A School Play: the Princess and the Pauper

Chapter 1: How it Starts

Kira's POV

'I miss the old days' I said to myself. Well you see, me and my sister, Cagalli, have come back here in PLANT to continue our study. Actually we use to study here two years ago but we left because we have to go to Orb wherein our grandfather, which is also my mother's father, Uzumi Nara Atha, has asked my mother to join him in the government of Orb, why not our dad? well he passed away because of well, an accident, well that's what my mom keeps telling me and Cagalli.

After two years me and Cagalli asked our mom if we could go back to PLANT and we told her that only me and Cagalli will go so that she could stay in Orb to help in running it properly. At first she didn't agree, well she is a mother after all, what ya expect? but we told her that we aren't children anymore, we're 15 already and we could handle ourselves. She said yes well of course with the help of our friend Lacus Clyne. Her father, Siegel Clyne the Chairman of PLANT who had just had a meeting with our mom to discuss the treaty about peace brought his daughter, Lacus, and Cagalli and I are also there. After their meeting, we kept on asking our mom if Cagalli and I could go to PLANT, we were just lucky that Lacus was there to help us convince our mom to let us go but there's a catch, a good one and a bad one.

First, we have to live next door to Lacus which is good since Lacus is our best friend since childhood and the other one is this Yunna Roma Seiran has to live next door to us. He found out that me and Cagalli are leaving and also insisted on coming and his parents allowed him and my mother asked him to watch over us, well luckily I know that he'll watch Cagalli and not me, but hey that's good for me, Although I feel so sorry for Cagalli.

Oh and did I mention that I'm a coordinator but Cagalli is not and we look almost the same except for the color of our hair and eyes and attitude. School has already started about a week ago and me and Cagalli are the newest student here, so far so good except for the fact that our best friend, Athrun Zala, has changed so much and seem to no longer remember or notice me and Cagalli but I'm glad that at least Lacus is still the same.

End of POV


Two years ago

"Oh so you're leaving?" A sadden pink haired girl asked though still was able to speak in her cheerful voice.

"We'll be back, me and-" Cagalli asked then looks at her sister which surprisingly wasn't at her side. "Kira?"

Then Lacus' points at two figures beside a very full bloomed cherry tree.

"You'll be back, right?" A boy with watery eyes said to her parting friend.

"Of course" She told him then embraced him. "I'll be back and Athrun?" She asks him, while he returns her hug.


"I love you" Kira said sincerely. Athrun parted the hug and saw Kira blushing a dark pink.

"I-" Athrun tried to say but didn't and looked away seeming to be in deep thought. The amethyst eyed girl was sadden even more seeing that there is no response from the person whom she loves.

Then Athrun walks closer to her and then walks away with face mirroring Kira's.

Athrun had just kissed her.

Kira then looks at the teen walking away with fingers touching his lips.

The next thing you know, Kira and Cagalli are already in Orb.

End of Flashback

"Hello? Kira are you there?" Cagalli asks while waving her hand in front of the girl who has been starring out the window for who knows how long.

"Oh hey Cagalli, good morning" Kira told her.

"It wouldn't be a good morning if we are late for school Kira" stated the hot headed teen.

'What's up with her?' Kira wondered with a puzzled face.

"Incase you are wondering Kira, Yunna had just climbed her balcony this morning and knocked at it till she's awake and greets her." Lacus explains as she enters the room.

"Now I understand." Kira said while giggling.

"What's so funny, hurry up and dress. My morning is already ruined and I don't want to ruin it when we get to school." Cagalli tells her as she and Lacus leaves Kira's room for her to prepare and change for school.

While walking to school

"So, Kira? How are you and Athrun?" Asked cheerfully by Lacus.

"Yah Kira, are you two still love birds?" Cagalli asks with a big grin in her face.

"He doesn't even know that I exist anymore" Kira plainly tells them.

"He has changed when you two departed from here two years ago" Lacus sadly tells them while looking in the ground.

"Oh" Was all Kira and Cagalli manage to say and they just walked away from their mansions towards to school in silence and they never talked about Athrun again.

'If he doesn't want to remember me then I'll also forget about him' Kira sadly thought to herself.

At School

"Hey Athrun, what do you think of the new students in class that Lacus always hangs around with?" Shin asks him in his red long sleeved shirt with a plain white shirt on top of it and beige pants.

"They're just another girls that go drooling when they see you" Athrun said plainly in his maong jeans and sky blue shirt with a beige jacket while glancing at the girls behind him and Shin that are staring wildly, giggling and talking about them.

"What do you think of the amethyst-eyed girl?" Shin asks him totally ignoring the comment that Athrun had just said about the girl as they both head for their class.

"She seems to be nothing special, just another fan girl" Athrun tells him thinking that Kira is just another fan or something.

"But she seems-" Shin tried to tell him but was cut-off by Athrun.

"If you want her, then why not go for it? Just ask her and then you'd get bored hearing her talk about your money and looks." Athrun warned him.

