SUMMARY: Cagalli was convicted for a crime she didn't commit, when truth and false cannot be distinguished. Full of guilt and frustration, her prison life was filled with fights, dark twists and mysteries, waiting to be a certain green-eyed officer

MAIN PAIRINGs: Athrun x Cagalli (obviously), Shinn x Stellar, Kira x Lacus, Dearka x Miriallia, Yzak x Shiho, and other various pairings.

DISCLAIMER: This is a story based on characters and situations from Kidou Senshi Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny which, sadly, was directed by Fukuda resulting the need for us fans to write even more Asucaga fics.

WARNING: Text and all related materials are rated PG13/T and there is rather strong and coarse language and mild adult themes. So don't complain about offensive languages! XD Also, there are/might be some grammatical errors and typos, spelling mistakes, even after rereading it many times.

NOTE: 'this an AU story, meaning no reference to the Cosmic Era or Mobile Suits whatsoever'.



Chapter 1 Dilemma



"Wake up, bitch, or you wanna miss your breakfast?"

With a disgruntled groan, a messy blonde head popped out from under the blanket.

Furious amber eyes glared at the prison guard standing outside the cell. The prison guard was used to such behavior, and indifferently, he stared back at the irritated woman.

She rubbed her slightly blood-shot eyes tiredly and yawned intentionally loudly, much at the guard's annoyance. He huffed and stomped away to the next cell, waking up the other inmates.

Many colorful curses echoed in the hallway in response to the guard's wake-up call.

What can I say? The guy's an idiot for choosing this friggin' stupid job. The blonde smirked as she half-heartedly brushed her shirt.

"Open up the (beep) cells you (beep) retard!" Someone shouted somewhere, and the blonde sighed. Jovi was always in a grouchy mood, ever since she was transferred here without her regular supplies of marihuana.

Good thing I wasn't into drugs or any of the…….The blonde's thoughts were cut off when the guard snarled impatiently at her.

"Well? The cell's open, Cagalli, so get your ass movin'!"

Cagalli growled back intimidatingly but she lined herself with the other inmates and they marched towards the mess hall for breakfast.

"Hey watch where you're going, bitch!"

Cagalli sighed again. Bitch this bitch that……I do have a name! Although, such thing could be said as normal in this bloody ridiculous place……….

Cagalli yelled back, "No, YOU watch where YOU'RE going, fat-ass." She raised her middle finger provocatively at the other inmate, and sneered.

The challenger screamed something incoherent, and everything fell under control as the guards hollered some threats or something.

Exchanging insults, being yelled at, and occasionally getting into fights… biggie, it was all part of the daily routine.

This is a pretty unique prison, actually; all of them were 'relocated' from some juvenile halls or the other, when they turned over 20 yrs old. Only those with serious backgrounds and crimes, though.Yes, sure, one may be released due to 'good conduct', but such word simply did not exist in Cagalli's dictionary.

With the help of other prison guards, the line was divided into two as each headed to different directions. Those with serious issues, such as Jovi, needed special surveillance and were confined in female-only section 24/7.

Regular prisoners, like Cagalli, may go to the regular mess hall, joined by the other prisoners from the Male Sector. It was the only time people of different sexes (unless you count in the guards and the psychiatrist) get to chat with each other……and of course, brawls broke out sometimes and those who were involved were 'checked' and once you reach a certain point, you were forbidden to go to the co-op mess hall to eat.

Within such foul companies, it was rare to find friends or people who wouldn't swear at you, but fortunately Cagalli had a rather nice friend.

"Stellar! I'm over here! Move out of the way so she can get through, you loaf," Cagalli drawled almost lazily, and snickered at the slight fear from the 'loaf''s eyes.

A younger girl with magenta eyes and wavy blonde hair quickly walked over to Cagalli, determined to ignore the glares sent at her back.

"Come on, Stellar, you should be used to it by now. Not when you're friends with a moron like Shinn……seriously you guys stick together like glue, even though it was only during the eating periods," Cagalli grinned mischievously, while Stellar shook her head with a cute blush adorning her face.

"'s not like that, Cagalli!" Stellar protested timidly. Cagalli mentally sighed. Such a shy girl like Stellar can be really scary when she snapped…believe it or not. After all, it was the reason why she was here and not dancing on beaches like she had always wanted to.

