Chapter 5

Indiana had been another crazy time; Gordon had reached a new level of insanity. Scott was innocent never used his powers for anything horrendous. Ava was just another innocent civilian who had no clue about the life that she was thrown into. These people had no idea what had happened to them and in the middle Sam and Dean had to try and solve everything without breaking the little safe shell that people like to hide in ignoring the things that go bump in the night.

The hotel was cheap and dark. It was like one of those rooms you would find in forensic files with the stain showing in the blue light. There was an underlining stench that seeped out of every nook and cranny. It was horrid and yet comfortable. It was the second in another devastating case about a kid like him.

The telekinetic kid staked out in this hotel room, building and practicing his powers, waiting for the power to overfill his body. Gregory had no prior violence, no prior depression. He was clean as could be, but the more power he got, the more crazy he felt. In the end he used his powers to commit suicide before Sam could even talk to him leaving him with more questions.

Sam looked at the map. It just seemed too simple. That was it, it was over, and now he was never going to see Chelsea again. It seemed stupid chasing case after case with no hope to an end. His life used to be so simple… He had a fiancé, law school, and a plain bright future without having to worry about this.

It had been about six months since he left Pleasant Grove and it had been six months since he had even thought about other children like him, but a new case and a solution to the oncoming war was about to show Sam exactly what he had been waiting for.

After pinpointing the last five cities with demonic occurrences dealing with kids like Sam it was easy to see that each city was like a tip of a pentagram. If one drew a line from point to point the pentagram would take shape. In the middle was good ol' Ohio. If he was going to find any answers he was going to find them there.

A young woman wearing a yellow waitress union is running across a dark campus. She trips in the middle of the path in between two tall pillars that mark the center of the school. She is frozen in her spot, filled with terror, tears fall from her eyes. She ahs nowhere to go and no one is around to save her. The shadowy figure engulfs her and she stares into the night sky with blank black eyes as she runs into the nearest dorm, killing every student she sees insight, and then finally slicing her own throat wide open.

Sam woke up to the endless view of an open highway. A few things changed but the countryside always seemed to look the same. He was just hoping they got to Gambier before it was too late.

The headlines in Gambier all had a common theme… a massacre at local college has begun. With some of the most legendary ghost stories to locals, Kenyon College was a school built on urban legends, and one of the most haunted areas around. With the death of three popular students, many were looking to the old urban legends for an answer.

"It says here, students reported beds shaking only moments before dormitory broke out in fire. It's weird because only one room was on fire and only two students died in there. But the legend says that nine died in the fire, so why wouldn't it just burn down the entire building?" Sam said looking at Dean who was simply eating a hamburger. The small diner down the street from the college was a local hangout for college students. The Winchester brothers were trying to get an inside scoop from some of the students or just over-hear a few good conversations, but Dean's attention quickly turned to the menu.

"This is delicious, you sure you ain't hungry?" Dean smirked at Sam as he finished his lunch. It wasn't that he minded listening to his brother; it was just that every now and then Sam got a lil dorky on him. There was more to every case than just looking up the basic facts, you can't do everything by the book.

"Dean do you even remember why we are here?" If looks could kills, the annoyed look that Sam gave Dean would send him to the grave. Maybe it was just that Sam was more passionate to the cause because it involved him, but he wanted his brother to care just as much as he did. They had a lot riding on the end of this so-called war.

"To see if the fries are as good as the hamburgers?" Dean laughed off his brother's evil look. There was nothing he enjoyed more in life than annoying his little brother. "Come on Sammy… I have been listening to you go over every detail on the way here. I think we should just head down to campus and interview the resident assistants figure out what the kids in the dorms are talking about."

Looking around the Diner, Dean thought about things for a first minute. Sometimes you just had to have the right approach to things. Dean finished chewing, got up from the booth, and sat at a stool by the counter. The waitresses hear everything, they had to know something.

The waitress was about 5"4' with an athletic frame. With distinctive bright blue eyes and long curly red hair, she wore a name-tag that said rose over her soft yellow uniform. Rose grabbed a cup of coffee and walked down to the end of the counter where a man in his forties was sitting and walked back by Dean. "What can I get ya sugar?" She smiled at him and waved as she saw her roommate enter the diner and sit in the corner.