"You mean like what happened to you and flay?" Shin said as he points at Flay who is now waving at them.

"Just shut up Shin, let's go to class and meet up with the oth-" But Athrun wasn't able to finish as he bumps with another person.

With Kira, Cagalli and Lacus

"Wow Lacus you sure have lot of fans" Kira and Cagalli says in awe as they are heading towards their class with lots of eyes glued on them.

"They're not just mine, you two have also fans starting" Lacus told the Kira and Cagalli.

"Yah right!" Cagalli said disbelieving.

"Look on your left Cagalli, its Yunna" Kira teased.

"Lets go, lets go lets go!!" Cagalli told them as she pushes Kira and Lacus to walk faster, not wanting to be seen by Yunna who is now about to turn his back and might notice them.

"Hey Cag-!" Yunna tried to call but luckily, the three girls were already able to turn around the corner.

The three started giggling till Kira accidentally bumps on someone and fell backwards and all her things scatters on the ground. Everyone notices this and nobody dared to move or make a sound and just stares at Kira and Athrun as their eyes met.

"Ouch!" Kira groans and looks up and her eyes met with emerald ones.

"Watch where your-" But Athrun wasn't able to finish when his emerald eyes were locked with amethyst ones. They seem to have a moment but Shin disturbed them.

"I'm sorry, are you okay. Its all my friend's fault and-" Shin says as he helps Kira stand up and help her grab her things.

"No, its fine" Kira told the polite boy that is helping her and she immediately forgot the moment she had with Athrun just a few minutes ago.

"Thank you" Kira sincerely said as she walks away with Cagalli and Lacus without saying a word and just headed to class.

Shin was shock that the girl didn't stutter or anything like his fan girls would do whenever he would approach them or just walk pass by them or something.

"Hey, who's the girl?" Dearka says as he saw what had just happened as everything got back to normal but he didn't receive any answers as the three headed back to their class.

At Class

"Hey Kira, you okay? You seem to be awfully quiet?" Cagalli asks in concern.

"Was the fall hard? You want to go to the school's nurse?" Lacus also asks in concern as she and Cagalli surrounds Kira.

"Huh, I'm fine" She told them and puts up a smile that'll convince the two worried faces in front of her.

"Kira-" Cagalli tried to say but was cut off by Lacus' hand that tells her to not continue.

"Enough about this, lets go take our seats." Lacus tells them.

Kira was leading the way, so Cagalli and Lacus were able to whisper with one another.

"She seems to not want to talk about it, so lets not make her, ok Cagalli?" Lacus whispered to her blonde friend.

"Ok, I understand" Cagalli replies just before Kira turns her back to look at them and both Cagalli and Lacus smiled at her which she warmly returns.

During Class

The teacher was talking about the play called "A Princess and a Pauper" and last call for auditions would be later afternoon. Almost half of the class were already yawning and waiting for the bell to ring, but none of them tried to sleep, since they are afraid of the teacher.

"Ok class, last auditions for the play would be later. The story about a princess named Anneliese and a pauper named Erika. There would be singing and a bit of dancing and-" Ms. Murrue is a nice teacher, patient and kind and not scary at all. But even she has limits especially if you have students that are rude and gives scary consequences.

"Psst, psst! Shin catch this!" Athrun whispered as he throws the note crumbled in to a ball at Shin.

Apparently Kira is sitting in front of Athrun and behind Shin beside the window. So instead of the ball landing on Shin's desk, it landed on Kira's.

The teacher notices this and before Kira could even touch the note, the teacher grabs it swiftly.

"Note passing, eh Mr. Zala? This is the third time I caught you this week." The teacher told Athrun who sweat-dropped just now and gulped at the new consequence that that teacher would give him.

Her teacher's eyes widen once she has read the note and is now clenching the paper in her hands.

"Stupid and girly play, eh?" The teacher said in irritation and somehow anger.

"Athrun Zala, Kira Yamato! You two whether you like it or not will have to audition for this 'stupid and girly play' that you say. If I don't see you there, you two will be suspended for three days." The teacher told them.

"Wait Ms. Murrue, why did I get into this? I wasn't-" Kira told her standing up.

"Has nothing to do with this? This paper landed on your table." Ms. Murrue told her and laughter can be heard from Kira's back and she gave that person which is Athrun Zala, a very killing glare.

"Alright, fine. Ms. Yamato, seeing that you weren't aware of this, I will not give you any suspension but you still must audition." The teacher said making Kira sigh out of relief, just for now.

"As for you Mr. Zala, whether you are the son of the chairman of Zaft, you'll get suspension if you do not get a role in this play." Said the teacher in a stern manner that made Athrun flinch and others like Dearka, Yzak and Shin laughed at him. He gave each of them glares in return.

"You two will find a partner or do it alone and sing a song, do I make myself clear?" Ms. Murrue asked them.

"Yes Ma'm" They both responded as the bell rang and students started to stand up and head for lunch.

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