Chapter 1: If Only

Kagome Higurashi took her seat in homeroom between her best friends Sango and Ayame. 'Another day in Hell.' She thought bitterly to herself.

"What's eating you?" Ayame asked her. Ayame had long fiery red hair that was pulled in two pigtails and bright green eyes. She was usually always happy and upbeat. She was great at repairing a bad day.

"Report cards." Kagome muttered, nervously twirling her wavy, raven locks around her finger. Her friends glanced at each other knowingly.

Kagome always did well on report cards, but her cousin Kikyo, always did better. Kagome's family constantly compared her to her perfect cousin. Nothing Kagome ever did was good enough.

Kikyo was the most popular girl in school. She had long, shiny, strait, ebony hair and fair skin. She had an excellent body and loved to flaunt it. She was the head cheerleader and maintained a 4.0 grade point average. She was always elected homecoming queen and this year, their senior year, would be no different. A million to one says she would be prom queen. Kikyo was also dating the hottest guy in school. InuYasha. (Yes, it makes me gag, too.)

"Don't worry Kagome, maybe you did just as well." Sango tried to cheer up her melancholy friend. Sango had dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. She was a wonderful friend and stuck by Kagome and Ayame like white on rice.

The warning bell sounded and the rest of the class piled in. a group of chattering girls strutted in the room.

"Oh look, it's the band geeks." The leader of the group enounced, looking over at Kagome, Ayame and Sango. The other girls giggled. There were four in all; Yura, Kanna, Kagura, and their leader, Kikyo.

Kikyo wore a tight red mini skirt and a white t-shirt. Kanna, the quiet one, wore a white t-shirt and a white skirt. She had no color what so ever. She was extremely pale and had white hair. Kagura had red eyes and black hair that she wore in a bun thing with a feather. She had on a pink shirt and a pair of low-rider jeans. Yura had short black hair that was pushed back with a red headband. She wore a tight, short, black dress.

"Oh look, it's the whore squad." Sango snapped. Ayame and Kagome mimicked the other group's high pitched giggles.

The popular group of girls muttered under their breaths, but continued to their seats on the other side of the room.

Just then a group of guys walked in. All three of the guys played on the football team and were very handsome. They pretty much ignored everybody and took their seats in the back of the class.

"Okay class, you know what today is. Report Cards!" Mrs. Tregger excitedly passed out the report cards. She began on the other side of the room and worked her way to Kagome, Sango and Ayame.

A happy squeal erupted from the far side of the room, along with congratulations and words of encouragement. Obviously Kikyo had gotten strait 'A's again. Big surprise there.

Kagome stuck her finger in her mouth and made gagging noises. Ayame and Sango chuckled as their report cards were handed to them.

Kagome felt someone staring at her and turned around. InuYasha, one of the football players, Kikyo's boyfriend, was staring at her with an unreadable expression.

InuYasha Takahashi stared into Kagome's chocolate eyes. A few seconds before, she had been making fun of her cousin, his girlfriend, Kikyo.

InuYasha hadn't talked to Kagome since Junior High. Kagome was his next door neighbor. They used to hang out some, mostly during the summer when neither had anyone better to hang out with. They had never been best friends or anything, but still friends.

When they were old enough to drive they stopped hanging out, since they could easily hang out with other people. Plus, they ran in different crowds. He ran with the athletes and cheerleaders, and she ran with kids from the school jazz band.

After a moment Kagome blushed and turned around in her seat. She picked up the report card the teacher laid on the desk and sighed.

InuYasha could tell she was disappointed with what she saw. Her shoulders and back tensed up and she hung her head. Not to mention, he could smell the tears she was trying to hold back.

His report card was okay, mostly C's and B's. Good enough for him to continue playing football.

"Come on Kagome. It's a good report card. It's better then mine." Ayame pointed out. Ayame had gotten three C's, in math, history and chemistry, four B's in English, gym, home E.C., and art, and one A, in band.

"Anyone's is better then yours, Ayame." Sango insulted, causing the girls to laugh. They were on Their way to jazz band practice that was being held after school today, for additional practice.

"I really don't want to go home. I know exactly what my mom is going to say." Kagome said, looking down at her black converse hightops.

Ayame and Sango glanced at each other, not sure what to say. Ayame spotted Kikyo in her red and white cheerleading uniform, being pressed up against the wall be her boyfriend, InuYasha.

"Eeeeeeeeewwwwwwww. Preps sucking face." She giggled as they walked past the couple. Suddenly, out of nowhere, InuYasha's two friends rushed over to them.

Miroku had violet eyes and short black hair that he pulled into a tiny pony tail. He was dressed in his football uniform, obviously waiting for practice to start.

"Hello, my dear, Sango." He greeted Sango, falling into step next to her.

"Back off, you pervert," Sango warned through clenched teeth. Miroku had to be the biggest pervert in the entire school. He had a fascination with all women, but was totally obsessed with Sango.

"Hey Kagome" Koga smiled, completely ignoring poor Ayame.

"What Koga?" Kagome asked annoyed.

"Want to catch a movie or something this weekend?" he asked.

Kagome glared at him. No matter how many times Kagome explained this to him, he didn't get it. "No, Koga, I told you. I have a boyfriend." Koga was so annoying. He always bothered Kagome. Telling her of his undying love for her and calling her his girl.

