Roy/Riza short fic

follows the manga

spoilers for anything after chapter 58... or maybe even a few chapters before that...


Bits of the country side flashed at Roy as he gazed out the train compartment window. Slowly, Roy tilted his head down and closed his eyes. A few minutes later, Roy snapped to attention at the sound of his first Lieutenant's voice. "Sir," Hawkeye said softly, "are you not feeling well?" Not feeling well... what an extreme understatement.

"No need to worry, Hawkeye," Roy boomed joyously, "I'm doing great!"

Riza's eyebrows arched ever-so slightly. "We'll talk when you're ready, sir." Roy shifted uneasily and Riza decided that it was time to change the subject. "Thank you for offering to accompany me, sir. It... would have meant a lot to him." For an brief moment their eyes locked.

"A vacation in the east was too much for me to pass on!" Roy flinched at the look of pure hurt on Riza's face. He sighed and let his guard down a bit. "You know that's not it, right?"

Riza glanced at the floor solemnly. "I know, sir, I know..."

Roy shifted nervously in his seat. "I'm going to close my eyes for a bit, wake me if you need something."

Nodding, Riza rose stiffly. "I'm going to see if I can find the food cart, would you like me to bring something back for you?" Hearing no reply, Riza glanced back at her Colonel's sleeping form. A ghost of a smile graced her cherry lips as she silently slipped out of the compartment.


Riza stared wryly at the various and quite expensive foods on the dinning cart. She frowned and chose one of the least expensive items. As she walked down the aisle, a loud sound erupted from the middle of the train. The train jerked to the left and Riza was thrown into near-by pair of seats. An ear shattering crash sounded as the train landed on its side. Riza struggled to her feet, careful of the broken window glass on the ground. With wide eyes Riza gaped at the many mangled and bruised bodies in the train car. She spotted two strong-built men warily picking themselves off the ground.

"You two, help me carry any survivors out of the train!" They stared at each other blankly, neither moving an inch. "Help me now!" Riza commanded sharply. They shook themselves from their stupor and leaped over their seat to carry an injured woman. Riza nodded approvingly and went to work.


After clearing two of the six cars and recruiting thirteen able bodied people, Riza made her way to Roy and her compartment. She found Roy jammed in a corner near the door. The first injury Riza spotted was a massive bleeding mess on the back of his head. She had to clamp a hand over her mouth to refrain from crying out. Riza regained her composure and checked his body for any other injuries. Finding that his left arm was either sprained or broken, Riza carefully began to pull him down to her. She propped his back against what would have been the floor and gently eased him down.

Their chests were pressed firmly together for support, and her arms were wrapped underneath his. Riza's military jacket was long forgotten, put to more practical use as a pillow outside the train by one severely hurt passenger. Her bare arms tightened around Roy's back and, slowly, Riza's head went to rest in the crook of his neck. Just this once, in this forgotten minute, Riza would allow herself to bask in the warmth of the man she loved.

When he began to stir, Riza pulled away a bit and hefted his dead weight up. To her relief, she was aided by several men in lifting him out of the train. Riza laid Roy on the hard ground gingerly and told an old woman passenger to look after him. With that, Riza went back to clearing the train.


Riza gazed at the many people either laying or sitting before her. From the conductor she had learned that there had been a total of 67 passengers aboard the train. Out of that, their were seven dead, thirty-four badly injured, and twenty-five moderately injured people. One body was missing. "Alright everyone," Riza called as loud as she could, "is there anyone who is missing a traveling companion?" A young girl, no older then eleven limped to where Riza stood. Her dress was singed badly, Riza supposed the girl must have been in the compartment that the bomb exploded in. A culprit had not been identified, but during her short time investigating Riza had found a set of tire marks that ran parallel with the train for quite a ways. At the exact spot that the train over turned, it looked as if the car had stopped abruptly and then turned south.

"My daddy isn't here," the girl whimpered. Riza melted at the sight of the girl's tear stained face. "When the train fell over, some big men took him away in a car..." The girl shifted her weight to her other foot and looked at Riza with wide hazel eyes. "Do you know where he is?" Riza shook her head sadly.

"No, dear, but I'll do all I can to find him." Although Riza had little to nothing to go by, she had to say something to reassure the girl. "What's his name?"

"John Massing... My name is Emma Massing..." It was clear that Emma was trying very hard to hold back another barrage of tears. Emma was strong. Riza dropped to Emma's height and hugged her. One of the men who had helped clear out people ran to her side.

"Um... sir," he said rather awkwardly, "some of these people need to go to the hospital real badly."

Riza nodded in agreement. "How far is the nearest town?"

"About seven or eight miles down the track..." Riza sighed and glanced at the injured people. She was exhausted beyond belief and hadn't sat down since she last tended to Mustang. It was clear that all of the responsibility had been placed firmly on her shoulders until Roy recovered consciousness.

"I'll get there as fast as I can and send the police to retrieve you," Riza said flatly. She looked back at Emma. "Please look after her." The man nodded, and Riza was on her feet once again.


As Roy sat up his head spun horribly, making his stomach lurch. "Hawkeye?" He called with a course voice.

"Oh!" Exclaimed a voice to his right. "How do you feel young man? That was quite a bump on the head you got." The voice came from a disheveled looking elderly woman. It was then that Roy noticed all the other people on the ground. He was on his feet in an instant in spite of his body's protests.

"What happened here?" Roy asked. His eye darted about wildly. "Where is my subordinate?" Roy couldn't with hold the panic that laced with his last words.

The old woman smiled. "You must mean that nice blonde angel. She came out of the wreckage and made sure all of us were safe and taken care of. The poor dear looked quite banged up too, but she didn't seem to notice."

Roy was growing impatient. "Yes, yes, but where is she?"

"Oh, the dear up and left about ten minutes ago to find the nearest town. Someone else should have gone so the girl could have a bit of rest, but not one of these good-for-nothing's offered. It's a miracle that she was still standing. That woman is amazing."

Roy looked off into the distance. "Yes, she is, isn't she?" Without another word, Roy took off at top speed in Riza's direction.



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