Chapter 5- Please Help, Lan! Tell Geoffrey to Stop Raping Me!!!

I woke up to kisses on my face next my lips; fearing who was kissing me I still kissed back. I opened my eyes to see my Lan hovering over me smiling down on me making me feel special and warm.

"Morning, beautiful," he said in a dark voice.

"Morning," I whispered.

I pulled him back down to kiss those soft lips. We were disturbed by a knock upon the door.

"Come in," I said for the person to enter.

In enter my father in a tan suit with a blue matching shirt.

"Morning, boys," he came over to us smiling. "I see by the clothes on the floor and the nakedness that your'll got some nookie last night." He laughed at Lan's blushing face and me. "Lan, your mother called saying she wishing you over as possible to help her with something."

"Okay," Lan groaned. He got up out of the bed, picking up his clothes, and trailed to the bathroom.

"So, how was it?" My dad eyed me when he heard the bathroom door close.

My face was steaming hot that you could fry eggs on them. "Um...well...It was... GREAT!!!"

I covered my mouth not meaning to scream out the last word. My dad walked up to me smiling.

"I'm happy you got your first time. My baby." He cooed.

I giggled. If only he knew the truth! Few moments later, my dad left to go to office a few miles away from here. I followed Lan's trail in the bathroom to see him brushing his hair with a green towel hanging at his waist inching its way down. He smirked at me sexy like. I don't know what was up with me, but my face has to be hurting from all this blushing. I was already in my naked skin so I walked into the shower, turned on the warm water, ran the water on my skin, rubbing my hands various places on my body. I eyed Lan to see him drooling like crazy so I continued to tease him. He couldn't take it anymore, dropped his towel, walked in the shower, and cornered me in the corner with his arms on both sides of my head. I looked into his warm eyes, leaned up to him, receiving a kiss soon to turn into a battle. I placed my arms around his neck, as one of his arms was around my waist as the other stroked my cheek. He took some body shampoo rubbed my body and my hair with it, as slowly his pumped my dick. Lan's touch made me shiver I needed...I needed...Oh GOD!!!

"LLLLLAAAAANNNNN!!!!!" I shrieked.

Lan chuckled as he entered me with his long hard shaft. I moaned as if I was singing. It felt so great. Couple humps later, Lan rinse me off and dried me off like I wasn't capable of doing it myself. I decided to wear a white baggy shirt that could fit me as a dress with black booty shorts that really when I walk my ass could be seen even if I stood in one place. I wore black G-Unit sneaks and earrings in my holes. My hair hanged down with a cute sexy wet look. Lan borrowed some of my clothes; a black baggy shirt with gray and white camouflage pants that were baggy that I seem to never wore. They fit him better than me. We ate breakfast real quick, which Geoffrey kept giving Lan and me dirty looks, but Lan didn't notice. I walked Lan to the door, I was kind of sad to see him leave.

"Do you really have to leave?" I whined.

He held my hands looking into my eyes nodding. "But as soon as finish, we can go and do something like I show you around Tech City, okay?"

"Okay. Protoman, aren't you goin' to say bye to Megaman?"

Protoman connected to Megaman's gear, threw his arms around Megaman, kissing the blue man.

Megaman had a goofy face on smiling weirdly. "Bye, Proto-chan."

Protoman blushed. "Bye, Superman."

Protoman came back to my gear, face hot pink.

"Well, I gotta go."


Lan took me in his arms, leaned down, and was kissing my lips. To me it felt like I wasn't going to see him ever again. I watched as he walked out of my front gates and turned the corner. I closed the door slowly; I turned around only to be face-to-face with Geoffrey.

"Yes, Geoffrey, may I help you?" I asked giving attitude. What? I'm not scared of him. I'm not scared of Geoffrey.

"Yes, you may help me. Your father is an asshole not to see how much a slut you are." Geoffrey responded.

He grabbed my wrist, but I simply pulled from his grip. "Don't talk about my father like that!! You have no right to talk about him like that! He never talked negative things about you!! He welcomes you here! I, on the other hand, don't wish to have you here. I don't LIKE YOU!!!" I yelled with my eyes shut tight and my hands rolled into fists.

I opened my eyes to meet the eyes of my predator. I don't know what happened next, but now I was on my hands and knees with a sore face. I saw he pulled back his hand then he kicked me in my gut.

"Aaahhhh...!" I screamed. It hurted likes a bitch.

He dragged me my hair up the stairs to my room of torture. He slammed me on my bed...

NO!!! I won't let this happen to me again. But he's too strong; I need help. I screamed out the first name that came to me...


