Naked (I'm Ready 4 Luv)

By: Mrz. Yaoi

Anime: Megaman XL Access

Genre: Romance/ Angst

Pairing(s): LanxChaud, MegamanxProtoman, OCxChaud(rape)

Warning(s): YAOI!!!!! Lemon and rape (x;x;)

Rating: PG-13 or Teen

Summary: Chaud Blaze is the new kid in town and wants to meet a friend. Only friend he gots is his net navi, Protoman. He soon meets Lan, whom becomes he best friend an later to be Net Savers together fighting evil navis with a darkchip. They both learn more about each other, while Chaud is learning about his new feelings towards Lan. Chaud most be cauious at all times before he loses his dearest friend, Protoman towards Myteriousman. Will Chaud live a fairytale life or have to suffer the pain from a 'friend'...?

"..." talking


"...BOLD..." another place, no point of view


I feel so naked. Naked and alone. The only person who understand me is him!! And I let him down!! So stupid of me. I don't deserve a friend like him. You probably don't know who's telling you this: you don't have one single clue, don't cha? Well, my name is Chaud E. Blaze. I would tell you want the 'E' stands for, but I hardly know you. Maybe I should start from the beginning...

Chapter 1- Meeting Him

It was hot Saturday summer day. I was new to the city, since my father is an amazing businessman, and I'm not just saying that. We get to travel around the world, meet famous celebrities and get free cool gear before it hits stores, see banging movie primeres, and we're rich. It just me and my dad. Where's my my mom, you ask? Well, my mom...(sigh) mom was the greatest mom in this fucking world. Excuse my coloful language. Even though I only knew her until I was four, I still remember the fun times we shared; having pinics inside the glass greenhouse when it rained, the stories she told, the kisses she gave, the way she smelled of cumber melon mixed with a rose fragence, the way she'd sung and made me laughed, and...the way she always made me smiled. I seemed to not smile anymore since she's gone. I guess I should tell you that my mother was murder by crazy guy who escaped prision that same night. He came right behind her and shot her to death to get the keys to her car, money, and other things. He left my mother on the sidewalk to die when he heard her crying for help. He took the only person I really thought I fell in love with. About the smile?...Look, I didn't forget how to do it, but I just simply show no emotions on my face or just smirk. I want to meet someone whom can make me smile the way mother did. I don't want a stepmother, and had a long decision with dad about that too, to replace my mother in my heart. I want a friend, sure I've got Protoman, but his a Net Navi probably program to say what he says. I want a friend I can feel, can talk to make the pain disappear and understands me, likes me for me and not for my money, trust me, father's assitants hired alot of those, a friend I can depend on, well, a friend who can just hold me in his arms and let us forget about everything around us and reality.

It was too hot to pay attention that I bumped into someone falling on my ass.

"Oh, I'm sorry," we both said in unison.

"No, it's my fault," I said still not meeting his eyes.

"It's okay. Are you okay?" He asked.

I nodded.

"Here, let me help you up."

He extended his hand to me. I looked up to see a god-like figure standing infront of me. His soft lips on his light creme skin, brown eyes, and short spikey brown hair as well. He wore black shorts, a white sleeveless shirt with a orange vest over. His smile brought butterflies to my stomach. I accpeted his hands as he helped me up.

"You should watch where you're going...people won't be so king like me," he grinned.

I nodded again.

"So what's you're name. Never seen you around here before."

"My name's Chaud," I replied.

"I'm Lan."

"Aren't you going to introduced me, Lan?" a voice said, but with no physical appearence.

Lan sighed. "Forgive me. This is Megaman."

He pulled out a blue portable computer looking like Protoman's gear. Did he too have a Net Navi?

Lan showed me a boy in a blue suit on the screen.

"Pretty cool, huh?" Lan asked.

"Yeah, I have one too..." I said.

I unclip Protoman from my jeans and showed Lan.

"Cool! So what's so good sweet thang?" Megaman said trying to hard to put the moves on Protoman.

