This is a present for one of the best artists I've ever come across, Atsushi, on Y!Gallery. This is based on her pic titled "Ne, Shin-san?" It's a wonderful work of art 


Queremos Paz – Gotan Project

Ne, Shin-san?

"ACHOO!" Sena rubs his nose, frowning at the pouring rain. He's been trapped at the bus stop near his grandfather's house; he had visited him for a few hours and had spent the last 10 minutes running in the rain only to find the covered bus stop was an abandoned one.

"What should I do? If I stay here longer, I'm sure I'll catch a cold; but if I run in the rain, I'll still probably catch a cold and maybe even injure myself on the slippery ground. I suppose the best choice is to stay here and stay a bit drier."

Sena curls up on the bench to preserve body heat and begins to wait out the rain. The constant patter of rain on the roof lulls him into a peaceful sleep.

When he wakes up, he notices it's not raining anymore. Looking up at the now white ceiling, he tries to focus his eyes, when a dark blur blocks his view.

"You're awake," rolls the deep voice of the blur.

Blinking a couple of times, he finally makes out who's talking to him. To his surprise, it's a very calm-looking Shin.


"Calm down." Shin furrows his brows slightly annoyed by the yell, but doesn't move from where he's leaning over Sena, who's lying on his bed.

Sena quickly sits up, still confused as to how he ended up at Shin's apartment. As the blanket falls off of him, he notices he has no shirt on; he feels a bit intimidated by the also shirtless Shin.

"What happened? How did I end up here? What time is it?" The freshman can't seem to stop firing questions at his opponent.

The black-haired senior turns a little, fidgeting with something out of Sena's view. Turning back, Shin holds out a mug of fresh hot coffee in front of the younger man, silencing all the questions.

Sena looks at the coffee and then looks up to Shin, still confused but a bit calmer now. "Thank you." With gracious politeness, Sena take the mug and sips the coffee. "This is good."

Shin merely nods. He sits on the bed facing the younger teen, watching him intently as he sips the coffee in an almost reverent manner. "I found you asleep at the old bus stop so I brought you here so you wouldn't catch a cold."

Sena looks up questioningly at Shin and opens his mouth to ask a question, but he's interrupted by the other teen.

"You're Eyeshield 21, aren't you?" Shin looks him in the eye, watching multiple emotions cross his face; first, there was shock, then anxiety, and then fear. Sena knows that Hiruma would kill him with one of his many guns for revealing himself to the enemy. He doesn't know how to answer the question without lying, but before stuttering out some lame answer, Shin replies for him.

"Why do you hide your identity?"

There's no use in lying now, so Sena answers truthfully. "Hiruma said if people found out who I am, other teams would be trying to take me away from the Deimon. Honestly, I would never leave the Devil Bats for any reason because that's where all my friends are." Sena takes another sip of his coffee, savoring the smooth flavor, licking his bottom lip.

Shin's eyes widen minutely as he watches the small pink tongue flick out of the younger teen's mouth. He coughs to distract himself; he tilts his head slightly to the left, watching Sena carefully. "Why did you become Eyeshield 21?"

"A-At first it was to prove to myself that I can take care of myself, but..." Sena hesitates as he watches as Shin scoots closer to him on the bed. "But I started to really enjoy American Football and I wanted to fight more players like Panther and... you-" Sena stops talking again as he notices Shin staring at him with an expression he's never seen on the usually stoic teen. He feels a blush rising up his neck and heating up his cheeks.

Shin looks on in wonderment at the young running back, questioning himself on when he began to find his rival so attractive. Without thinking, he reaches out a hand and runs his index finger across the soft, smooth skin of Sena's cheek. He feels the shiver go through the other's body.

Sena exhales shakily as the shiver runs down his spine. Sena knows he's always harbored a bit of admiration toward the Oujou senior, but it isn't until he locks eyes with him that he realizes how deep his admiration and attraction to the handsome teen is.

The fingers on his cheek run over his high cheekbone, past his ear, and along his jaw line before running across his bottom lip. Sena can't help but to close his eyes and lean into the feather-light touch. Feeling Shin grip the back of his neck, he opens his eyes to watch as Shin closes the gap between them, brushing his lips against his.

They both gasp intimate contact. Sena would have never thought that Shin's lips would be so soft; Shin would have never believed that kissing the freshman would make his heart pound so hard in his chest.

Hovering a few centimeters from Sena's lips, Shin breathes deeply, trying to calm his racing heart. "I've been watching you. I've watched you since the first game we played, as both Sena and Eyeshield 21." He brushes his lips against Sena's once more. "You astound me."