Geoffrey covered my mouth with his hands. "Baby, you calling someone's else name but mine. Trust me, you'll be screaming my name over Lan begging for more."

I bit hard on his hands and kicked him in his dick. Geoffrey was now on his hands and knees groaning and crying out in pain. I ran to the bathroom with Protoman's gear in my hands and locked the door shut. Damn! I know, nowhere to go!

"Protoman," I whispered to the red gear.

"Yes, what is it, Chaud?" Protoman asked in a worried voice.

"I need...need..."

"Need what?"

"Not what, who! I need...Lan, please."

I don't know what happened next, but I was too tried. I couldn't stay awake. I had too! For Lan!!

"Chaud! Chaud!" I heard. I looked down at the gear in my lap.

"Chaud, you have to stay awake until I get a hold of Lan."

"I can't I tired."

"Sorry in advancement."

I felt a shock roam through my body up my spine making me jump back to reality.

"Protoman!" I said lively.

"Good, you're awake. I'm going to get Lan, okay."

"Okay." I nodded. My screen was blank from Protoman's aura.

Please hurry up, Protoman! I need Lan! Lan!! Please Lan, rescue me from Geoffrey. I don't wanna be raped again!!

I heard the bathroom door banging...

Lan was helping his mother in the kitchen cooking dinner for tonight's guest. Lan's mother wanted to invite Chaud and his father for a nice dinner to get to know them better, almost like a welcoming partying to the city. Lan was setting the table when he felt his pants vibrate. He felt his gear in the pocket, took it out, and looked at the screen to see Protoman on.

"Hey, what's up, Protoman, I mean, Proto-chan. You should be back with Chaud, if this is your excuse for being a netnavi to see Megaman as often as you want." Lan smirked.

"Shut-up! The only person that can call me 'Proto-chan' is my Superman, Megaman. Anyway this is about Chaud, Lan. It's serious." Protoman said.

"What is it?! Is he hurt? In danger?"

"Well, he's in danger and soon will be hurt by Geoffrey."

"What about him?"

"I wasn't suppose to tell you this, but you remember when you and Chaud got caught the first time by Geoffrey?"


"Well, Chaud got punish harshly. By...rape."

"Rape? You're lying."
"No, I'm not. Chaud was raped by Geoffrey in the bathroom when you left."

"... Why... why didn't he tell me?!"
"Because you were talking about rape last night saying that anyone who got raped is considered a slut or whore, that they had a reason to get raped for or just vulnerable. You think that if Chaud was raped that you'd feel like an appointment in Chaud's book..."

"... I-I...I didn't mean any of that, I mean...I...I...Damn! I just thought of myself."

"Yeah, well, he needs you now before it happens again."

"Where is he?"

"Locked upstairs in his bathroom. He kicked Geoffrey in the groin in pain on the floor and he ran in the bathroom with the door closed behind him."

"Alright, tell him I'll be right there."


With that the conversation was cut short.

"Mom? I'll be back in a little..." Lan yelled exiting his house run fast as hell to Chaud's house.

"Chaud?" I looked down at my screen to see Protoman smiling.

"So, did you get him?" I questioned still scared and shaking from Geoffrey's continuous banging on the door.

"Yeah, he's on his way."

A waited a few moments, the banging stopped and thought Geoffrey left. I waited a couple more minutes thinking Lan had arrived; I heard a knock on the door.

"Go away!" I shouted through the door.

"Chaud, baby, it's father." It sounded like my dad. God, I wish I had a peak-hole on the door to see who it really was.

"Daddy?" I responded.

"Yes, baby, it's me. Open the door; I'm taking you to lunch since I'm on break."

My face softened to hear my dad's warm voice. "Daddy?"

I unlocked the door, opened it to see it wasn't my dad, but with an irate smirking face as if he was going to kill me.

"Daddy? Wow, I knew you be calling me names, but daddy never crossed my mind."

"But...But I sworn I heard my daddy." I was confused.

"Oh, that little trick I have. I been working with your dad for so long, I now everything about him even his tone of voice. Now, come to daddy. Ready for your punishment?"

"No...Get away from me."

He grabbed me, threw me over his shoulders, carried me to my bed, and slammed me to it. He straddled my hips and legs so the weight stopped me from moving. He took some robe from his jacket pocket and tried me to my bedpost; began stripping my clothes off, and kissed me hard on the lips with his crusty white lips.

"You can't get away now, bitch. My bitch."