"Yula! How many times do I have to tell you not to increase more problems for us! Can you control yourself or do I have to train you like a dog?" An angry voice yelled at her as they were about to enter the mess hall.

Cagalli resisted the urge to roll her eyes and replied nonchalantly, "What is it this time, Jule? Oh my, does your hair look whiter this time? Is it just me or is there less hair? It ain't good to let your temper take control of you, if you don't want to get bald!"

Sergeant Yzak Jule was being held back by his friend Dearka. The said sergeant was seething in pure rage. Apparently the prison guards had informed him about Cagalli's conduct.

Ah yes, another daily routine. Even the most notorious prisoners got entertainment by simply watching Sergeant Jule and Cagalli duke it out – it was simply a battle of wits. See, the objective was to see who would lose his or her temper first. So far, Yzak 58 -Cagalli 276.

"Now now, Yzak, it's only morning after all, calm down," Officer Dearka Elthman said casually, clearly amused at the situation.

"Who cares about the friggin' morning? YOU KNOW that I HAVE A LOT OF STRESS LATELY! I DON'T NEED MORE!"

Cagalli teased, "Aw, did your wife made you sleep on the couch again?"


"Gee, someone failed anger management classes..." Cagalli said intentionally loudly.

That certainly made him snap."YOU! I really can't understand why Yamato has you for a sister! Why can't you behave yourself and stop causing more problems for people!" Yzak took a deep breath, recalling on his anger management classes, "Really, Yula, you are a real thorn in society, in general! It is really no wonder that you killed your………."

Yzak stopped abruptly and frowned, his anger obviously subdued. Dearka raised his eyebrows, understanding that Yzak had went over the line.

Cagalli clenched her teeth and glared for real. All her insults were rather playfully mocking before, but this time, she was angry, for real.

The hallway was rather silent, and all eyes were on Cagalli, whose eyes flashed like a wild beast, ready to lunge at a certain silver-head.

"Calm down, Cagalli-san. You know Sergeant Jule didn't mean what he said. He already had to deal with his pregnant wife at home, so don't give him more things to worry about, alright? And Sergeant Jule, you shouldn't have insulted her like that, no matter what. I think it is best that you take a few days off…….I heard that Shiho is near her time, right?" A rational voice calmly chastised the two like a motherly figure.

Yzak saluted to the Overseer, Murrue Ramius curtly. She was the head of the Female Sector, and she acted like a peacemaker. Strangely enough, she had the power to reason with most delinquents and make them behave for awhile.

Cagalli's anger deflated and nodded reluctantly. Somehow, she could never find the energy to argue or disobey Murrue-san.

Yzak glanced at Cagalli, and he actually apologized… nodding slowly. Dearka shrugged, but that's Jule's way of saying sorry.

"Let's go, Cagalli," Stellar whispered gently, nudging Cagalli on the elbow.

The older girl agreed wordlessly, and went towards the mess hall. Stellar glanced at her nervously, knowing what Yzak said had obviously sent Cagalli into an emotional turmoil.

As the two lined up holding trays and ready to receive the food, Cagalli's mood instantly skyrocketed. The prison sucked, but shockingly the prison served delicious meals.

"Officer Zala, I believe you were informed of your job here in the Rengou Youth Center for the Special Cases?" Head of the Youth Center, Nartarle Badgiruel asked stiffly, regarding the young man before her.

The man nodded. Natarle continued, "Well, let Sergeant Jule give you a brief tour, and ask them if you have any questions, or go see Overseer Ramius or Overseer La Flaga. You're dismissed."

As the man closed the door behind him, a hand shot out and locked around his shoulder.

"Man Athrun you lucky guy! Why do you get to stay in the Female sector? I'm so jealous, dude! Luck is on your side, that's for sure!" Dearka laughed heartily, and Athrun wearily removed Dearka's arm.

"Dearka, I don't really care about that, only you do……Yzak, can you give me the tour right now so I can go take a nap? You do know that I was just relocated here and needed to adjust my time difference."

Yzak was sulking. His day just got worse and worse. First, Shiho kicked him off the couch and demanded icecream in the middle of the night, and then Yula's ever-increasing problems, and now Zala, his high school arch nemesis who just had to be transferred here of all the places.

"Well, on advice of Murrue, I'm gonna take off," Yzak growled gruffly and stalked off. Athrun blinked.

"Did he just ignore me? He never changes, does he?"

