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Sum: Yugi is a merboy who is captured by fishermen and brought to Domino Aquarium. Yami doesn't believe in mermaids, but he wants to beilieve in this one. YYY

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oooooooChapter 1ooooooo

Yuugi was swimming as fast as he could, but he just couldn't get away. There was no escaping the evil that was out to get him. The bull shark was gaining on him like a bullet. Why, oh why did he have to be so small and weak? Other merboys his age could probably out-swim this shark, but to Yuugi that task was impossible.

Yuugi pounded the water with his blue tail and wiped his blonde bangs out of his violet eyes. He got an extra burst of speed, but only for a while. Yuugi was already tired by his earlier swimming and he just didn't have the energy to go on anymore…

Closing his eyes, Yuugi felt the last of his strength leave him. Soon after he felt excruciating pain in his lower half and knew that the bull of the Ocean had him. There was nothing that the amethyst-eyed merboy could do.

The shark released him, letting him fall a few metres before diving in for another attack. Before he could land his finishing blow, he felt himself being trapped by something.

The something wound its way around both Yuugi and the shark. They were both tangled in the unknown enemy's clutches. The shark was panicking by now, trying to free himself from the beast that had him. However, to the shark's misery, struggling only strengthened the hold and soon the feared fish was in the worst possible position.

Yuugi looked at his now-trapped preditor. It saddened him greatly to see the gorgeous creature so miserable.

The beast that had them both did not let Yuugi dwell on the shark's misery for much longer, it wanted to claim its two prizes and pull them to the surface.

Soon Yuugi gasped at the sudden change of light and huge supply of air. He was at the surface!

In his pain and fatigue induced delirium Yuugi didn't register that being on the surface meant being seen by humans. His family had warned him about humans and their greed, but at this moment all Yuugi could think about was the pain he was in.

Yuugi felt himself slam against something that was softer than coral, but still hard.

"What'd we got today, boys?"

"We get a shark, cap."

"And what appears to be—sweet Lady Ocean! It's one of 'em mermaids!"

"Well I'll be! But this one's a guy…"

"It don't matter; it's still worth plenty!"

Yuugi had no idea where he was or what those people were talking about. All he cared about was sleep. Good old, comforting sleep…so good…now if only these idiots would shut up and let him sleep…

"What we gonna do with 'im?"

"We'll sell him to Domino Aquarium; they'll pay plenty."

Those were the last meaningless words that the tri-colour haired boy heard before his vision darkened and he lost consciousness.


When Yuugi came to, he had no idea where he was. He was lying on the floor of some underwater cave with salty water all around. Yet Yuugi knew that the salty water did not belong to his beloved Ocean; it was a bit saltier and had another element in it that Yuugi had never come across before.

'Where am I? What is this place and how did I get here?'

The last thing he remembered was being chased by a shark, but after that he drew a blank. Looking around, Yuugi noticed that there was something artificial about the place he was in; the cave was made of something that looked like stone, but it was softer and smoother.

Yuugi had a long list of unanswered questions and no one to ask. Where was everyone? Was there even anyone in this artificial place? How did he get there in the first place? Would anyone find him (or even bother looking for that matter)?

More and more questions flooded poor little Yuugi's mind and none of them brought answers with them.

"Might as well look around…" Yuugi said to himself, shivering as his angelic voice echoed off the fake stone walls.

Yuugi sat up and was about to start swimming when he felt tremendous pain in his tail. That's when he was painfully reminded that the shark had gotten a good bite in, before…something had happened. Yuugi still couldn't remember what that something was, but he chose to ignore it for now. It would come back to him eventually.

The small, pale merboy tried to get up again, more slowly this time. He was still in pain, but it was overruled by his curiosity of what was outside the cave.

Yuugi swam around wondering about the various artificial plants, corals and rocks that had been placed all around the sandy floor. This gave Yuugi a feeling of being back home, but there was definitely something off; something that gave Yuugi a bad feeling.

Before he could ponder the feeling more, he crashed into something. Yuugi stumbled backwards and shook his main of tri-coloured hair to get rid of the dizziness. He looked up, but didn't see any sort of obstacle anywhere. This gave the young merboy the creeps and he took off in another direction.

He hadn't been swimming for too long before he crashed into something again. This time, however, Yuugi didn't flee. Instead, he edged forward a tad and stretched out his hand. His hand hadn't even straightened out completely before it hit an invisible barrier.

Yuugi pressed against it harder, but it wouldn't budge. The barrier was cold and hard and Yuugi could somehow see his own reflection in it. The reflection wasn't very clear, but it was still there.

Deciding that he wanted to get past that barrier, Yuugi started swimming up. All through his swimming he kept a hand on the cool smooth surface of the barrier.

Yuugi swam up about ten metres and stopped. He was just at the surface of the water!

Swallowing around a rather large lump in his throat, he bravely peeked out from under the safety of the water. He was hit with an odd, but slightly familiar blast of oxygen reminding him of the happenings after the shark-incident. He remembered the monster that had captured both him and the shark and he remembered being pulled up form his salty home. Most of all he remembered the humans whose boat he had landed in.

Suddenly everything made sense to the small boy and he realised that the humans had taken him to their world and had stuck him into some fake ocean with invisible walls. Yuugi's breathing got harder and faster, but still it felt like he was getting no oxygen into his lungs. His vision was blackening at the edges form the lack of air in his lungs, but no matter how hard he tried he couldn't breathe.

Yuugi felt himself falling, but before his head went under, something—or someone—grabbed his arm and pulled him back up.

"It's alright, boy, I got you. No need to worry; just breathe." The voice was soothing and Yuugi found himself leaning into the comforting embrace of the stranger. "That's it, just take a deep breath and let it out slowly…"

Yuugi was breathing normally now and he was starting to come around again. He wearily opened his eyes and looked into the face of the stranger that had helped him.

oooooooChapter 1ooooooo