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Summary: Sequel to Dream Big. Naruto prepares his village and his family for Orochimaru. Future Fic NaruSaku

Dreams Live On

"Hokage-sama, here is the report on Stone Country you asked for," a stoic ANBU handed a scroll to the blond Hokage. The Hokage nodded his thanks and a dismissal to the black ops ninja in the same gesture. The ninja quickly teleported out of the room, as the Hokage's temper was known throughout the Elemental Nations. While slower to anger than in his youth, Uzumaki Naruto still was a force to be reckoned with when he did get mad. The whiskered young man studied the document quickly and let out an angry breath.

"Stupid snake won't learn his lesson," muttered Naruto. He rubbed his forehead and got up from his desk to start pacing around the room, up the walls, and along the ceiling, anywhere his distracted walking would take him. After a few minutes Naruto took a deep breath and went to organize a meeting of his Jounin.

War was coming, and he was going to make sure it happened on his terms and not that treacherous son of a serpent.

One hour later, all Jounin ranked ninja were gathered in the Hokage's office, waiting for his announcement. Noticeably absent was Jiraiya, who despite being attacked all the time by angry mobs of women actually did gather a lot of useful information for the village. Tsunade stood next to her successor Uzumaki Sakura, with Shizune still right by the side of her Sannin sensei.

Kakashi was there on time as was his habit since Naruto had become Hokage. Naruto had given Kakashi a choice between being late to meetings with his Hokage, or his ability to enjoy his books would be forever removed. Kakashi wisely decided to show up on time to meetings with Naruto.

The assembled mass turned to an opening door to see their village leader enter the room in his Hokage robes. His face did not have its usual smiling countenance, showing only the serious face of a battle-tried ninja. Naruto walked to his desk and sat down. The room was filling with suspense at what could cause the usually cheerful Hokage to look more like a certain Uchiha that stood near his former teammate.

Naruto cleared his throat and said one simple sentence," I have received information that Orochimaru is coming here with an army of missing ninjas from various villages."

The following silence lasted a full five seconds before a collective scream of, "What!?" Other outbursts and conversions started all around the group, raising the tension and volume with every passing comment. Naruto let this go for a few minutes to let them get it out of their system before going into details on their plans.

When it became apparent that it would take awhile, Naruto checked to see if anyone was watching and casually drew a scroll from his pocket. A bit of chakra and presto, fresh Ichiraku ramen, kept warm and ready in a special stasis scroll Naruto developed for quick and easy meals. The Rokudaime silently ate his treat while observing his ninja. He finished in time to see his wife having a heated discussion with Tsunade.

'Better finish this before they come to blows again, I just had the walls repaired.' Naruto thought to himself. He coughed to get everyone's attention. Once all eyes were back on him, Naruto released a calming aura upon the assembled mass to settle their nerves. He could feel shoulders being relaxed and the slowing of breath throughout the room. When he was satisfied he could have a productive planning session, Naruto took a breath and began to fill the Jounins in on the other details he knew.

"We know that Orochimaru is coming to launch a full assault upon us with ninjas who have been exiled from their respective villages, ranging from many Chunin ranked and a few dozen Jounin ranked shinobis. There are also three S-class missing ninjas aside from Orochimaru and Kabuto. They are Tanaka Yoshiro of Iwa, Mitaga Ryuuga of Kumo, and Hanashi Tsuba of Kiri.

"Reports indicate that the army is currently in Stone country moving towards Konoha at a steady pace. By our best guess, they'll be at our gates within a week." Naruto stopped here to take a breath and let the info settle in the minds of his listeners.

The prediction caused several rookie Jounin to be terrified, due to the prospect of facing an large army with five S-class shinobis, two of which were well known to the Leaf ninjas. Of course, they hadn't been told that their Hokage was on a level beyond any S-class ninja in the current Bingo Book, and that most of the Konoha Twelve (made up of the original Rookie Nine and Team Gai) were all high A-class to S-class in their respective fields of study. Plus they had two retired Sannin and the Copy-Cat Ninja Sharingan Kakashi on their side. In terms of powerful Shinobi, the odds were not lopsided against Konoha.

