She smiled.

It was as before, a wide, open-mouthed grin. Flashy white teeth and all. She knew she shouldn't be happy about it. She felt like she was betraying the village she'd sworn to protect with her life. And yet, there it was.


She'd found him, randomly. On some mission, in some village. The specifics were already gone, they paled in comparison to his presence. It was as if every rational thought flew out of her brain the second she saw those dark eyes again.

Then the surprise; he'd walked up to her.

Well, shit. Talk about unexpected. Running, she could understand. Glaring, even. Or just a mild disinterest. But… walking towards her, and dare she think it, starting a conversation?

Part of that might have been wishful thinking on her part. So, he hadn't actually spoken, just stood next to her and stared in that holier-than-thou way of his. This time, she didn't squirm or jump from glee.

She simply smiled prettily and hoped that this wouldn't end like the last time. Gee, thanks for caring and all that nonsense. Not to mention leaving her on a bench.

Seriously, couldn't he at least have dropped her somewhere warm? Bastard.

At this, her smile started slipping. He quirked an impossibly fine eyebrow at her. At least his observation skills were still top-notch. Not to mention that now, she was worth observing.

What else was new?

"Hello, Sasuke-kun." She couldn't believe how calm she sounded. It was kind of amazing.

"Sakura." Bastard! "…What brings you to this area?" … Was he kidding? … Had the Uchiha Sasuke actually gone nuts? Maybe the Sound-Man had experimented on his genius brain. She couldn't be sure, but was that a hint of insanity in those cold, slate eyes?

"Uh…" Excellent, now she sounded educated. "Stuff." Even better.

"…Aa." Now there was the Sasuke-kun she knew. And loved. "Anything else you want to say to me?" Did he really just…

"Excuse me?" What the hell was going on? She glanced around, maybe someone she knew was playing a horrible, horrible no-good rotten prank on her. No, no, she didn't sense any chakra, other than the somewhat familiar Sasukeness. The corners of his lips had just lifted slightly, enough that they could be mocking. She wasn't sure. So she just smiled back… just slightly more condescendingly. No more open-mouthedness. No more wide, tooth-filled grinning. This was the smirk of a smirk-er. She had this one in the bag. Now if she could only figure out exactly why she was smirking.

It was inevitable that the years would have changed him. People don't stay stagnant. He couldn't possibly be the same asshole 12-year-old kid he used to be… not at 19… right? She sure as hell hoped not, he used to be such a … a… "Douchebag!"

Well, she'd done it. She'd broken the last (presumably) sane Uchiha. He was the one who was open-mouthed now. Not grinning. But gaping. She could even see his tongue. Almost all the way back to the uvula. And… was that… did he have a cavity?

"Um… I mean. Well…" She was smart, damn it! Her hair swung as she shook her head back and forth, trying to clear out the idiocy that had decided to make itself at home.

"Rattling it isn't going to help." He had changed. A little more talkative, it seemed. Just as much of a shit, though. "Would you stop shaking your head? People are staring." He looked around furtively at the other people in the street. She threw in another few seconds of shaking, just for good measure.

She was definitely feeling antagonistic today.

"Sorry Sasuke-kun. I hadn't realized it mattered." She wasn't even sure why they were still talking. Despite the fact that he never should have walked over to her in the first place, he should definitely be long gone by now. She was Sakura, he was Sasuke. What part of that was he forgetting?

Her face fell a little, this was so complicated. She was happy, yes. But she was also realistic… he should definitely not be talking to her. And she should be trying to arrest the asshole.

"It doesn't. I just didn't want them to think that I was insane, too. Then they'd probably check their bingo book, and I'd have to leave a perfectly good village."

"Well, I'm sure it wouldn't be that hard for you – I mean, you're a regular expert on that subject." Burn. She bit back the word, it would ruin the moment, she was sure. And he probably wouldn't get it, anyway. Idiot.

He hadn't responded yet. He was just staring at her again. It was kind of unsettling… she wrung her hands, chafing them considerably. She could already imagine the red marks forming on her skin. Oh, hell. "What the hell are you looking at, you ass." Her inner-self put her hand over her mouth. Oh dear. Her hands quit their movements and immediately fell down to her dress, attempting to look poised. This was untrue. He had gotten to her, which, she realized, was probably his intention from the beginning. Let's mess with good ole' Sakura. She'll never turn me in. She's sooooooooo in love.

"You are so incredibly full of yourself!!!" She turned on her heel and stalked off. Stomping her feet enough to let anyone within a fifteen mile radius know that she was not to be trifled with. The nerve of him. She didn't even bother to glance back to see if he was watching her… which he was. Most ardently.

He was confused. He'd barely said anything at all. He wasn't full of himself. And he most certainly was not a douchebag. Whatever that was, anyway. It sounded ominous.

… Was she walking away from him?!

"Hey! Wait…!"

She stopped short, and in a somewhat creepy manner, turned her head slowly around to look at him, expectantly… and with a slight hint of disbelief that he'd actually called out to her.

"Where are you going?"

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