Author's Note: Oh lordy, I can't believe I'm actually giving in and posting something to the Harry Potter fandom. I am an avid HP fan, and I've read an HP fic or two, but I've never been big on the fanfiction that this fandom tends to generate (no offense… --grin--). Generally, as you can tell from my profile, I stick to anime. That being said, I've been experimenting with poetry lately (I also generally stick to prose…), and this concept inspired me, so I wrote it out and tweaked it, and here it is. Enjoy…

Spinner's End

It is almost complete.

The spider waits to snag his prey,

looping words with actions,

slipping through fingers,

tying loose threads.

From the edge his filament begins—

never straight, always slant—

circling nearer,

closing in;

a spiral maze

with its end at the center.

There he will requite the murder

of a love unrequited,

and follow his prey.

A secret long kept

will rest with its final bearer,

free at last to dream of her

in silence.

A/N: Well…any thoughts? Hopefully this is pretty clear, but this poem is based on the working theory that Dumbledore's "iron-clad reason" for trusting Snape has to do with the fact that Snape had feelings for Lily. I'm a steadfast member of the "Snape-is-not-evil" camp, so I find this matter particularly intriguing…