He kissed up and down my body and decided to just enter me raw without no condom or lube. It felt so horrible. I was still sore and weak from last night with Lan. It felt like fire was biting my skin leaving an awful burn. He continued to go in and out of me as I tried my hardest biting my lips until they bled not to scream.

", you know you wanna scream. Scream for me."

Geoffrey stroked my face as a tear escaped my eyes down my cheek to his finger. He leaned down as licked my hot burning tears.

"Stop it...stop it... STOP!!!" I yelled.

"Why stop you know you want me..." Geoffrey whispered.

He started to go at a faster pace, I felt like a rag doll. He was about to climax. I closed my eyes to hear him moan, but he was cut off short when hearing the room door bust opened slamming on the wall. I felt Geoffrey leave from in me and got off the bed.

"What the hell are you doing here, bitch? You are trespassing." I heard him say. Then I heard a huge 'thud'.

I opened my eyes to see my savior holding Geoffrey by the collar of his shirt. Lan came to my rescue. My Lan.

"Don't you ever touch what's mine. You sick bastard!" Lan said throwing a punch at Geoffrey's face. "You like to see someone in pain, now you can see how much you like it."

Lan threw punches left and right. He next cross fused with Megaman taking out his space-sword hitting my rapist over the head leaving him unconscious on the floor. Lan removed the rope from my wrists and tied Geoffrey up in a chair wrapped around his legs and hands. Lan ended cross fusion and turned his attention towards me; walked up to me where I was sitting on my bed, took my hands, kissed them, and looked at me dead hard in my eyes like my dad would do. He shook his head and took me in his arms. I didn't know what to do; I started sobbing into the embrace. He pulled back holding my arms.

"Why...why didn't you tell me that Geoffrey was doing this, RAPE, to you?" He question in a voice of worry, which made me cry even more.

"Because...because you told me that anyone that was raped was a slut or had a reason to be raped. But Lan, I had a reason to be raped like taking the blame for YOU being here the other day the first time. I did it for you!!" I sobbed.

" didn't have to, baby. I'm sorry what I said last night. I was just judging, not thinking if it happened to you. Please forgive me."

"For what? You didn't do anything."

"I know, but I just need to hear from you."

"... I already had forgiven you."

"Um...are you going to the cops about this?"

"...Yes, but my dad, I scared what he will think of me now."

"He'll just think that he needs to protect you even more. You're your dad's last bit of family since you lost your mother."

I bit my lip whimpering. "Do you still love me?"

"Yes, I do. I love with all my heart and soul; I promise to give everyday of your life the fullest affection. I'll always be there for you... Just please do you love me?"

I nodded. "Yes, I love you, Lan, very much."

"Will you be mine?"

"Yes, I'm yours."

"...As I'm yours."

We embrace and kissed a full passionate kiss. I didn't want to let of him.

He felt so warm; my Lan... my love...

Later that day, Geoffrey was locked up for the charges of rape, molestation, abuse, and illegal sex. He was to be locked up for life with no bail, and later to be in trial for the death sentence. I was sitting outside in my mom's garden. For some odd reason, they continued to grow without water after my mother's death. Sometimes now and then I could hear them talking to me near a voice of my mother as if she was watching over me. I believe that she is. I love you, mommy!

"Hey," I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up from where I was sitting to see Lan smiling down at me.

"Hey, you okay?"

"Yeah," I nodded. "Just happy it's over... thanks for saving me."

"Oh, baby." Lan sat next to me, pulled me on his lap, and embraced me. "Chaud, I don't know what I'd do without you in my life. When Protoman told about what Geoffrey did, I was shocked and scared that by the time I'd reach, it would be too late... You really should be thanking Protoman; he really cares and loves you. And Megaman is being protective of you too. So you should thank them for telling me."
Yeah, I'll thank them later today. I love you both, Megaman and Protoman!! Those words put a smile on my face. That's when he heard slight moaning and whispering.

"Do you hear that, Lan?"

He nodded. "Sounds like it's coming from behind the bush."

We both got up, peeked behind the bush to see my dad and Lan's dad, Mr. Hikari, kissing by our enormous pool. Mr. Hikari had his arms around my dad's waist kissing his neck whispering words sounding near to, 'I want you so bad', 'Let me take you now to your room', 'Baby, just be gentle, or even 'I love you' with my dad moaning in pleasure. Mr. Hikari was a quite attractive man about one or two years older than my dad, same height as him, brown short neck hair, well-built, wore a black pants suit with a light gray near silver long sleeve shirt; I could see the resemblance of Lan and him. He was rich as my dad working as a brilliant lab scientist inventing new netnavi tech owning the latest and powerful netnavi business. Lan didn't tell me that his dad invents stuff like that. That's so raw!!