"I was hoping I could ask you a few questions?" Dean said looking over at Sam and then back at Rose. He gave her a glimpse of his dimples before turning completely serious and looking her in the eyes.

"Awe, sugar, I got work to do, but I would answer any question you have for me." Rose laughed as she saw one of her patrons waving her down. "Tell you what; I get done in about a half hour if you wanna chat than. I can try and be helpful." With that last note, Rose went back to taking care of the rest of the customer. It was a busy time, it was lunch, and she was the only waitress.

"Please tell me you didn't just go over there to get her number," Sam said as Dean joined him back in the booth. There were times he couldn't believe his brother.

"Actually, smart ass, I went over there to ask her about the college, but as you can see she is a lil tied up right now, but she gets off in an hour. She may be the only person willing to talk to us right now. Once you get on the campus you have to deal with all the legalities where no one wants to talk." Dean said taking a sip of his beer.

Sam rolled his eyes. He just needed to go for a walk and get away for a little bit; maybe he could even go check out the local library or the campus library. It had been something he had wanted to do since the brothers got in town. "I am going to check out the library, call me when you are done here."

"Fine, fine… Leave a man with his beer!" Dean said watching his brother leave the diner. He waited for about a minute before deciding to call Sam. "You know, it might be easy if you just hand your soul to the yellow eyed demon."


"Seriously, it might save us a lot of time. Or you could at least call that Chelsea chick again. You have been a pain in my ass ever since we left Pleasant Grove. I am not the one who controls fate here. Just call her, besides didn't you say she lived around here?"

Dean winked at Rose as she brought him a second beer and a piece of pie.

Sam looked down the street just staring at the college. "She did tell me she went to school out here; I don't remember the name though." Maybe Dean was right, maybe the reason he was so involved in this particular case, was that he felt Chelsea could be related in some way shape or form.

"Yeah, Call her. She is way better than some stupid library and if she is out here, she knows what we are looking for." Dean said looking at the clock. He hated having to just wait around for someone else.

"Yeah, I don't know. I haven't talked to her in months; I doubt she even remembers my name."

"Stop being such a little bitch. It's just a phone call, it's not like you are trying to have sex with her, although that might get the stick out of your ass."

"Goodbye Dean."

Dean stared at his phone as Sam hung up. Well if he couldn't harass his brother what could he do to pass the time, talk to other people in the diner? He looked around the place looking for someone to talk to, when he noticed someone familiar sitting in the corner looking especially gloomy. How could Sam not have seen her as he was walking out the door?

'Hey Sugar, my replacement got here early, so she took over right away. What did you have to ask me?" Rose said sliding into the booth and taking her nametag off. She followed Dean's eyesight and smiled. "That's my roommate so you better watch out now."


"Ever since our freshman year, we try to stick together because we are the out-of-staters. I am from Texas and she is from Kansas, Pleasant Grove. She is my bestest friend, and she is such a doll. She has been taking the deaths pretty hard though."

"I can see that." Dean looked at Rose and than down to the table. He had to try and collect his thoughts. "Do you two live on campus?"

"We did last semester but she started to get really freaked out, so we moved off of campus. She kept saying these are the gates of hell. Like hell would open up in Gambier, isn't that just the funniest thing you ever did hear?"

"Did she ever say why, she felt that way?"

"Well, just between you and me she hasn't been the same since her pooh bear and papa died, but I am just saying. She feels like the devil himself is out to control her. I tell her that she is one crazy kitty if she thinks that, that is true. If you are so interested in her, you should come for dinner. You don't look like you are from around here, and I bet I make the best southern jambalaya you have ever tasted. My grandma used to live in New Orleans, and she was the best cook you ever tasted."

"My brother is with me, I would have to talk to him first."

"Well there is always room for one more. Heck, the more the merrier. I love spending a good night in with some good looking gentlemen." Rose giggled as she wrote her name and number on a napkin. "That way you can talk to Chelsea all by yourself, maybe you can talk some sense into her, lord knows I can't."

Rose smiled and walked over to the chair where Chelsea was sitting and walked out of the diner. Chelsea was paranoid that Rose would be the next to go, so she demanded that she walk her home every night.

"I hope you like southern cookin Sammy because Chelsea's roommate just invited us over for dinner," Dean said into his phone as he left a tip for the next waitress and went to meet his brother.