Life in the twisted circle

Rated MA: if you can't figure out why then you shouldn't be reading these stories like these

Chapter 1 The Test of Ages

An alarm woke a sleepy Naruto one night late in fall. As Naruto awoke e realized the reason for the alarm. The village was under attack. Naruto leaped out of bed and dressed quickly, he grabbed his kuni and disappeared out to where he would meet his team ad leader, Kakashi. Kakashi appeared followed shortly by Saske and Sakura. Before Naruto had a chance to speak Kakashi was issuing orders.

"We're being invaded by snow, here are your orders; Saske, Sakura, you two are to protect the school and all its occupants. Naruto you and I are to help protect the Hokage."

Within seconds the group had disappeared and reappeared at there assigned posts. Suddenly the alarms stopped. Naruto looked up in surprise.

Naruto lowered his kuni and turned toward Kakashi. "Is the attack over?"

Kakashi listened hard, hoping to hear a small sliver of an alarm but it never came. "Naruto you idiot never lower your kuni, besides the attack isn't over, snow has just made it to the tower."

As Kakashi turned toward Naruto an explosion rocked the building and the door flew inward slamming Kakashi against a wall. Naruto was now the only one between snow and the Hokage.

"Move aside peewee and we won't hurt you."

"Or I could kill you and turn your carcasses into a hat."

The snow Nins laughed. Being threatened by someone so small was like a fly threatening the spider. The Nins rushed Naruto kunis and shirkens posed for the kill. Naruto saw them and began hand seal after hand seal. The snow Nins believing Naruto was bluffing continued their charge. This is what Naruto had hoped on. As the Nins reached Naruto he disappeared and the snow Nins looked around confused. Suddenly as though they appeared out of thin air hundreds of kuni slaughtered the snow Nin.

"Wow that was easy." Naruto walked slowly out of the shadows looking around to be sure that no more Nins where alive.

"Don't be so sure." A Nin with a headband baring the snow insignia walked slowly through the splintered door. "If it was that easy, then we wouldn't really be ninjas would we?"

"No, not really."

Naruto quickly began doing hand signs again. In an instant hundreds of Narutos appeared.

"But, I think this qualifies as easy."

All the Narutos charged and were quickly and skillfully beaten back. They slowly one by one disappeared leaving the real one in his tattered orange jumper.

"Maybe not so easy"

Naruto did a number of more hand seals and the snow Nin charged. Naruto smirked, disappeared and reappeared behind the surprised Nin.

"Got ya"

Naruto made an attempt to stab the Nin but the Nin forced Naruto to the ground and put a kuni to the back of his neck.

"To slow."

Naruto struggled to free himself but only managed to cut a piece out of his neck.

"Let me go!"

Naruto struggled some more then suddenly, as though it was never there, the kuni on his neck disappeared. Naruto quickly got to his feet expecting to repel another attack but the attack ever came. Te snow Nin only stood there smiling. Naruto prepared another charge but a familiar voice broke the violent silence.

"Naruto stand down." The Hokage walked out of the office he had worked so hard to protect. "Naruto this was a test. Kakashi take off your ginjutsu." Kakashi glowed a light blue and the snow Nin slowly turned into Kakashi's smirking form. "This test was to see whether or not you where ready for a mission."

"You knew about this and you didn't tell me?" Naruto glared at Kakashi.

"It's a A ranked mission so shut up and pay attention"

"So Naruto, you and Hinata will be sent deep into sand territory. Your mission will be to…….take out the sand Hokage!"

"WHAT!!! How can two chunnan ninjas take out a Hokage?"

"Simple, by beating him again"


"Yes, approximately one month ago the Hokage of sand died, gaara replaced him. Therefore you can and will beat him again." The Hokage motioned to an anub standing in his doorway. Hinata walked out towards Naruto. "Did you hear your mission?"

"Y-yes, H-Hokage."

"Good you leave tomorrow."