"Um...Lan, you don't think your dad and my dad are like together?" I asked.

"I really don't know, I mean, it's okay with me..."

"And it's okay with me..."

"But it's just my mom, I don't know how hard she'll take it. We'll just have to keep in on the down low, okay."

I nodded. "I had a feeling if our dads did meet that they'd do something like this."

"So did I. Oh, yeah, about my dad owning the netnavi company; I couldn't tell you because then you'd tell your dad and your dad isn't a partner with my dad. But, I just they are now. I wasn't sure if I told you that you would only be going with me for the netnavi gear and stuff. I know some people like that."

"But I'm not like that. People were only my friends for my dad's money too. I hated it!! See, we have a lot in common."

"Don't we? Crazy huh?"

Dinner went on the same day with our dads sitting next to each other, Mrs. Hikari, Lan's mom, sitting at the head, and Lan and me were on the other side. I saw my dad closing his eyes now and then, trying not to let a moan escape from his lips. Lan signaled me to look under the table; I had seen Mr. Hikari stroking my dad's leg moving in between to meet his erection. Lan and I excused us from the table to hear our parents' conversation.

"Um…honey, I going stay the night with Darnell (my dad) you know getting to spend man-to-man time." Mr. Hikari said.

"Okay, because I was going over my sister's house to help watch the kids tonight. So now you won't be lonely." Mrs. Hikari said with a slight grin.

"Yeah, well, you should be going don't wanna be late and all."

Mrs. Hikari soon left afterwards; our dads headed upstairs to my father's room hand in hand smirking. Lan and I waited until we heard the closing of the door.

"Hey, Chaud, you wanna, you know, spy?" Lan raised one eyebrow eyed to the stairs.

"Okay, but if we get caught, I'm blaming it on you." I responded.

"Alright, I'll take the fault."

We followed the two horny adults to the door, leaned our ears to the door only to hear continuous moaning. We cracked the door slightly, thanking God in our heads that it didn't make a sound, and peeked through the space. All we could see is Mr. Hikari kissing my dad's neck slamming into him. My dad had his arms and legs around his waist begging for more. WOW!! I didn't know my dad was an uke!! My dad likes taking in the ass like me than giving it in the ass. The muttered the words of 'I love you' to each other smiling. We left them to sleep with my dad snuggling into Mr. Hikari to attend to my room. Lan closed the door behind us shaking his head.

"Whoa! That's more than hardcore, baby, I mean... Wow!! I didn't know your dad likes it that way, no offense." Lan said.

"None taken. I'm a bit surprised myself too... Lan, do you think they stay together, I mean, what about you mom?" I asked.

"Well, come here." He signaled me to sit in his lap where he was sitting on my bed. I accepted it.

"Um...look, I'm only telling you this, my dad doesn't know, well, you know my dad has been having sex with other guys, well mom is doing the same. She dating another guy behind my dad's back too."

"But they're but having an affair with each other."

"Yup, and either of them know, except me. You gotta be quiet about it thought, okay?"

I nodded. "Do you think they're going to have an divorce?"

"Yeah, but I'm okay though. I'm happy when their happy and I could see that they were hiding something from each other just put on a mask to cover their feelings. They love each, but are not in love with each other. I don't want to live my life a total lie of having phony parents who are fake. It's just not fair!"
"...Do you like the idea of my dad with your dad?"

"Of course I do. Your dad needs someone like my dad to lean on. No offense, I bet you hate when your dad goes on many dates and you feel like you forgotten, right?"

...Sometimes, okay all the times I do!
"...(Sigh) I do."

"So, my dad loves spending time with the family. He knows how to turn a frown into a big smile. I guess you can say that's where I get my personality trait. Give my dad a chance to prove it to you, okay? That means more time together, unless I fluke a test or my classes."

"Then you better not fail. I'll help you study." I said in a sexy voice blowing into his ear sending a shiver up his spine.

"Oohh...Let's get to bed now. I'm a bit tired."

"Me too."

We were dressed into our boxers, slide under the covers, and snuggled into each other. We watched a little TV, made out, and slept a peaceful sleep. I dreamed of a happy family of Mr. Hikari, my dad, Lan, and me with my mom over us watching from heaven smiling down the warmth of the sun upon us. Megaman and Protoman were there too, but a pod created for soul mates of netnavis...I guess dreams do really come true. My dream of a family and a friend. My friend becomes my soul mate, my savior, and my love...

...I can't wait for what the future holds...


(Should I begin a part two? If yes, but on what?)