"Nuthin' much, but you need new lines for me to get with you, like anyone wants to get with you," Protoman stating the fact.

"You biatch!!"

"I'm not a female!"

"Well, from this angle thought you were one, babes."

"Babes? Oh no... I ain't ya biatch or ya babes so get that straight."

"Get that straight, sound so fem..."

Protoman groweled.

"Megaman!" Lan yelled.

I laughed. "I'm sorry about Protoman. He doesn't like conversation with people."

"So that means he to busy sucking dick and having someone fuck him at the same time more than to conversate," Megaman commented.

"Much for you to know since you have a 2-inch jock that you can't tell if you getting hard or not," Protoman challenged back.

"Protoman!!" I exclaimed.

Now Lan was laughing, guess it was funny; I joined in the laugh until it died. I loved the way he laugh.

"Hey, how about we get out of this heat and get some ice cream, my treat," Lan said.

I was nervous of this situation, but I went for it.

We walked side by side to the city's largest park with playground and pond. We both picked my favorite flavor, strawberry, but he had sprinkles and oreos while I had marshmallows and cookie dough. Mmmm!! It was delisious! We talked and ate until I noticed he had ice cream on his nose. I stared at him not realizing like I was obsessed, but he look so adorable with it and eating his ice cream. He stopped eating and turned his attention to me. I blushed hot pink on my cheeks.

"Is there something on my face?" He asked.

"Um...yeah, you have ice cream on your..." I pointed to his nose. Lan went crossed-eyed looking at his nose. Aaaawwww!!! That's so cute!!

"Could you get it for me?" Lan asked.

I nodded and leaned close to his face. I took my finger and rubbed the little substance off then noticed there was some on his lip corner. I went closer and rubbed it off with my thumb, but kept rubbing it with some of his lips. Our faces were close near of kissing, how I want to feel his soft lips against mine. We gazed upon each other, I put the hand that was rubbing his lips around his neck as he placed his arm around my waist, and leaned close...close...close... Until we heard, "Lan!!" screamed infront of us. We broke apart and looked at the person, it was a girl in a short yellow skirt with a blue shirt and short brown hair to follow.

"Lan, I was looking for you everywhere. I thought we were going to meet at the arcade, " she said in a pissed off voice.

"Yeah, I was Maylu, but I met a friend," Lan eying me to her.

She glared at me, but I gave her a look that said 'Don't fuck with me!' that made her roll her eyes.

"So now that I found you, come on," She commaned.

She act like Lan was her...OMG!! I feel so stupid, probably they're dating already. Lan sighed and turned to look at me.

"Look, I'm sorry our evening has to end, but I sorta promise Maylu here we chill at the arcade, um...I have an idea, how about you come with us?"

"No!!" She yelled.

"And why the hell not?"

"'Cuz some rides have a two-seater. Anyway we don't need a third wheel."

I din't know what to say, it hurted me.

"That's harsh, way harsher for you, Maylu," Lan said defending me.

"Yeah, whatever."

Lan and I got to our feet, Lan dugged in his pocket for his wallet, pulled out a 10 dollar bill, and gave it to Maylu.

"Why you go ahead and buy your ticket and I'll meet you there," He said.

She looked at us for a minute, took the money, walked out of sight to the arcade. Lan turned his attention back to me and gazed in my eyes.

"Look, I'm sorry for my friend and her rude comment. She doesn't like anyone talking to me since we've been cool since we were"

"It's okay..."

"Um... I guess I should leave..."


"Chaud, I would love to see you again. I don't want us to stop seeing and talking. Um...could I get ya number to call you?"

I was shocked and nervous, noone never asked me for my number, expect for business. I nodded. I took out a pen and wrote my number on his hand, and he did the same. We knew it was going to get washed off so we got Protoman and Megaman to remember the numbers. He extended his hand for a handshake and I accpeted it. We looked in each other eyes for a moment as we leaned closer, now his arms were around my waist while my arms were around his neck. He leaned closer until our lips touched...Wait a minute...we're kissing...and it feels so...urg!!! So good!! His tongue lapped my bottom lip begging for entrance. I opened letting his tongue go war with mine, he won. I moaned in his mouth as I felt his hands squeezing my ass. We soon parted for air, come on, we need to breathe. He smiled and I actually smile back.

