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The next morning Roy and Riza set out early to gather basic information about the Massing family. All in all, the people of the town made Massing sound like a saint. The store keepers told of his fairness and honesty, people on the street told of his generosity and kindness, but most impressive were the hospital nurse recounts of his bone mending skills. Apparently, when he was not doing research or spending time with his daughter, Massing assisted the doctors. No one had a bad word to say about the man. But they did about the assistant Eric.

"Eric frightens the patients," stated one nurse among many more unflattering comments. By the afternoon Roy was convinced that if anyone knew where Massing was it would be Eric.

"Think it's time we checked out Eric's house?" Roy asked Riza as they walked on the narrow sidewalk.

"Yes, sir," Riza replied in a steely soldier's voice. But squared shoulders and a firm voice weren't enough to fool Roy. Tentative hands clamped onto Riza's shoulders and steered her into a nearby alley.

"Riza... I need you- all of you- to be here to help me with this case." Roy took a step closer to Riza, his hands still on her shoulders. "The past is the past."

She held his gaze and took a bold step forward which brought them chest to chest. Her head angled up towards his. "History," she told Roy, "is notorious for repeating itself. I believe we're in the repeat part right now." Roy's head swam with a blissful high that could only be received from the woman so agonizingly close to him. Her heady sent, her breath that played so seductively across his lips, and the unforgettable fact that their bodies were only separated by two layers of clothing stirred a myriad of things throughout his body. Riza shook Roy's arm roughly and broke the wonderful trance. "Were you listening to me sir?"

"Of corse, Hawkeye," Roy backed away slowly, lest he fell into another stupor. "Shall we be on our way?"


Minutes after that exchange, Roy and Riza were en route to Eric's home. It was then that they smelled the smoke. The hill that over looked the town was aflame along with the Massing mansion that rested on it's peak. Riza and Roy cast a fearful glance at one another before racing to the mansion.


Eric clutched Emma's limp form in his arms as he ran down the steep incline. His head swung back and forth scanning for any witnesses. There were none. Emma stirred when they reached his front step and once again Eric pressed the chloroform soaked cloth to her face. Eric struggled with her weight as he kicked a table and rug aside to reveal a trap door. He lowered Emma into the dim chamber and carelessly dropped her when her feet touched the bottom.

"I told you not to bring her into this!" shouted the hoarse voice of the man chained to the far wall. Eric was surprised that the man had any voice at all considering how little water he'd been giving him.

Eric shrugged. "What else could I do? I imprisoned you and you wouldn't talk. I told you I would burn down your house- which I just did by the way- and you still refused to talk." Eric sighed melodramatically. "Now I have poor little Emma. Will you talk?" The man was silent. "I'll give you a night to think it over." With a little effort Eric carried Emma out of the chamber and re-concealed the entrance. He laid her on the couch on her stomach. Eric's brow furrowed upon spotting black lines on her small back. He carefully peeled the sweater up further. "Now what could this be?"


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