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Chapter 1: May I Introduce Lady Snape

Her name is Cassandra Rigal Snape, well it was Cassandra Jamie Potter, and she has got to the most powerful witch since Rowena Ravenclaw. Well, it helps when her ancestors are Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin. Her father is, of course Severus Snape and Lady Lillian Evans.

Wait, lets back up a bit, lets go back before Lady Snape discovered Hogwarts and her father, before she found her brothers and lets look at her life with the guardians who raised her.

His name is Dennis Walker. Her name is Alley Walker. And their son's name is Jason Walker. Now, they took young Cassandra in on Dumbledore's request after Lilly and James Potter died, but they didn't like her at all. They were convinced that she would be a spoiled brat from the start, so they did nothing but abuse her. When the off chance came that Albus paid a visit, he didn't believe her when she told him about the abuse, even when she had distinct bruises showing, instead believing Alley when she said that Cassandra fell.

Jason was another story that told the same tale. He did everything humanly possible to torment Cassandra, but his tormenting went to far and when Cassandra was only ten, the seventeen year old and three others group raped her and then beat her. She was so afraid to tell anyone for fear of being hurt again; noone knew that she was a broken girl.

When her Hogwarts letter came, she almost considered not going because of Albus being headmaster, but she decided it was better to face him then face Jason.

So she went to Hogwarts and made friends, got good grades and even earned Professor Snape's nod of approval, even though she is in Ravenclaw, for her skills in potions class, which are better then Draco Malfoy's and possibly Severus's. Her life went pretty well at school. In her forth year is when she and her friends & family, Blaise Zambini, Ginny Weasley, Fred & George Weasley, Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter, discovered her true parentage with a Blood Tree. It was a document that with the help of Cassandra's blood, revealed the said person's family tree. It not only revealed her father, but also that Lady Lillian was not muggleborn, but descended from Rowena Ravenclaw and a dark elf named Silis Callaz. The Elvin blood never dilutes, so even over 1000 years, Cassandra is half dark elf, along with being the heir to Rowena Ravenclaw. Cassandra told Severus soon after and he took her in with open arms, ((A/N: ok, yah I know corny, Deal!)) but they still had to deal with Dumblefuck. So they did. They went to the Ministry and Severus legally got Cassandra back after it was proved that he was the girl's father and changed her name.

Now it's after the Tri-wizard Tournament and Voldemort has risen, but here's the twist. He's not the bad guy. Of course it's the headmaster, anyone, even Crabbe and Goyle could see that. Tom actually was pretty nice to those in his very highest ring and his lovely little goddaughter, Cassandra. ((A/N: HAHAHA! Twisty!!! Hehe hahaha Rylie, I love that part, it's all evilly and twisty. Lol)) Even weirder, Harry Potter, savior of the wizarding world was secretly in cahoots with Tom and the two wizards were planning Albus's demise.

In the Death Eater's ranks, Cassandra, although she doesn't bear the mark because Tom and Severus won't allow it, is highly respected. She is fiercely loyal to Tom, she is one of the best potion masters in history, and she is a very hard worker. She is also Tom's unofficial ambassador to many different countries and magical creatures. She knows 10 different mortal languages: French, German, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Turkish and Hungarian. She knows many different creature languages including: Elfish, Veela, Centaur, Goblin, Werewolves & Vampirish. All thanks to both her father and godfather's extra lessons.

Now we head back to the present to find our young witch in her potions lab, singing while she works on a new creation. I don't think she has seen the sun in days…kinda like Sev.

She is very pretty. Long black and red-tinted hair that flowed down in the high braid she wore, her dark onyx eyes shining with determination as she worked on her potion. She had her mother's Elvin features; the sharp but soft cheekbones, the sharp eyes and graceful body, but mostly it was the fact that she was very immune to hundreds of spells, hexes and curses is what Cassandra loves about being half Dark Elf. Thanks to Rowena, she was a natural at both Occulmency and Legenioms ((Sp?)).

" What should I use for max entrance? Oh! I know, werewolf blood. I have to thank Uncle Lupin when I see him next." Cassandra whispered as she now considered an amount to use.

" Stare in wonder, who's here to bring you down?
Find your martyr, I'm sure you've made the crown
So light a fire under my bones, so when
I die for you, at least I'll die alone

Ain't nothing for me to end up like this
There's no comparing me this time

All my heroes have now become ghosts
Sold their sorrow to the ones who paid the most
All my heroes are dead and gone
But they're inside of me, they still live on

Dark devotion in a pagan paradise
Shows no emotion to a willing sacrifice
You can put a man on trial, but you can't make the guilty pay
And you can cage an animal, but you can't take away the rage

Ain't nothing for me to end up like this
There's no comparing me this time

All my heroes have now become ghosts
Sold their sorrow to the ones who paid the most
All my heroes are dead and gone
But they're inside of me, they still live on

All my heroes have now become ghosts
Sold their sorrow to the ones who paid the most
All my heroes are dead and gone
But they're inside of me, they still live on
They're all dead and gone"


" I want a girl with lips like morphine,
Knock me out every time they touch me.
I wanna feel a kiss just crush me,
and break me down.