Then Shin presses his lips firmly against Sena's; the younger teen is so stunned by the confession, his doesn't close his eyes for his first official kiss, but gazes right back into Shin's open eyes. He tightens his hands around the still warm coffee mug, holding himself back from clutching onto his rival.

Shin pulls away from Sena, removing his hand from the other's neck. He takes the coffee from the freshman, placing it on the tray; he leans over Sena and places the tray on the bedside table. He leans back to find the running back observing every move he makes.

Leaning forward onto one hand, Shin cups Sena's neck gently and brings their lips together once again, this time both teens closing their eyes. The Oujou senior can't keep his heart from soaring as he moves his lips against the other's.

Breaking away, Sena pants for breath, staring at Shin. He looks from eye-to-eye of Shin's obsidian eyes, searching for any sign that he shouldn't be kissing the other boy. Finding none, Sena reaches his own hand out and traces the strong one structure of Shin's face, running thin fingers across the smooth forehead, down the nose, across a cheekbone, and then finally across the plump lips. He runs his fingers through Shin's soft hair, lightly grazing the scalp with his fingernails; Shin rolls his head into the relaxing gesture.


Shin focuses back on the brown-haired freshman. He sits back and gazes at Sena for a few moments. To Shin, Sena is the epitome of beautiful, with his wide brown eyes, the wild hair, the pouty lips; the sheer innocence the freshman shows makes the stoic senior want to embrace him and never let go.

However, before Shin can act on those thoughts, Sena lightly touches his fingertips to Shin's neck and presses their lips together. Shin sits frozen in his spot, incapable of conceiving the idea Sena is kissing him so willingly. He quickly gains his wits and begins to move his lips against hesitant ones as he cups the younger teen's head in his hands.

For a moment, it's like Shin wanted to say something more, but he chooses to express whatever it was with a kiss. Sena is caught off guard by the suddenly passionate kiss, but he quickly adjusts until he feels the other's tongue probe at his lips. He opens his mouth and allows the warm muscle to explore his mouth.

Sena rises to his knees as the kiss becomes more heated, resting between Shin's legs. He places his small hands on the muscular shoulders of the Oujou teen, leaning his body into the kiss. Sena gasps as he feels two warm arms embracing him around his back.

Shin massages up and down Sena's back as the kisses begin to grow more intense. He moans when Sena runs his fingers through his hair again, breaking their kiss. He looks at Sena through hooded eyes as he pulls him closer by his hips.

"Shin-!" Sena nearly shouts as his erection comes in contact with Shin's abdomen. He buries his head against Shin's neck, blushing from embarrassment. In all actuality, he didn't know he was even erect until that moment; now, he doesn't think he can even look at the Oujou senior.

Shin is just about as surprised at the hardness he feels against his stomach as Sena is. He wants to chuckle at Sena's reaction but he knows that would make him even more uncomfortable than he already is. To alleviate Sena's embarrassment, Shin thrusts his hips up to where the Deimon freshman can feel his erection, to know he's not alone in this.

The freshman's head snaps up at the hardness rubbing against his buttocks, looking down between them and the looking puzzled at Shin. "You're..."

"I'm this way too." Shin nuzzles Sena's neck, taking in the gentle scent of the younger teen.

"W-Why?" The brown-haired teen stutters.

Sitting back, Shin looks into Sena's eyes and without hesitation, he says, "Because I like you."

"You like me?"

Shin smiles as he reaches up and presses his lips against the other's for his answer. Sena merely watches with peaked curiosity as to what Shin would do next. He's never kissed anybody before today, nor has he been this intimately close with anyone, male or female, before.

"I won't ask you how you feel about me-"

"But I think I like you!" Sena blushes at his outburst, looking away from the inquisitive eyes of Shin. "I mean, I always wanted to fight you on the football field, but the more I watch you, the more I wanted something... more. I'm sorry! I don't know what I'm saying!" He buries his head against the older teen's neck again in embarrassment.

Shin sort of smiles at the cuteness, kissing the brown-haired teen's shoulder. What he hears startles the usually stoic boy: Sena whimpers. Smirking against the other boy's shoulder, he moves against his again, this time getting an all-out moan from the freshman.

"Shin-san!" He pulls away from Shin's neck and gazes at the other teen with wide brown eyes and rosy cheeks. Sena dips his head down and presses a sweet kiss against Shin's mouth only to gasp as the other moves against him again. He begins to pant heavily, arousal apparent in each breath.

Shin grits his teeth at the wonderful feeling of his arousal rubbing against the other's thigh, hissing as he continues to rub against him. "Sena... need more..."