Dearka shook his head, "Nope, and it just got worse because all his bent-up stress over his pregnant wife was simply vent out on us unfortunate souls."

"His wife? He has a wife?"

"Oh yea, you weren't invited to his wedding, dude……are you bitter?"

"Of Yzak? No way, I'm just shocked that he actually has a wife……"

"Yup, Shiho's amazing, that's for sure. Her skills of making Yzak submit to her very whim is a pure miracle………"

"You serious? That's no exaggeration, Dearka?"

"Well………Yzak isn't really a puppet dog but they do live together in harmony and whenever there's an argument, Yzak always loses……"

"Hey you, you new here?" An arrogant voice joined the two. Dearka scowled disdainfully at a purple-haired officer.

"Keh, meet Sergeant Seiran, Athrun," Dearka introduced, trying hard to hide the contempt in his voice.

Yuuna Roma Seiran looked at Athrun up and down, and jeered, "He wouldn't last a day."

As he walked away, Dearka whispered to Athrun urgently, "Listen, that guy is the one you want to avoid at all costs. Not only will he annoy you to death(by simply existing), he can do almost everything he wants, simply abusing his power. Not even Miss Ramius can control him. Yuuna had some kind of higher-up influence……but I've always wondered why he didn't bribe his way up the ranks."

Athrun frowned. Bribery, cheating and abusing authority……all the traits he found despicable in a person. Well, like Dearka said, he would try to avoid that freak.

"Athha, why can't you eat quietly like Stellar? All that slurping noise is getting on my nerves," Shinn Asuka grumbled irritably. Cagalli only slurped even more noisily at response, and his red eyes flashed in annoyance.

Another battle of patience and ability to annoy each other…………Stellar giggled at the two, and Shinn blushed and looked away. Cagalli snickered, but she stopped slurping intentionally.

The three shared a rather weird type of friendship, especially Cagalli and Shinn. Oh they hated each other alright, but Stellar was the glue that kept the three together. However, the other reason was because the three had reached an understanding of why each was convicted and sent here……

"Seriously, you too should just hook up. After all you only get to see each other at meal times," Cagalli commented, earning a blush from the other two. Ah how she loved teasing them. Yup, that was the only reason she tolerated Shinn, and Shinn didn't want Stellar to feel bad so he tolerated Cagalli as well.

Glancing at the clock on the wall, Stellar stood up.

"Well, I'm off to see the psychiatrist," Stellar had to raise her voice a bit to interrupt Shinn and Cagalli's bickering.

Shinn stopped and looked away uneasily. Cagalli asked slowly, and rather painfully, "When you see him……will you tell him I'm sorry?"

Stellar nodded and looked at her kindly in understanding. After she left, Shinn and Cagalli were uncharacteristically behaving normally towards each other.

"So how are you today, Stellar?" A gentle voice greeted the girl as she sat down on a comfortable chair.

"I'm fine, thank you………and Cagalli said she was sorry, again," Stellar replied timidly, awaiting the brunette's reaction.

His amethyst eyes held a grim look. Dr. Kira Yamato only nodded with a neutral expression, and spoke no more as they went on their session.

Every youth had councilors back at the Juvenile Halls, and only those who were transferred here with special, or traumatic backgrounds, like Stellar, needed special appointments with the psychiatrist.

Needless to say, Dr. Kira was a very kind guy who even had the patience for the most nefarious prisoners( they were accompanied by security sometimes). He wasn't an average phsychiatrist, not those who made you bored and wanted to slap him. Nope, Dr. Kira actually made very interesting conversations, that he always managed to make people talk and not feel annoyed.

However, everyone had their limits, and Stellar was saddened by Kira and Cagalli's rather tattered sibling bond...

"So Stellar, do you miss your brothers sometimes?" Kira asked, his tone suggesting that if she didn't want to answer, it was okay.

She nodded curtly. How could she not? They were the only fond memories of her childhood...

She held her head as a growing pain suddenly took hold of her. Kira gasped lightly and quickly he gave her a framed photo of the sea.

She stared at the picture, waiting for the headache to disappear. Her head always hurt whenever she thought of her past, but the image of the serene, welcoming scenery never failed to calm her down.

Kira sighed, "Well, it is better that we don't push it. One day you can succeed in thinking about your past without being terrified of it. I promise that."

Someone knocked on the door lightly.

