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EPILOGUE – Konoha mission #34501A – Attempted Revival of Endangered Species Septempunctata saffronica

Team Leader: Aburame Shino

Team Members: Yamanaka Ino

Mission Objective:

Obtain one male and one female of the species Septempunctata saffronica, and successfully rear offspring for population restoration purposes. Secondary objective includes observation of mating and reproductive behaviours, and to write a report for the Konohan library archives for later reference and study.

Mission Background:

Septempunctata saffronica, also known as the Konohan yellow ladybug, is an endangered species native to some meadows and grasslands surrounding the village of Konoha. It was once a flourishing species whose unique mating rituals were observed annually, but due to the use of Kimimaro Kaguya's Sawarabi no Mai, or "Dance of the seedling fern" technique during his fight with Sabaku no Gaara, the resulting bone forest wiped out the entire meadow habitat, home to most of the species. It is believed that there are other smaller satellite populations of this species scattered throughout Fire Country. This mission is an annual attempt to restore the population.

Mission Report:

As necessary as it is to provide mission reports for all documented missions (even D-ranked ones, which are supposed to be handled by the Hokage's office staff), there is not a lot of significant information regarding the success of the mission. Two specimens of S. saffronica were obtained within the village of Konoha. The female specimen was discovered on the shoulder of leader Aburame Shino. The male specimen was discovered shortly after, making impact with Aburame Shino's forehead. After lengthy pursuit, both were obtained for the purposes of mating and repopulation. After an unorthodox negotiation process, the specimens were to be kept safe by newly recruited member, Yamanaka Ino within her family's flower shop. Both team members were allowed to participate in activities outside of the mission, such as preparation for their respective Jonin-rank examinations. A daily routine of visiting the Yamanaka Flower Shop, documenting the progress of the two specimens, and miscellaneous tasks contributing to the success of the mission, such as maintenance of breeding environment conditions, was established for 3 weeks leading up to the completion of the mission.

For the duration of the mission, the courting process of the two specimens was documented, and several attempts to speed up the process were considered. At 3 weeks and 3 days since the start of the mission, the specimens were able to mate successfully. The process took place on Yamanaka Ino's back, and lasted for 2 hours and 13 minutes. After careful documentation of the mating process, the specimens were released outside of the gates of Konoha.

Mission Status: Complete

Casualties: None

Related Expenses: Replacement costs for various furniture of the Yamanaka Flower Shop, valued at approximately 200 dollars. Forced usage of restaurant and bar facilities, valued at approximately 150 dollars. Intellectual rights compensation for the main characters of Icha Icha Paradise volume IV, valued at approximately 24,000 dollars in royalties. Broken lamp, property of the Hokage's office, valued at approximately 50 dollars.

Other Notes: Attached with this report is full documentation of the courtship and mating processes of S. saffronica, for use of the archives of the Library of Konoha.


I roll up the scroll containing the mission report, and look at the clock on the wall of the room. It's 1:32am. I skipped an entire evening of relaxation at the hot springs outside. Even though Kurenai-sensei and Asuma-sensei have treated their pupils to a nice resort on the way back from exams, I suppose I can wait until tomorrow to recover from my minor injuries. I'll have time to organize my "official documentation" of the ladybug information later. As awkward as it may be, taking notes regarding the courtship process of those insects have been quite an eye-opener, and have taught me a great deal about the intricacies of male-female interrelations. That's quite a statement, considering that the closest thing to relationship advice came from Kurenai-sensei, and maybe the "birds and the bees" talk that my parents gave to me a long time ago.

As weird as it is, it got the job done. The exams are over, and tomorrow evening, I'll be heading home from wave country with my teammates, and alongside them, I'll be reporting to Tsunade-sama as a full-fledged Jonin ranked ninja. Hopefully, I'll be able to do a few missions alongside Ino, who also passed the exam. Even though neither of us made it through to the next round in the tournament, we had one hell of a fight, warranting more than reasonable grounds for promotion.

"Shino-kun," pleads a pleasantly familiar voice. "Put down those papers and watch some TV with me!"

Ino gestures at an empty couch cushion beside her, smiling suggestively at me. As much as I want to make sure that our mission is taken care of fully, it's extremely difficult to say no to her, particularly with those silk indigo pyjamas she's wearing, tightly hugging her body, outlining her slender shape, revealing a teasing portion of her midriff. There's no harm in watching a movie with her; we can always catch up on our sleep on the boat ride home.

"Ok, Ino…-chan. I just have to put these reports away."

She smiles at my attempt to use a more personal honorific. Maybe a pet name would have been better. Regardless, her smile fades into a sneer of disapproval.

"I can't wait much longer, Shino. Don't make me force you to sit down."

She forms a unique seal with her hands, and aims her seal at my face.

Mind Transfer Technique!

I lose feeling of my body, and consciousness fades out, only to fade back in with my body in a sitting position on the couch, with my arm around Ino's shoulder, watching the Rune Hunter Rena live action movie. Two glasses of haiku martunia are portioned out on a glass coffee table in front of us. For some reason, I'm not wearing my hooded jacket or sunglasses. Despite keeping an eye out for her signature jutsu during the exam, I wonder how ended up falling for her attack in this room of all places.

It doesn't matter, really. Ino turns to me with a sensual glance, sending chills down my thundering loins. Damn right, my loins. My mind melts into mush trying to find fitting words to help the mood, but somehow I can't help but feel that this will be the only moment in our entire relationship that I can get away with saying what I quickly and impulsively decide to say.

I stare back into her seductive eyes with my own. I whisper naughtily into her ear.

"Become mine. I'll rock you senseless."

Kurenai would be so proud of me.


It's officially over! Everyone passed, they end up together, they officially conclude their mission. They make such a good couple, don't they? I love Ino-Shino.

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