However, numbers could be a problem after the many encounters with Akatsuki and Orochimaru's old Sound village. Many ANBU and Jounin had perished in the repeated conflicts. Many Jounin in the room had been recently promoted to help train the younger generation as quickly as possible. This idea also included harder Academy exams and hasher Genin training. Naruto knew that some extra training early on could make all the difference.

A stern stare by Naruto silenced the newbies, and continued with his announcement. "I don't intend to ever allow them to get near the gates of our home. I propose we take the fight to them on a battle field on our choosing away from civilians and our families." Naruto and Sakura shared a look at this, both thinking of their three kids at home. "Suggestions?"

He was greeted with silence for oh about a minute, and then the chaos of a planning session got into full swing as a battle plan was hammered out.

The former Team 7 were walking towards The Hokage Mansion, discussing everything and anything other than the upcoming battle. Sasuke would occasionally glance at the couple thinking of his own bachelor status.

He was glad they were happy together, really he was.

The last loyal Uchiha just couldn't stop himself from asking "what if?" And it made him feel like he was betraying some promise that he couldn't remember making which frustrated him all the more with the situation.

Naruto glanced at his silent brother, and had to let out a sigh. "Sasuke, what do you think about the battle plan?"

Sasuke knew Naruto wasn't asking for approval because the blond knew that his raven-haired friend would stand by him through anything. He wanted his honest input on the matter. "Well, any plan Shikamaru makes has a great chance of succeeding." The ANBU Captain paused for a moment and continued,"We have greater quality of ninja with us, and I know that there are many Genins who could help with the mopping up."

Nobody spoke for awhile until Sakura decided to change the subject. That and try and get Sasuke to blush which was still quite difficult.

"So Sasuke, gone on any dates recently?" was the medic nin's innocent response.

Sasuke just looked at the woman like she had lost her pink-covered noggin. They all knew that Sasuke had never gone on a date. As a child, he was too obsessed with revenge to consider the opposite sex. As an adult, his guilt over his actions kept him from socializing with anyone new, and all the women he knew didn't have any interest in him.

"No? Well I think it's about time you actually try to meet someone new. You're not going to restore your clan without meet a few new ladies." Naruto noticed that his wife was using the same tone with Sasuke that she used when she wanted the kids to do something.

Sasuke just looked at her and his wide eyes were enough to communicate his feelings on the matter. Sakura just stared right back with a challenging glint in her eye for a moment before her features softened.

"Sasuke, why don't at least give it a shot? If I had never let a certain blond jounin get close, then three little angels wouldn't be here now." Sakura smiled at the end.

Sasuke took on a contemplative expression for a moment thinking about said children. Thinking about them usually filled some of the emptiness in his bruised yet healing heart. Before he had met Naruto and Sakura's kids he acted much like when he was younger, though for different reasons. Aloofness had always been his most visible trait.

Naruto's kids changed that. Naruto and Sakura liked to have a date once a week away from the kids and the pressures of their respective jobs. Sasuke had volunteered to baby-sit for them if they ever needed it. At first they thought it was just his way of repaying his self-imposed debt to the two of them. Then they found that Sasuke actually enjoyed the random, chaotic, and fun world of children. From then on, whenever Sasuke didn't have a mission, he was the one they called.

So was the case tonight. Since bad things happen in wars, the Hokage and Chief Medic Ninja wanted a night to themselves, and Sasuke was again happy to oblige them.

"Sasuke-ojisan!!" three high-pitched squeals of delight came from the Hokage mansion. It was evident that the kids enjoyed their Uchiha baby-sitter's company as much as he enjoyed theirs, though he could have done without being tackled to the ground in a big group hug.

"Okay kids, that's enough. Let Sasuke-ojisan off the hard ground. You don't want him to break do you?" asked a smiling Naruto.

