Spooks: Photos by DD Agent

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Spoilers: Up to Season 5's Episode 7.

Ever since Episode 6 of season 5, I've been a bit of a Ros/ Malcolm shipper. Don't particularly know why, but I think they would make a nice couple. Here's a little story that I wrote in History when I was supposed to be learning about the Plains Indians and the American Settlers. Writing this little fic was a lot more fun than discussing why the settlers went west.

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Malcolm was sitting by his computer, reflecting on the previous mission when Ros entered the room. Her platinum blonde hair complemented the traditional black of her clothes. She was also lost in thought, and Malcolm thought it best not to disturb her.

She booted up the computer at the end of the lab and began to check her email. The two kept glancing at the other one when their own eyes were focused at their computer screen. Malcolm was cleaning out his hard drive to make way for new files when he came across a folder marked BB 04. Looking at the properties, the folder contained pictures; but he had no idea what they were.

Ros, in the meantime, had finished looking at her email which contained the latest message from her father's solicitor. Noticing the puzzled look on Malcolm's face, she decided to spy on him. Shifting silently from her seat, she stood behind him. The folder he was entranced in contained pictures on some sort of boat with several crates of booze on board. Ros recognised some of the people in the images, but not all.

"Who are they? The people in the pictures?" Ros asked. Malcolm whipped round, but quietened down when he saw who had scared him. He slipped the headset down to his neck and brought up a picture of the group together.

It was on one of Colin's booze and barge trips, well before Ros' time and just after Tom had been proven innocent. Malcolm had brought his new digital camera, and had taken loads of snaps of the group. He had completely forgotten all about them.

Malcolm and Colin sat with a pint each on the deck, Colin wearing a stupid Sailor hat that Ruth had bought him. She, Sam and Zoë were sitting laughing on the rails of the boat; most probably about how Danny had fell in. The man himself was in the corner of the picture, ringing out his socks. Seeing them all happy, Malcolm realised he missed them all terribly.

"Old friends. You know me and Ruth. The others are Colin, Sam, Zoë and Danny. They used to work here," Malcolm swallowed hard, wishing desperately for a glass of water to get the lump out of his throat.

"What happened to them?" Ros said sympathetically as she sat next to him.

"Danny was shot by terrorists; Zoë was sentenced to 10 years in prison but Harry saved her and got her exiled to Chile. Sam left the service when Danny was killed. Colin was hanged by MI6 agents on the orders of your father and his friends,"

Ros reeled back as Malcolm's just accusations held a spiteful tone. She looked down at her shoes, wishing to be somewhere else. Her father had done some terrible things, but he was still her father.

"Sorry," Malcolm muttered, staring up at Ros. She squeezed his hand to say that she understood. She stood up and her voice became joyous as if to wipe away all that happened.

"Do you want to get a drink Malcolm?" Ros asked, giving him one of her rare smiles.

"Better not," Malcolm replied, slipping on his headset and returning back to his screen. Ros stepped back, as if he had slapped her. As quiet as she had entered, she exited, leaving Malcolm alone with his thoughts.

The only noise in the entire grid was the hum of a printer as a picture of long lost friends and old spies printed out.