Title: The Embodiment of Emotion: Epilogue

Author: Conjure Lass

Pairing: Axel and Roxas

Rating: PG-13 to NC-17

Author's Notes: Here's the epilogue. It's very short, but what do you expect from an epilogue? I think this might make some people very happy. I don't have the entire plot worked out yet, but I think you all are going to like it just as much as this one, though it won't be anything LIKE this one. Anyway...enjoy! X-Posted

It had started with a few random drops of water, sprinkling the ground in the middle of the day…with not one little puffy raincloud anywhere around them. Axel had been outside when it first happened, a clear, cold bit of water splashing him in the face as he watched Roxas plant flowers (oh what a manly hobby) in the front yard. At first he had thought it nothing more than the water from the sprinkler and shrugged it off, deciding that it wasn't worth his time to really worry about it much.

Now…now he was a little bit more concerned…

"Is it ever going to stop?" Roxas said, his voice annoyed as he paced the living room for the twentieth time…or at least that's how many times Axel had actually counted him walk back and forth across the living room.

Smiling with a shake of his head, he warily glaced toward the open dining room curtains, his eyebrows coming together with slight confusion. It was late spring, without a cloud in the sky and yet it had been raining for the better part of two days. It had been completely unceasing, though it was unlike any rain Axel had ever seen. The wind never blew the rain, nor did it ever worsen or lighten up. It simply remained the same, falling in endless sheets to the brick streets and thirsty plants below as people stayed indoors, slightly nervous about the strange rain.

"It will stop…eventually I'm sure," Axel murmured, standing and walking up behind Roxas who was pouting gracefully at the window, the pale skin of his forehead leaning against the glass. Slowly, Axel wrapped his arms around Roxas' middle, grinning when he felt the stomach muscles under his fingers tense up slightly. Roxas was so good at hiding when the little things were turning him on…but Axel still knew. It was in the way Roxas head tilted slightly to the side, as though he was thinking about something. It was the slight intake of breath that was just this side of a whisper, the way his eyes darkened and looked like polished lapis lazuli, perfect and kind of glittering.

"Besides," Axel murmured, biting the top of Roxas ear, receiving a small moan in response. "It's an excuse to stay inside. I'm sure we can amuse ourselves…don't you think so?"

Roxas laughed, turning around and licking along Axel's bottom lip, pushing the both of the them backwards until the back of Axel's legs hit the couch and they both fell to the couch. Their mouths instantly found one another, hands wandering slowly along each other's skin as clothes started to become unbuttoned and gasps were taken.

Things had just been getting good when there was a soft knock at the door. At first Axel caught Roxas' arm, shaking his head and drawing Roxas' lips back to his own. Unfortunately, it seemed that whomever was at the door was something more than persistant, because as the knocking continued it grew louder, until both of the two young men in the living room were on their feet and moving towards the front door.

"Seriously," Axel complained, crossing his arms over his chest as Roxas put his hand on the doorknob. "You'd think people would have a little more respect for someone who wants to ravish his lover."

Roxas rolled his eyes playfully, twisting the doorhandle and pulling the door open.

What happened next was slightly a blur. As the door swung open a body fell forward, naked and completely drenched, the sandy blonde hair falling into a pale face. As Roxas caught the taller man in his arms he felt his mouth fall open, his eyes widening to the point that he thought certainly they would pop out of his head. With the added weight and the surprise of the moment he fell slightly backwards, eventually cradeling the taller man in his arms. Then, after a few moments, the eyes began to open, and blue-green the color of the sea stared up at them with a dazed far-off expression.

"You," Axel stammered, moving up quickly to kneel at the foot of someone he'd thought long dead. "You're alive! But…but how? When did you get this? What happened?!"

"Axel, shush!" Roxas said, putting his finger up to Axel's lips as he looked worriedly down at the sandy blonde in his arms.

"Hey Axel…Roxas…" he said with a small smile. "You two are lookin' lively. Pretty wicked, huh…?"

And with that tiny grin, as three old friend's reached out even though they were all confused beyond all belief, the rain that had been falling in a clear sky began to fade. In its wake was a briliant light show as the sun of twilight shimmered in the huge puddles on the ground and the people finally came out of their houses to see what had gone on since they'd holed themselves inside.

And Demyx had found them…after nearly a year of searching…

Stay tuned for: Baptized Aquarius!

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