Sena doesn't respond for a few seconds, not knowing how to react to the statement. "Mmmh... How-," he pants.

Interrupting without saying another word, Shin wraps his arms around Sena and falls back on the bed, taking the panting freshman with him. They land with a light thump, Sena gasping at the rather sudden movement. Shin grins up at the younger teen, still hugging him, and kisses him once again.

Sena can't stop the whimper that crawls up his throat when Shin pulses his hips against his, making him harder than he's ever been. He's heard people talking about this kind of stuff in class, but he never thought that he would be doing it so soon and that he would enjoy it as much. He doesn't think he would enjoy it as much if it weren't Shin doing this with him. Also from what he's heard, they haven't done much of anything.

Shin can see the smile in his lover's eyes, and he wonders what he's thinking. He licks at the teen's lips, drawing his attention. "What are you thinking about?" Blushing rampantly, Sena drops his forehead onto Shin's chest, suddenly very shy. The Oujou senior cups the teen's cheeks with both hands and pulls his head up so he can see into his eyes. "What are you thinking?" he repeats.

Eyes darting around, Sena avoids looking into the eyes of his rival. "I'm glad it's you."

Four simple words. Four simple words make Shin's heart race as if he's just run the entire length of the football. He crushes their lips together in a rage of passion spurred by those four simple words. His hands begin to feel Sena, discovering unclaimed and untouched territory, wanting to feel the curves, the skin, and the smoothness. His hands wander over the lithe body, feeling, touching, memorizing. He runs his hands over narrow shoulders, the toned back, dipping into the denim shorts of the other to feel the soft flesh of the rear, and the fascinatingly smooth arms.

Sena readjusts his position to where he's straddling Shin's waist, cheek resting against the other's shoulder. "Shin-san, I want to touch you...", his sentences tapers off at the end, ending in him blushing. He gasps into the other's neck as the older teen lightly runs his fingernails over the soft cheeks of his rear.

Shin pushes himself and Sena up into a sitting position, forcing their arousals to strain against each other behind a thin layer of clothing. They gaze at each other as they close the miniscule gap between them, bringing their bodies into full contact. Shin hugs Sena as close to his body as possible, rubbing against the freshman, wrenching a heated moan from him.

Sena bows his back, letting his head fall back with the intense pleasure shooting across his skin. "Uuugh! Please...!" he nearly whines, breathlessly.

Shin grins into their never-ending kiss; he slowly bring his hands around to the belt holding Sena's shorts up on his narrow hips. He begins to unbuckle it, but pauses when he feels Sena tense. "I can stop if you want me to."

"NO! I just… need a moment."

"Ah. You're close?"

Sena nods shamefully, still panting, lowering his head shyly. Shin immediately catches the younger teen's chin with his fingers and lifts it up, bringing them eye-to-eye. "It's okay. Just let it happen." He pecks him on his cheek, an assuring gesture.

"But I want to... with you!" Sena looks at him, desperately wanting Shin to agree with him.

The black-haired teen gazes into glossy, chocolate brown eyes; nodding, Shin automatically agrees, his chest clenching with emotion at how cute the puppy eyes are. He continues undoing the belt and unbuttoning the pants of the other teen. Sena simply holds onto his lover's shoulders as Shin pushes him to stand on his knees.

Both of the teens hold their breath as Shin pushes down both shorts and boxer briefs from the smaller body of Sena, who blushes redder, if possible. Shin watches as the narrow hips, the soft lines giving contour and shape to the younger teen's pelvis, are revealed with each inch the clothes slide down. He smirks when Sena's erection bobs up and down on his scrotum.

After he pulls the clothing completely off, Shin places his hands on Sena's hips, lightly massaging the soft flesh; he watches as the freshman slowly blinks down at him. He smiles up at Sena as the freshman draws closer, wrapping his arms securely around Shin's neck, pressing his body against the senior's, and leans in for a kiss. As their lips connect, Shin rises to his own knees, once again making himself taller than Sena. He basically carries Sena as he falls backwards onto the bed with the brown-haired teen on top of him.

He maneuvers his new lover's legs to where his thighs are straddling his hips, his rear resting against Shin's hard member. The senior doesn't even bother to hold back his groan of pleasure, thrusting his hips up against the lithe freshman.

"Aaaah!" He presses his lips harder against Sena's, their tongues twining together in a passionate dance. Sena even begins to get into it as he allows his hands to roam down and then up Shin's arms, across his chest, and finally down his stomach. He hesitates when he reaches the waistband of Shin's athletic shorts; he looks expectantly at the older teen, asking if it was okay for him to go beyond. He receives permission with the barely noticeable nod.

