AN: I've noticed something...The song 'I Hate Everthing About You' by Three Days Grace fits the Crystal Main Girl/Crystal Rival pairing perfectly! (Which I have officially named CrystalRivalShipping, unless someone knows the true name for it.) It inspired this.

UPDATE! I've found, the real name for this pairing is 'SpecialJewelsShipping' Sorry for any confusion.

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon. It belongs to a man named Satoshi, I think. And Nintendo.


Everytime we lie awake,

After every hit that we take...

Every feeling that I get,

But I haven't missed you yet.

Only when I stop to think about I know.

Only when you stop to think about you know.

I hate everything about you,

Why do I love you?

I hate everything about you,

Why do I love you?

You hate everything about me,

Why do you love me?, hate...

Why do you love me?

I hate everything about you,

Why do I love you?


A male with long red hair headed towards Blackthorn City from the cave north of said town.

She had beaten him again. Again.

Wouldn't he ever win? Even just once?

Of course not. As her words rang through his head, the scowled he wore deepened.

'You don't trust your Pokemon."

"You're so harsh!"

"If you treated your pokemon with love and care, maybe you'd be able to win."

"You're selfish, you act as if nothing but winning matters!"

His fist clenched. He just wanted to grab her by her shoulders and shake her, screaming-

"Shut up! Shut up, shut up!"

He wanted to slap her. Make her stop being so...perfect. He wanted to make her cry, he wanted to be stronger than her.

Yet, he knew he would never do such a thing.

There was a thin line between love and hate, and his feelings towards her were leaning both ways.

He knew, that if tears ever began to fall down her face, he'd gather her into his arms and comfort her, even if he caused the tears in the first place.

...Did he just think that?

The image of her kind face made his scowl lessen. He sighed heavily.

'Why did I ever steal that pokemon? I caused all this...'

He froze as he heard her voice call 'Golduck, Surf!'

Looking over his shoulder at her crossing the small lake leading to the Dragons Den, he noticed how pretty she was when her hair blew lightly in the wind.

He mentally slapped himself, and, to make up for his impure thoughts, imagined her falling off of her Golduck and drowning.

Yes, that was much cleaner.

He turned his back on her and started off towards New Bark Town. Next time he saw her, he would beat her!

...If he didn't kiss her first.


AN: Gosh, musing with Silver is so much fun! I really enjoyed writing this.

Heh, poor guy, he's so confused.