"Come in."

A raven-blue haired officer was introduced to Kira, and they shook hands.

Stellar cocked her head in wonder, since it was pretty rare to get new officers. "Athrun Zala," the officer introduced himself and they talked for a bit. Officer Elthman then led Athrun away.

After the session ended, Kira whispered to himself almost sadly, "Cagalli……the past is the past, no matter what you said………why not turn over a new leaf?"

Stellar frowned in confusion; Dr. Kira never said anything concerning about his twin sister, no matter how many times Stellar relayed Cagalli's message.

"Dr.Kira……?" Stellar spoke tentatively.

Kira snapped out of his thoughts and shook his head, "It's nothing……I'll see you Thursday, Stellar………if you can, tell Jovi to not forget her appointments. She seriously needs to get over the fact that her drugs aren't going to help her escape reality."

Stellar nodded and left, but she didn't see Kira staring wistfully at another framed photo on his desk. It was a picture of a smiling blonde girl hugging a flustered brown haired boy.

What met Stellar when she walked in the hallways was actually gossip – which did NOT occur very often in this place.

"Hey did you see the new officer? He's hot!"

Stellar blinked. Even the yankiest badass women were talking about one thing only.

"Oh my god he's so cute!"

They're definitely talking about Officer Zala………I suppose he's good-looking, but definitely not as cute as Shinn……… Stellar blushed prettily and was half-expecting Cagalli to pop up out of nowhere to tease her.

Speaking of Cagalli, where is she? Stellar looked around the library, the tennis court and other recreational centers.

The prisoners had the morning time as free time, and the afternoon as working time (those different criminal records had different jobs) After dinner it was time to clean the whole center – the prisoners were supposed to act as janitors. "Clean up your own mess," as Warden La Flaga was so fond of saying. Finally, it was shower time and then they turned in for bed.

Therefore the morning was very important, a less supervised time for relaxing. It was a time when Cagalli would drag Stellar to play tennis, soccer and other sports. Yet she was nowhere to be found……

"Oh no……not again?" Stellar murmured worriedly, since she now knew exactly where Cagalli was and what was happening to her.

Cagalli looked at the sky in a dazed manner, contemplating on many different things. She stretched her arms towards the clouds, so far away from her grasp, just as freedom was. She couldn't really recall a time she was happy.

And, living 22 years of life, Cagalli concluded that she learned and got nothing. While she considered Stellar's friendship valuable, Cagalli felt that there was something missing in her life. She decided that 'something' can definitely save her from the shitty hellhole she created in her own mind, to convince herself that her existence was worthy. So for now, all she could do was wait…………and wait.

Shaking her head, Cagalli got up from the lawn and made up her mind to play soccer to vent out some of her caged frustration. There was a voice at the back of her mind, a reminder that danger was coming but she was too deep in thought to care about it.

Just as she realized she was in a windowless, deserted hallway, a hand shot out and gripped her shoulder hard, spinning her around and trapping her against the wall.

"Hello, my honey……" A sickening sweet, albeit disgusting voice echoed in the empty hallway. As much as Cagalli tried, she couldn't suppress the shiver going up her spine.

Heck, she got goose bumps merely from the contact of the person's hand. She growled angrily and kneed the purple-haired freak, earning a startled grunt. She used the momentum to wrench away from his grip. Her breathing grew raspy as she held out her fists defensively.

"…'honey' my ass! How many times do I have to tell you? Leave. Me. Alone! Just get the fuck away from me!" Cagalli hissed, clearly pissed off.

"My, my……such coarse language, aren't you flattered that none caught my attention but you?"He winked at her, sneering.

"Ew god! Just shut up... apparently universal human language can't get through your thick skull, so I have to resort to drastic measures," Cagalli lunged forward and threw a punch at him.

She stopped abruptly, however, at his words.

"You wouldn't want me to report to your dear brother that you've assaulted another poor, innocent officer now, would you?"

Yuuna Roma Seiran leaned against the wall, emitting an air of utter ignorance and persistence. He smirked at her expression, and he caressed her fist. She withdrew her hand sharply, wiping it on the wall. He advanced towards her slowly, like a predator to a prey.

He casually patted the gun in the holster, and Cagalli flinched slightly, her glare intensifying.

"You know……I could've just threatened you……why don't you be a good girl and I won't have to resort to 'drastic measures', to quote you, hmmm?"