"Don't you have somewhere to be?" half-growled the fallen shinobi.

"Oh Sasuke, I'm hurt. Some people might think that you don't enjoy my company," a wounded sounding Naruto placed a hand over his heart with an aggrieved expression. The smile never left his face as he gave Sasuke a hand up.

"Who says that I do?" Sasuke smirked back at his blond friend. Naruto just frowned a bit, and quickly let out a laugh.

"Glad to see you have some sort of sense of humor, Sasuke. You were worrying me for a bit," Naruto's fox grin was in full force on his face as he said this.

"Get going you two. I get things on this end," Sasuke actually smiled at his nieces and nephew. "I think that we can take care of ourselves for a few hours."

"Thanks jerk, take care." the happy tone conflicting with his words.

"Have fun with your wife, Idiot" the cheerful response got a laugh out the kids. They thought their Daddy and Sasuke-ojisan's way of talking was funny.

"Oh Sasuke, don't think that we're done talking about you getting your own," grinned Sakura at her childhood crush.

'Dang I was hoping that she would forget about it. Oh well, that's a worry for another day," thought a happy Uchiha Sasuke as three little balls of energy dragged him off to play.

Atop the Hokage Tower, sat Naruto and his loving (if occasionally violent) wife sat, eating a dinner prepared by Sakura that morning. Just another emergency meal stored in a stasis stroll for those times Naruto or herself has to work and can't get a decent meal. There wasn't any ramen, but Naruto wisely didn't say anything about it. The last time he did that, Sakura punched him down to the sub-basement of the Hokage Tower.

From the top floor.

Even Naruto can take that kind of hint.

Sakura looked at her husband and could only smile at the child-like enthusiasm with which he devoured his food. He took her back to their friendly chunin days where she had yet to develope romantic feelings for her blond teammate. Her foxy love could make her feel like a teenager again when he did that.

The reason he tried so hard was because they both knew she would die long before the shinigami ever thought about going after Naruto. An incident with the Kyuubi forever changed the relationship between jailer and jailed.

It happened shortly after they were married. The Kyuubi made a move to escape his prison by paying off Naruto's anger and frustration. A battle of titanic wills resulted in all of Kyuubi's chakra being purified and absorbed by Naruto through a secondary seal placed on the foxes' prison. It had nearly killed the young man, and he had been in a coma for two weeks.

When he woke up, he informed them that the seal was now complete and Kyuubi wasn't going to bother them any longer. Naruto took great pride in telling them the "Great Furball, Lord of the Lint Trap" was going to end with him.

Multiple tests done by Tsunade, Shizune, and Sakura showed that Naruto was immortal in a very real sense. His aging was halted by the purified demon chara and his healing abilities were only going to increase with time. For just a second he looked pleased by the news, then he looked at Sakura and his eyes changed from pleased to pained.

Naruto had realized that he wasn't going to grow old with his wife. Later there was more to add on the subject.

Further testing showed that Naruto could have children (happily), and that the genes he would pass on would be normal (good for them) but that meant they too would die long before their father did (bad for him). It hit the family centered shinobi hard.

Staying true to his character, Naruto didn't let it get him down. He promised to spend every moment he could with his wife and children. He promised to make every moment count, and Uzumaki Naruto always kept his word.

The reason no one outside of Naruto and the three medics realized that Naruto had stopped aging was a special seal(since his genjutsu skill were horrible) that he had developed with Tsunade's help that made his body act like it was aging, to the point of him feeling his age. Unfortunately, the seal couldn't cause Naruto's death; it merely caused him to appear and feel like he was aging. The current plan was for Naruto to live out a natural life here, leave once Sakura passed on, and leave Konoha until he was needed again.

But Sakura didn't want to think about such unpleasant things. She wanted to enjoy this moment in time with the man she loved more than anything. That's when Sakura's eyes found a certain scroll pouch on Naruto's vest. Sakura smiled as she realized what she wanted from her husband.

