My second LupinTonks story, a one shot this time. Used to be part of my drabbles series, but I've done away with it because I decided I prefer one shots, oh fickle me. Please review!

Baby Names

"So it's agreed that if it's a girl, her name would be Jennifer," Tonks said chirpily, stroking her rather large tummy, within which her five-month-old baby rested. "But what if it's a boy?"

Her husband of a year, Remus Lupin, frowned slightly. He was sitting next to her on a creamy white two-seater in their small, cozy cottage, his legs perched casually on the coffee table.

"I think," he said after about five minutes, "I'd like the name Malcolm."

"Malcolm!" Tonks looked up in distaste. "Not Malcolm! I think Allan would be much better."

"No," Lupin said, surprisingly firmly, "I prefer Malcolm."

"Well, I prefer Allan and I'm the one having the baby!"

"Malcolm!" Lupin returned insistently.







"Mal- hey!" Tonks looked up crossly. "That's cheating."

Lupin sighed. "This is getting way out of hand. Why Allan?"

"Why Malcolm?" Tonks replied at once. "You're unusually insistent."

"Well…" Lupin sighed, "Malcolm's my late grandfather's name. He cared for me and protected me a lot, and I really respect him. I want my son to be named after him."

Tonks looked up, surprised. "Hey, Allan's my favourite granddad's name too! He was almost like a second father to me – I was so devastated when he passed away two years ago. And I would like my son named after him."

"Oh." Was the reply. A silence fell between them. After a while, Lupin put a rough hand over Tonks' small, slender one.

"What do you think of the name Sirius?"

Tonks' breath caught in her throat, and she looked up into her husband's face. It wore an expression of both sadness and seriousness. "Yes," she whispered, her voice breaking slightly, "I think Sirius sounds wonderful."

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