Carefully, as if he's handling something extremely delicate, he pulls down Shin's shorts, discovering the lack of underwear, blushing as the pubic hair is revealed. He slides further down Shin's legs to allow him to pull the short down his thighs. When he pulls the shorts past the throbbing erection, he blushes a deep red, fighting the urge to look away. Once his shorts are at mid-thigh, the older teen halts Sena from going on.

"Sena… come here", he whispers. Sena slowly crawls back up the muscular body as Shin grabs his hands and pulls him up to his mouth for another breath-stealing kiss. He runs his hands down Sena's side, loving how the freshman squirms against him in as he runs across ticklish spots. He grabs handfuls of Sena's plump behind, giving it a firm squeeze. Sena moans against his mouth as he pushes back against the hands.

"MmmMH! Aaah…" Sena quickly bites down on his lips as he realizes the embarrassing noises are coming from him. "Shin…"


"C-Can I t-touch you?" he stutters, embarrassed by his own request.

Smiling, Shin runs his hands up and down Sena's thighs, calming the younger teen. "Do what you want."

Smiling, the brown-eyed teen lightly brushes his hands down Shin's torso, admiring the chiseled muscles. He dips down and places a kiss on the smooth pectorals. He smiles as he hears a sharp intake of breath from the senior. He focuses his attention lower on Shin, continuing his light touches down the muscular chest, to the abs, and finally ending at the V of the hips. Shin watches as the blush that had wilted in the exploration of his body, crawls back up Sena's neck as he touches, with a bit of hesitation, Shin's erection.

Shin breathes deeply though his nose, squirming at the infuriatingly light touches. He rolls his head from side-to-side, hissing as the touches become more confident. Sena feels himself get harder at the thought that Shin is reacting that way when he touches him. He grips the erect member and pumps it once… twice. Shin arches up trying to get more the delicious friction, nearly knocking Sena off of him.

He quickly reaches out and reciprocates the action on Sena; he pumps Sena's smaller erection twice, enjoying the whimper he wrings from the freshman.

Sena stills all movement, his body clenching up at the massive waves of pleasure assault him. His form begins to tremble as his breath begins to grow ragged and faster. "Shin-", he whimpers.

The obsidian-eyed teen leans up on his free elbow placing a kiss on Sena's lips, enjoying how the freshman eagerly kisses back. He falls back and looks at Sena's contorted yet pleasured expression, releasing the throbbing erection in his hand. He lightly runs his fingers through the soft curls at the base of the shaft, up over his navel, up the middle of his torso, and curling around in the hair at the top of Sena's neck.

Sena's posture relaxes once again as the hand which had been pumping him early is now at in his hair. He leans back, leaning on a hand resting on Shin's thigh. He looks down at Shin with a look of lust glazing over his eyes; he lightly touches the senior's lip with his fingertips as Shin runs his fingernails across the smooth, reddened cheek, his pinky finger rest on the corner of Sena's pouty lips. Shin gazes at Sena with wonderment as to how someone as smart, talented, beautiful, and with a beautiful personality could be on him, looking at him in the eye, and want the same thing.

Beautiful, is the only thought that runs through his mind. Suddenly, the desire to claim the freshman is overwhelming, nearly stifling. His breathing picks up and the urge to kiss and hold Sena hits him. He nearly moans as Sena leans down, holding himself up on his hands against Shin's chest.

In a flurry of motion, Shin shoves his shorts off, wraps his arms around Sena and rolls them until he's on top of him, kissing him furiously, dipping his tongue into the wet heat. He rests his weight on his knees and on an elbow as he reaches a hand between them. He grasps both his and Sena's erection and begins to pump them as he thrusts his hips against the other's. Sena wraps his arms around Shin's neck as the pleasure mount in both of them, gritting his teeth and groaning. Shin himself growls against the freshman's neck, his voice cracking ever so often.

Shin's hips thrust at a maddening pace, making the bed creak. Sena wraps his legs around Shin's waist, pulling them closer together. Soon the only sounds filling the room is the sounds of Shin's throaty moans as he climaxes in his hand and Sena's keening moan as he joins Shin in ecstasy. Their lips come together in a lazy mashing of lips and tongues as they ride out their relaxing release.

Eventually, Shin falls off to one side of Sena, tangling his legs with the younger teens, keeping a hand on Sena's stomach as the freshman catches his breath. Sena sits up a little to look his lover in the eye.

"Ne, Shin-san?"


"I'm glad you found me today."

Shin lifts his head and brushes his lips against Sena's. "Me too."