Knock me out (knock me out),
Knock me out (knock me out).
Cause I've waited for all my life,
to be here with you tonight.

I want a girl with lips like morphine,
Blow a kiss that leaves me gasping.
And I wanna feel that lightning strike me,
and burn me down.

Knock me out (knock me out),
Knock me out (knock me out).
Cause I've waited for all my life,
to be here with you tonight.
Just put me on my back,
Knock me out again.

I want a girl with lips like morphine,
Knock me out every time they touch me.
I want a girl with lips like morphine,
to knock me out.

See I've waited for all my life,
to be here with you tonight.
Just put me on my back,
Knock me out again."

Two hours later found Cassandra bounding out her lab towards Severus's with new potion in hand.

She slowed when she approached his door, knocked and waited for an answer.

" Enter." Severus called out.

Cassandra opened the door and walked into her father cleaning up his cauldrons.

" Do I have good timing or what?" She laughed as she moved into the room, fingering the bottles of potion ingredients still out.

" Yes, I would say that you do. I'm just finishing up." Severus answered, not looking up as he gathered the loose ingredients and discarded them.

" What were you working on? More potions for Madam Pomfrey? I thought she had enough for the next semester." Cassandra asked, sitting down on one of the stools.

" Well, Poppy needed help refilling Tom's stock, so I said I would help." Severus answered, turning to face her.

" Oh, that's right, I forgot that noone had filled it after the endeavor at the ministry." Cassandra responded.

" So, what were you so excited about when you came in?" Severus asked.

" Oh, I finished that potion I was experimenting with!" She exclaimed.

" Really? Let me see." Severus said, holding out his hand for the vial in Cassandra's hand.

She handed it over.

" It's amazing what finally came out. I think that Tom's gonna love it, because it will open even the strongest of minds, like that of Dumbledore's and the best part is that is the user wished, they can poison the victim with a simple command that the choose while making the potion." She explained with excitement.

" Well, what is the main herb you used?"

" Fire root. It's amazing. I have some left over if you need it." Cassandra answered.

" Where did you get your hands on it?" Severus asked, intrigued.

" Oh Billy found it for me when I told him I was looking for some."

Billy was the manager at NewOld, a store in Knockturn Alley that sold every potion ingredient and the stuff that want sold in Diagon Alley.

" I will never know how you get that man to find stuff for you. I have tried for years and he never tries for me." Severus stated, still examining the potion.

" Oh, that's because he's infatuated with me, but he knows that he can't touch me, what with the fact that everyone of importance or somewhat importance in Knockturn Alley knows who my beloved godfather is." Cassandra said, laughing softly.

Severus laughed and handed the vial back to her.

" Lets test the potion out." He said.

" Ok, I'll do it because I trust myself…somewhat." She said with a smirk before downing the vial.

Severus instantly dived into her mind and found all her natural barriers gone and the walls that she built gone as well. He pulled out and smiled at her.

" It works, but can you reverse the effects?"

" Yes, all you have to say is the ending command." Cassandra answered.

Severus quirked a brow at her, causing her to smirk.

" Callis." She whispered as the potion instantly wore off.

" Someone has been brushing up." Severus said, checking her shields to find them intact.

" Well, it helps that there are very few Dark Elves left in the mortal world and any that do exist in the world don't like Dumbledork, so they would help even is they new the password." Cassandra smirked.

" Well, I'm glad you have both mine and your mother's brains. I don't think I could have thought of that by myself." Severus said, laughing as he kissed Cassandra's check.

" Well, Bella and Cissa helped when they mentioned before about how even with truth potion, it was hard to get info from the order. So I got thinking and poof, my new concoction, The Digger Potion." Cassandra responded, grinning as she walked with Severus to lunch.


Three weeks later found Cassandra in Knockturn Alley again at NewOld, getting more ingredients while Severus kept an eye in her new potion.

She was walking out of the store, milling over the newly formed concoction when she was roughly shoved and fell.

" Oh, I'm terribly sorry miss." Came a voice above her.

She looked up into dark green eyes that belonged to a very cute guy.

" That's alright, I should have paid attention." She said, while standing up with the mysterious boy's help.

" Well, I should have as well. Name's Devon by the way." Devon said, extending his hand.

" Devon, nice. My names Cassandra." Cassandra responded, firmly grasping his hand.

" Pleasure to meet you, Lady Cassandra." Devon smirked.

Cassandra merely quirked a brow and removed her hand.

" So, Cassandra, where you headed?" Devon asked, while handing her back her bag.

" Well, as much as I love Knockturn Alley, they don't have the books I need, so I guess Flourish and Blot's. Why, wanna come?" She replied.

" Why not? I was just wandering. Come on, let's go." Devon answered, linking arms with her, walking to Flourish and Blot's.


" What are you looking up? I never thought I would see a teenage girl willingly in a potions section." Devon asked.