"Naruto, could you play me our song?" Naruto nearly choked on his food at the emotion in his precious person's voice. He looked over at her slowly and swallowed the remaining food in his esophagus and nodded with his signature smile threatening to break his face in two.

"Your wish is my command, fair lady," Naruto complemented his words with a low showman's bow. With a flourish, the scroll containing his guitar came out, and the wooden instrument was brought forth. Sakura enjoyed the small show that Naruto was giving her. It was just so like him to do more than necessary for something. At least now he didn't go overboard on almost everything.

After checking his instrument to make sure it was still tuned correctly, he began to strum out the chords beginning the song that had become their song.

Dancin' in the dark, middle of the night
Takin' your heart and holdin' it tight
Emotional touch, touchin' my skin
And asking you to do what you've been doin' all over again
Oh its a beautiful thing, don't think I can keep it all in
I just gotta let you know what it is that won't let me go

At this point, Sakura joined in singing along with her beloved.

It's your love it just does something to me
It sends a shock right through me
I can't get enough and if you wonder about the spell I'm under,
oh it's your love

Sakura stopped and watched enchanted by the emotions on Naruto's face.

Better than I was, more than I am
And all of this happen by taking your hand
And who I am now is who I wanted to be
And now that we're together
I'm stronger than ever I'm happy and free

Again, Sakura joined in and sang with the same emotions on her face that Naruto was still showing.

Oh it's a beautiful thing, don't think I can keep it all in
If you asked me why I've changed, all I gotta do is say your sweet name
It's your love it just does something to me it, sends a shock right through me
I can't get enough and if you wonder about the spell I'm under,
It's your love
If you wonder about the spell I'm under,
Oh, It's your love

Oh it's a beautiful thing, don't think I can keep it all in
I just gotta let you know what it is that won't let me go

Naruto leaned over and almost whispered the next lines to his now blushing bride.

It's your love it just does something to me it, sends a shock right through me

I can't get enough and if you wonder about the spell I'm under
Oh it's your love
It's your love
It's your love
It's your love

Naruto and Sakura, long finished with their meal, sat atop their high hiding place enjoying the setting sun. Blue chakra could be seen coming from their bodies as it danced and mingled together in the fading sunlight.

No words were spoken aloud. The mingling of their chakras opened emotional gateways and the couple could feel the love, peace, and contentment in their spouse. It was one of their ways of never letting themselves feel in a rut, as their emotions were always changing and shifting.

It took a great deal of control to initiate and maintain, but the benefits far outreached the costs.

When the sun finally departed for the day, Naruto and Sakura teleported back to their house. Finding everything in order, Sakura went up to make sure the kids were in bed, as it was still a school night for Haruka. Sasuke came out of the bathroom shortly after she went up the stairs.

"Did they give you any trouble?" the time honored question for any babysitter.

"Other than keeping Kora from following her brother and sister up the walls, no. Did you have to teach them wall walking at their age?" a rather common response from the Uzumaki's baby-sitter.

"Well, they seem to have inherited my capacity for stamina, and you know how hard I had to work at that when I was a genin. Figured it would be better to start young. Besides, it's one more thing to help them out if they get into trouble," the standard reply.

"Naruto, they're your kids. Trouble will follow them like a lost puppy," the familiar banter easing the minds of the two men.

"They sure grow up fast don't they? Sometimes it seems that Haruka was born just a little bit ago," the smile on Naruto's face was small but content.

Sasuke looked at the man who was his brother in all but the paperwork. He felt the same way. He still remembered the first time he had seen tiny baby Haruka.


Sasuke sat in the Hokage's office still a shocked that Naruto had reached Hokage at the young age of nineteen. While Gaara had gotten it at a younger age, he had the village council on his side. Naruto fought an uphill battle the whole way up to this position. Sasuke let a smirk form as he considered that the "dead last" of their academy years was now the most powerful ninja in the village.