"So, did you like the kiss? It's from before we got interepted." Lan said.

I blushed. "Wow! Where you learn to do all that?"

"I don't know...just a pro I guess..."
We laughed. Lan didn't end up going to the arcade, but spent the day with me getting to know me. He actually walked me home like a true gentleman. It was so sweet. It already past 10 at night we spent the time talking and enjoying each other's time.

We were now at my front door of my mansion, and it was time to depart.

"Um...I just this is the part were we say good-bye," I said.

"Yeah...I really had a great time with you, Chaud," Lan said. "I'm actually happy I didn't go to meet Maylu at the arcade."

I nodded and smiled.

"Um...I guess I'll call you."


I leaned in to him and gave him a goodnight hug, but he didn't release me. I looked into his eyes and we leaned in for a goddnight kiss. It was sweet like a fairytale from my Prince Charming.

"Goodnight, Lan," I said blushing.

"Goodnight, Chaud," Lan said wit a faint flush on his cheeks. I watched him leave out of sight and walked inside to see my dad sleeping on the white light fur couch of the livingroom. I walked over to him, took off his reading glasses, placed his book he reading making sure to save his chapter on the coffe table, took the quilt that hung on the couch and covered him, and kissed him goodnight on the forehead. I guess he was waiting up for me. I walked upstairs to my room to get ready for bed. My room was painted light blue, my favorite color, with different midnight blue and white color designs. I had a white sleigh bed with a white tranparent veil hanging from the ceiling covering my bed with blue covers and white and dark blue pillows and teddy bears. I had corner filled with matching pillows from India that were either silk or other material; I use that corner for my place I choose to hang or to get away from things and with poems or songs with my mom's white guitar. I repaired some damages and had glitter and diamond designs placed on the guitar. My blue desk, sorta my office, was in the other corner with a new model of Dell computer and a Apple laptop with a Ipod. My cds, movies, games, and other stuff were placed neatly in a rack by genre. I walked into my master bathroom to take a nice warm bubblebath. I lyied in there thinking about the day. I sighed and finished soaking myself. I dried off and walked into my master closet. My closet was not just a walk-in, but it was like a mini mall in my own house. I had shirts spilt in color, the newest, often woren, and seasons, my pants were there same thing, even I had a huge shoe collection. I have every Nike, Air Force, G Unit, S. Carter, Adias, and Timberlands. I had hats too. I had a section for formal wear only, underwear, and pajamas. I love my pajamas with different sayings. I think I'm going to wear 'I sleep well with others' pjs. I placed my hanktop, and then my booty shorts. I smiled remembering Lan squeezing my ass. My dad says I get it from my mama. Hahaha!! I walked back to bed, got under the covers, placed Protoman on the charger near me, turned on the t.v., and looked at the clock, 11:30 it showed. I kept thinking about Lan that night. Oh, how I wish he was laying next to me in my bed, holding me his arms, and kissing me. I giggled like a little schoolgirl.

"Oh, please. Get a grip over yourself," Protoman said. I glared at him.

"Oh, whatever, you should be thinking about Megaman," I said back.

Protoman blushed and humfed. "I-I don't know what you're talking about."

"Yes, you do. Just know do."

I kept pestering him that night.

"Okay, I do like him. He's cute.."


"Okay, he's hot, damn you happy?"

"Yes." I grinned in victory.

"Whatever you should be dreaming 'bout Lan now?"

I yawned. "Yeah!"

"Aaawww, love at first sight."


"Why don't you go to sleep, quicker you do, the quicker you get to see Lan..."

I didn't hear anything after that... I was in dreamworld fantazing about my Prince Charming, Lan...