"Never!" She spat, backing away slowly.

Yuna put his hand on his forehead dramatically, letting out a mocking-tragic sigh.

"Sigh, I suppose I'll try my luck on your friend then……what's her name? Stellar, is that it?"

Cagalli's eyes widened in shock and loathing, " wouldn't! Don't you dare……"

Yuna's face was too close for comfort; his sneering tone dropped into a dangerous voice.

"Dare I?"

Cagalli felt trapped; it was the first time……the first time he actually threatened Stellar into this matter. The timid blond shouldn't get involved...

For the first time, she feared the perverted officer in front of her...or rather, his power.

"This……this is between us, Yuuna. Don't…don't drag her into this!" She could actually felt panic rising up from her heart.

Yuuna threw back his head and laughed, "You didn't think I was serious, did you? Don't worry, my dear, you don't have to be jealous……this is between us indeed." Even as he said that, his eyes held a triumphant glint, and Cagalli cursed herself to let show her weakness.

With that threat in mind, he leaned forward and Cagalli turned her head in time, so his sloppy lips only touched her cheek.

Yuuna smirked; in time, he would gradually wear her down……that was the bottom line. "Next time………no matter how much you struggle, Cagalli, you will be mine, mark my words," he laughed cruelly, walking away.

Even as he left, Cagalli could only stand there numbly while wiping her cheek mechanically. Ever since she was transferred here, this weird sergeant kept harassing her whenever she was caught alone unaware. Of course, she beat the crap out of him the first time he tried to molest her, but……no one believed her. In the eyes of public, the higher ups, Yuuna had a perfect record of mannerism and his family had an influential power in society. he had merely woven a lie that she was misbehaving and, as a good officer, he was just trying to teach her and got attacked. Her record of being outspoken and disobedient towards other police didn't help either. Kira was really troubled by her behavior in prison, and these incidents didn't help his stress either. She knew that Kira had been trying really hard to help her………

Yuuna……she really wanted to throttle him, she really did, she really wanted to beat his ass to kingdom come. His weird obsession with her really crept her out, and even though she acted brave and callous outside, she was really a sensitive child-like girl in the body of a woman and feared a pervert like Yuna, especially when she felt so helpless and couldn't fight back.

Of course, Murrue-san was rather suspicious, for the motherly woman had always trusted Cagalli yet there was nothing she could do; the Seiran's background power can easily suppress Murrue-san's.

Sure, Yuuna can force himself on her but the idea of a stubborn woman like her submitting willingly kept him going, in his sick game of surprise and stalking. At least, Cagalli was grateful for that idiot's logic, since she really didn't want to trouble Kira anymore, not when she had already…………

Cagalli hugged herself and slid down against the wall. It was okay, she figured, since no one was there to see her tough exterior broken down into this pathetic mess she was now. All the memories were rushing back to her like a relentless torrent. She could still clearly see her brother's pained, scared and astonished look, and a pair of lifeless, glassy eyes.


"Mother...? Auntie?"

"I can't believe it, own could you..."

"It all makes sense, doesn't it? Her delinquency and brawls in schools where she rarely's all an act to throw us off track"

"Of course, we didn't suspect her, not when her brother is perfect in everything! Who could've thought such a genius boy can have such a bratty, heartless sister?"

"Ha, and all these years she deceived us with her innocent expression! I knew from the start she's a troublemaker, but not even I had thought of such crime!"

"Get out of my sight, MURDERER!"

She felt something wet sliding down her cheeks, but she didn't bother to wipe it away. Silent sobs shook her body as she buried her head into her arms. She was in a real dilemma now. All the guilt she was burdened with, all the accusation she had to deal with, it was all she could take. She needed this moment now, a time where she could take off her shell and be who she really was, just be someone who wanted to cry her heart out and forget everything, even just temporarily.

She was snapped out of her thoughts when she her footsteps coming her way. She cringed into an even tighter ball, thinking it was Yuuna and she didn't have the energy to run away.

She jolted a little when she heard an unfamiliar yet gentle voice.

"Here..."He whispered softly, as if not to startle her. She raised her head involuntarily, trying to see the newcomer.

Through her blurry, tearful eyes, she could vaguely see slender hands holding a handkerchief towards her. Cagalli did not have enough time to regain her composure when kind green eyes met her sorrowful amber ones.


End of Chapter 1


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