The dark haired young man had only a brief moment of warning before a swirl of wind announced the arrival of the newest Hokage. What he saw shocked him more than a little.

"Hey Sasuke, you been waiting long?" the grinning face of his forgiving friend was not what shocked the Uchiha, rather the little bundle in his arms. Sasuke could make out light pink hair peaking out the top and wondered why Naruto had brought his newborn into a room with a man who had tried to kill him more than once.

"No? Good, Sakura needed me to watch Haruka while she helped teach a medical class at the Academy." Naruto seemed oblivious to his formal rival's discomfort. He had brought his first born so Sasuke could see her. Sakura was against the recently returned shinobi seeing the child before. Her memory was a bit longer on remembering attempted assassinations done by their former teammate.

"Would you like to see her?" Naruto's easy sounding question further shocked the Uchiha. Such a sign of trust from Naruto shouldn't have surprised him to such a degree had Sakura not make it clear that he had a long way to go before he was back in her good graces.

"I don't think Sakura would appreciate me being so near her offspring," Sasuke tried a diplomatic out that was blatantly ignored by Naruto.

"Oh come on, you're just going to look at her. That's not going to hurt her is it?" Naruto wasn't one to be deterred once he set his sights on something. His courting of Sakura was case in point. Most men would have stopped chasing the girl after the first few years and/or broken bones, not to mention the broken hearts.

Sasuke, recognizing the futility of resisting, walked over to the proud father and peered down at the bundle in his arms. The baby was indeed a sight, and if he had been someone else, the Uchiha would have called her cute. The tiny features of her face resembled her mother's greatly, yet there was still enough of her father there to make the connection.

"Adorable, isn't she?" Naruto's question was met with the expected silence of one long used to dealing with brooding ninjas. When Sasuke pulled away from the baby, a chunin poked his head in the room and told the Hokage he was needed somewhere.

Sasuke was again surprised when Naruto asked him to hold the baby while he dealt with the issue. Naruto's response to his hesitance was, as always, to the point.

"I trust you Sasuke."

How could he not show if he was worthy of that trust? He held the baby like Naruto had shown him and sat in a chair by the desk. To Sasuke, time seemed to pass uncomfortably slowly. Five minutes was near an eternity in his mind. Nothing had happened for those five minutes, and Sasuke figured that Naruto would be back soon from his errand.

After that thought passed through his head, Haruka woke up and had opened her eyes. Looking curiously at the unfamiliar face, her pale green eyes seemed so large and innocent. It didn't seem natural that anything could be so trusting or pure. On a whim, Sasuke called on his Sharingan to observe the infant.

There was chakra present, as there was in everybody, but she had more than most young children he had seen. It didn't surprise him too much since her dad had almost unlimited stamina. The thing that caught his attention was that he couldn't detect any fear or distrust in the child. Nor was there any awe or joy in her expression. The child didn't seem to judge him in any manner that he was used to.

For a moment, Sasuke felt he had something that he had never had in his life- a blank slate. No expectations, no fangirls, no rivalry, no need to impress anyone, and no need to be anything else than himself. It was a liberating feeling. Time stood still for a man with a dark past and the child with a most certainly bright future.

But time moves forward and Naruto came back sooner than Sasuke now hoped. Naruto was pleasantly surprised when Sasuke said that if he needed someone to watch her again, he'd be willing.

Naruto just smiled and told him that would be fine. Then they got down to the business that Sasuke was there for.

End Flashback

While the girl was older now, and she did have certain expectations of him, but he had put them there. He was able to be something other than what everyone else thought he was. If he acted like he did in public, she would set him straight without any worrying. He knew he was different because of her.

Naruto's other children had changed him as well, in different ways, but his oldest had opened his heart to the change. Now, he felt like he had a real family again, family he would die to protect.

Naruto looked at Sasuke and smiled. His brother was at peace, and Naruto knew that in the next couple of days, that peace would sustain him. In the same way that Naruto's own night with Sakura would sustain him. Naruto had a good feeling about the coming battle.

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