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"What's this Danny?" Allyson Miller asked the boy Danny as he pulled a necklace from his pocket. He gave her a slight smile, "this will protect you from most of Max's powers and it well tell you if he's near. Because knowing him he will come after you. So this will protect you if he ever comes after you and I'm not there for you." He said as he faïenced it around her neck. It was now near dusk and the sunset shone beautifully on the water of the pond. The two sat side by side watching as the sun set. Over the last few months since the final magic show their relationship had grown beyond believe. As the last of the suns rays left Danny turned to her, "You should probably be getting back see you soon." He said smiling as he kissed her forehead. That had been about a month ago and Danny hadn't sent for her in all that time. Allyson knew their feelings for each other had to stay as hidden as possible, but is was very difficult to do.

It was a warm summer day as Allyson walked to school. She couldn't believe that Danny had just forgotten about her, but every time she tried comminuting with Danny telepathically he would always say he was busy at the moment. She sighed heavy, she knew it was important for him to get his magic stronger, but still she missed him terribly. As she sat down at her desk she felt something fall from her purse. She bent down and picked it up smiling. It was Danny's protection necklace. It wasn't that big of a deal, but it was to her. In the middle of the chain was a big ruby red heart, but the color was dulled from age and the golden chain just resembled any other golden chain in the world. She sat there and put it around her neck somehow feeling closer to him then she had that whole month. As the bell rang a girl came up behind her, "Hey Al. what have you been doing lately I haven't seen you in months," her friend Phoebe asked. Alyson looked at her friend and smiled, "I've been busy lately homework and everything." Phoebe sighed and went back over to her desk. Allyson looked out the window, 'now I sound just like Danny,' she thought as class began.

Strangely their teacher seemed to running late. 'But she never has been absent before,' Allyson thought as she got up to go get a book from the back of the room. Phoebe laughed joyfully, "Yeah, now we don't have class…yeah…yeah…yea." She stopped abruptly when she saw a man standing in the door way. The man had brown hair and dull almost grayish eyes. Something inside made Allyson uneasy about this man, but she let it pass, it was probably another longing to see Danny moment. "Hello I'm going to be your new substitute teacher Mr. W. Your teacher left plans for you so why don't you guys start working on it." He said warmly. As he handed out the sheets of work Allyson looked at him hard to try to see why he made her feel so uneasy. Yet, she couldn't find anything on the surface. While she did her work, which only took her about ten minutes to do she tried contacting with Danny again. When her thoughts reached his he said, "I'm busy Ally leave me alone do you what Max to find me?" That was weird his thoughts had sounded close, much closer then they normally were.

"Miss Miller may I have your paper please?' Mr. W asked kindly. She nodded still lost in her own thoughts. After class she went over to his desk and asked, "A… Mr. W actually where is Mrs. Mitch anyway?' He looked up from his papers and looked at, and she felt heat rising in her body as he stared at her. "She left on a business trip Miss Miller is that ok with you," he said calmly She nodded still a little unsure, but she lat it be for now. That night she tried once again to talk to Danny. She needed his advice about what to do about Mr. W, but he didn't answer. "He must be asleep' she thought feeling hopeless.