" Well, I am very interested in potions. Not only did my father and godfather help me maintain my 'hobby', my Aunt Bella is very useful getting ingredients that noone else can." Cassandra answered, starting to hum.

" Bella? As in Bellitrix Langstrenge ((Sp?))?"

" SHHH! Not very many people like her, but I don't want to be killed because of her." Cassandra said sharply, glaring at him.

" No, it's alright. My family is cool with Tom." Devon said quickly, kneeling down next to her.

Cassandra's brow shot up. " I have never seen you or anyone like you at a high rank meeting, so why do you call him Tom?"

" Well, my family is pretty much tight with him." Devon said, grinning, flashing his teeth, and catching Cassandra's attention.

" Wait, you're a vampire." She whispered.

Devon's smile faded.

" Devon, something you're not telling me?" She asked with a smirk and a quirked brow.

He didn't answer.

" Well, if you were a normal vampire, you would be draining my blood, even if you had just fed and the only vampires that can resist mortal blood are the Royal Family." Cassandra stated, not seeing Devon's impressed reaction.

" Well, I am glad someone knows the difference. Yes, I am a royal. Why, is that bad for our friendship?" He responded.

" No, not at all. I really don't care. Now, I must get back to father. He's watching my cauldron and I don't want him to get worried. Bye Devon." She said, kissing his cheek before paying for her books and port keying home.

" her headaches are constant increasing in pain
each passing day
she cant even manage to stand on her own its gotten so bad

you think in saying there's no use in praying
but still she bows her head
so she can say
thank you for just one more day

supernatural patience
graces her face
and her voice never raises
all because, of a love, never let go of

he has every reason to throw up his fists in the face of his God who let his mother die
through all the prayers and tears, she still passed in pain anyway

you think in saying there's no use in praying
but still he bows his head
so he can say
thank you for ending her pain

supernatural patience
graces his face
and his voice never raises
all because of a love never let go of
never let go of"


Confident that she could leave Biddy with the simmering cauldron, Cassandra made her way back to her room, yawning as she sang.

" You're too important for anyone
You play the role of all you long to be
But I, I know who you really are
You're the one who cries when you're alone

But where will you go
With no one left to save you from yourself
You can't escape
You can't escape

You think that I can't see right through your eyes
Scared to death to face reality
No one seems to hear your hidden cries
You're left to face yourself alone

But where will you go (where will you go)
With no one left to save you from yourself
You can't escape
The truth
I realize you're afraid (I realize)
But you can't abandon everyone
You can't escape
You don't want to escape

I'm so sick of speaking words that no one understands
Is it clear enough that you can't live your whole life all alone?
I can hear you when you whisper
But you can't even hear me screaming

Where will you go (where will you go)
With no one left to save you from yourself
You can't escape
The truth
I realize you're afraid (I realize)
But you can't reject the whole world
You can't escape
You won't escape
You can't escape
You don't want to escape"

She opened the door and heard

" Well, I thought I heard your voice."

She looked up and squealed

" Dray!" She jumped into his arms.

" Hello Raven, dear sister." He whispered, tightly embracing her.

" When did you get here?" She asked when she finally let him go.

" Monday."

" But that was seven days ago. Why didn't you come say hi?" Cassandra asked, feeling hurt.

" Well, according to both yours and Uncle Sev's rules, noone bugs you guys when you're in your labs except you two." Draco answered.

Cassandra smiled.

" You remembered the rules?"

" Well, you remember the last time I didn't? Raven, you clobbered me Liam's perch." Draco flinched at the memory.

Cassandra laughed loudly at that.

" Is that Cassandra I hear or am I imagining things?"

Said person turned to find Tom standing in the doorway.

Now, yes at first, he was ugly and blaah ((author shivers)), but after truly reviving, he now had most of the looks he had when he was in school. ((A/N: So that makes him hot right?… Lol, right creepy. Haha yes he is hot, well, in a sense.))

For the second time that night, Cassandra squealed and jumped into her godfather's arms.

" What, is this surprise Cassie day or something, Uncle Tom?" She asked when she finally released him.

" Well, it helps that it is your 15th birthday, love." Tom answered, kissing her cheek.

" Oh, I forgot it was my own birthday, how sad am I?" Cassandra asked, laughing.

" Well, seeing as how you are already a very sad person in life, it's not a stretch." Came a voice from behind her godfather.

" Harry?" She asked before jumping into his open arms ((A/N: She's very agile. He was like ten feet away…Lol)) and squeezing tight.

" Hey, I'm glad to see you to, but I need to breath." Harry said, laughing.

Cassandra pulled away and instantly saw the dark circles under his eyes.

" Hey..," She whispered, cradling his cheek with her hand," You ok?"

" I have better days, but yah I'm getting better." Harry answered, pulling her hand away.

" Cassandra, Severus told me that you created a new potion." Tom said, quickly changing subjects.

" Another? You are gonna run out of steam one of these days." Harry stated, walking with her and the other two towards the lab.

" I know, but it's fun. Uncle Tom, you're gonna love my new potion." Cassandra squealed, practically leaping into the lab, causing the others to laugh at her childlike behavior.

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