's going to say to THAT one).
The job interview went okay I guess, although I don't find being a secretary that interesting, does anyone? Haven't heard anything back yet, will let you know as soon as I do.
Oh, and something that I keep on forgetting to ask you about, what's the particular significance of 364 on your e address?
g2g...let you know about the job thing.

From: toliver364
To: backflip142
Subject: Numbers
Date: 10/03/2001

364= number of first house I lived at when I was but a baby.
Kim, what's wrong with you these days? What's with the self-defense mechanism you've acquired since I spoke to you last? I can understand completely if you've had a tough time, but you need to know that, whatever our past, I'm still here for you. Remember that, alright?
I think I like our e-mail communication a lot more than the one we had through letters.
PS: 142? I have a feeling I should know, but you know my memory.

From: backflip142
To: toliver364
Subject: remember it
Date: 10/06/2001

142= 14/2= Valentine's Day= my birthday. Write it down, tape it to your forehead and recite it twenty times before bedtime.
I don't have a self-defense mechanism, I'm just naturally elusive.
If it makes you feel at all better, when I feel ready to tell anyone about what happened, I swear that you'll be the first person I speak to (or write to). Until that becomes even more of an issue, I'll just keep on annoying people because I refuse to share what went on.
I am sick of how I keep on forgetting to say 'hurray on getting your wish to be a karate teacher!' So I've said it and now no longer shall I feel sick. I do feel strange that I seem to be babbling on about my non-life too much for comfort. What's going on with you? Any Angel Grove gossip I need to be told about so I don't get thrown completely out of the loop?
Oh, and just so you know, the job is officially a dud. Guess I'll have to raise enough cash to own a third of a second-hand music store some other day. Maybe tomorrow.

From: toliver364
To: backflip142
Subject: Okay Ms Naturally elusive...did I mention sarcastic?
Date: 10/09/2001

Naturally elusive my ass. As much as I like that phrase you are not naturally elusive by a long shot. You could be elusive as the result of genetical modification, but not naturally.
Answer me these, and don't give me the 'We're talking too much about me' crap.
1) Favourite movie
2) Favourite song
3) Last job

and NOW I'll answer them so you don't get all pedantic and emotional.
1) Jaws. It's a classic
2) No idea
3) Karate instructor, although saving the world sounds much more impressive.

I saw Kat today in the store...with David. I suddenly developed an abnormal interest with the nutritional value of Froot Loops.

From: backflip142
To: toliver364
Subject: I'm sure you never used to be this bossy.
Date: 10/10/2001

1) Sleepless In Seattle. It makes me cry so much every time.
2) Chantal Kreviazuk- Little Things
3) I was a lawyer's assistant last summer. It was fun. In a boring as hell kind of way.

TALK to Kat and David. Don't look at the nutritional crap on the back of Froot Loops, it'll shock you how many calories can be fitted into one perfectly round 'O' of goodness. I have absolutely no idea of the particulars of what went on, but in any situation like this one you have to get things out into the open so that all three of you know where you stand with each other. You can't avoid each other, Angel Grove isn't that big. At least I had the sense to move out of state when I wanted to avoid someone.

From: toliver364
To: backflip142
Subject: Pot calling kettle!

You are hardly in a position to talk about avoiding people may I point out. But out-of-state doesn't sound such a bad idea, I hear New York's a nice place in the fall.
I found Kat and David making out on the sofa in my apartment, threw them out, and haven't spoken to them since. That was six months ago, and all communication has been through Adam or Tanya since then. Don't you think it would look slightly odd if I say to them that I've become enlightened after all this time?

From: backflip142
To: toliver364
Subject: I am not a kettle, or Dear Abby either
Date: 10/14/2001

I am not Dear Abby, or Dear Kim. I could be To Kim, but agony aunts are supposed to be warm and caring, whereas To Kim just sounds plain awkward. JUST TALK TO THEM!!!!! Try David first, he has a moral obligation to listen, he's your brother after all. (Oh yeah, thanks for letting me find out about that whole saga from Aisha by the way. Not at all embarrassing). If you can't patch it up after having a talk with him then maybe it's not meant to be. But you can't just sit back and let two relationships that are/were important to you slip through your fingers. If I have to, I'll come back to Angel Grove to sort you guys out. (Wow, forceful Kim's showing her true colours).
Just do something!

From: toliver364
To: backflip142
Subject: Yes ma'am
Date: 10/16/2001

Fine. I'll talk to David, just don't expect it to be done gracefully, or with a smile on my face. Except I should admit that I might not, just so you can come back to AG. We need to talk Kim. You can't keep avoiding the subjects of a) the letter b) Angel Grove forever.
What are you going to be doing for Thanksgiving this year? I'm going to my mom and dad's, the entre family are going to be there...should be fun.
I think it's only fair to warn you that Jason has finally had his computer fixed. Expect ten thousand e-mails asking you when you'll be back in Angel Grove.

From: backflip142
To: toliver364
Subject: I hate pumpkin pie
Date: 10/20/2001

I HATE Thanksgiving, and not just because pumpkin pie brings me out in hives. My mom and evil stepfather will be in Paris, Dad will be in Alabama on the happy day, and Jordan is probably coming to see me. Ben and Jane are going to Portland to visit their long-estranged male parental unit, so this could mean I get more than ten minutes on the computer at a time. Maybe I'll get a hotmail account or something, everyone else seems to have that messenger service, whereas I got mine cos I liked the name. I'll change it soon...if I can be bothered.
Oh, I never told you this, but the reason I am replying to your e-mail after four days is because I got a new job as a shop assistant. Who'd have thought it, Cinderella like gymnast child works at local discount store once the clock strikes midnight.
I always knew it was too good to last.

To: backflip142
Subject: Cinderella gymnast child?
Date: 10/21/2001

Okay, you're bitter about something. TALK to me, I told you I was here.
Haven't seen David to talk to him.
Get a new email address so we can have conversations.
No more news or time left, speak to you soon.

From: backflip142
To: toliver364
Subject: My medicine is BITTER!!
Date: 10/25/2001

I will talk, just...give me time. When I get a new address we'll have little typing conversations I can imagine, and then I might feel compelled to share my sob story. And don't listen to Jason when he calls me melodramatic. I know what I mean. At least I hope I do.
Got to go to demeaning job now...wish me luck.