It wasn't that he wasn't hot. Koga was a total babe. He had long, silky, black hair that was always in a high pony tail. He had shocking blue eyes and cute fangs. Koga was a wolf demon, just like Ayame.

Even if he was hot, Kagome would never date him. For one; she had a boyfriend. A completely nice boyfriend, who was so boring she had once fell asleep, head first, in a bowl of soup while he was talking. It took forever to get those damn noodles out of her hair. No matter how boring and lame he could be, Kagome wasn't a cheater.

Another reason was because Ayame had a huge, monstrous, crush on the guy. No way would Kagome steal a guy from her friend. Even if he didn't know her friend existed. She wasn't that kind of girl.

And last but not least, Koga was a jock, and a prep. Kagome was…well…Kagome. She wasn't exactly punk or anything, she found labeling herself lame. Dressing 'instyle' wasn't her style. She usually wore a T-shirt and jeans or something from the 80's. Whatever she felt like wearing.

Ayame may have the hots for Koga, and Sango may be secretly warm for Miroku's form, but no way in Hell was Kagome going to fall in love with a jock. As far as she was concerned, love didn't even exist.

"But Kagome, you always complain about how you want a thrill," Ayame softly said to her friend.

If she couldn't be with Koga, then maybe Kagome could. They would look cute together. Ayame would much rather see Koga with Kagome then with some preppy whore.

"I can give you a thrill Kagome." Koga grinned sheepishly. Kagome rolled her eyes and continued walking to the band room.

"No thanks, Koga, but Ayame may like some of your thrill!" Kagome pointed to her demon, best friend, and then darted into the band room, but not before she heard Sango yelling.

"What did I tell you, pervert!"!!SLAP!!

"You damn lech!"

Suddenly, Sango ran in the band room, a large vein popping out of her forehead. She grabbed her drumsticks.

"Let's play some God damned music!" She suggested.

Kagome carefully placed her black and white standard fender strat in its case. It wasn't her only guitar, she had four others, but her fender looked better at jazz concerts. She used her other guitars, a black B.C. Rich Warlock, a pink Hello Kitty Stratocaster, a dark purple Gibson flying V, and a black B.C. Rich Virgin guitar, in her rock band. Well, her, Ayame, and Sango's rock band.

"Ready to go?" Ayame asked shouldering her bass case.

"Yup," Kagome stood and Sango came over to join them. They walked out of the bandroom and headed to the back doors.

"I really hope we don't run into that stupid, lecherous, jock," Sango said, referring to Miroku.

"Aww. Come on Sango. You know you got the hotts for him," Ayame giggled. Sango blushed.

"Ewww. No way! Yuck! I hate him!" Sango denied looking down at her shoes, her face growing redder by the second. Kagome noticed how uncomfortable Sango was with the conversation, so she decided to go to the rescue.

"Speaking of liking a jock, what happened with you and Koga?" Kagome interrogated Ayame. Ayame grinned from floppy ear to floppy ear, blushing also.

"Nothing we just talked a little." Ayame giggled some more.

Kagome drove both of them home in her '73 Z28 blue camaro with white motion stripes. When she got to her house she parked the car and walked slowly into her house, dreading what was about to come.

She saw her mother and older sister, Rin, talking happily. Rin was twenty one, four years older then Kagome. She also had black fly away hair, but Rin's eyes were mud brown, while Kagome's were chocolate brown.

Her mother immediately stopped talking to Rin and walked over to Kagome. She held out her hand, waiting for the paper she knew Kagome didn't want her to see.

Kagome saw the stern look in her mothers eyes and decided to hand over the report card. 'Best to just get it over quickly,' She thought, as she pulled the paper out of the back pocket of her jeans and handed it to her mom.

Her mother carefully read over the paper and clucked her toung. Mrs. Higurashi looked at her youngest daughter in disappointment.

"Kagome, you only got three A's, in Art, Astronomy, and of course, band. You got four B's, in history, chemistry, English and gym. But you got a C in math!" Her mother exclaimed.

"Mom, it's hard for me," Kagome began.

"Maybe if you didn't play that damn guitar so much, it wouldn't be so hard. Kikyo's mother already called, Kikyo got strait A's. What are you going to put on your job applications when you graduate?" Her mother asked not giving her time to answer.

"That you're in a band, a lot of good that will do you. Kikyo can put that she was the head cheerleader, volunteered at the hospital, volunteered at a daycare and an animal shelter.

'Here it comes,' Kagome thought, looking at her Chuck Taylor converses. 'The salt in my wound. A kick when I'm down.'

"If only you were more girly. If only you were a better student. If only you were more like-"

"Kikyo?" Kagome asked cutting her mother off. She grabbed the paper out of her shocked mother's hands and walked up the stairs to her room.

After shutting and locking the door she threw her book bag at the wall, causing a dent. She grabbed a mix, popped it in her stereo and flipped it to number three. Her favorite song. The story of her life.

'Small town homecoming queen,

She's the star in this scene,

There's no way to deny she's lovely,

Perfect skin, perfect hair,

Perfumed hearts everywhere,
Tell myself that inside she's ugly,

Maybe I'm just jealous, can't help but hate her,

Secretly I wonder if my boyfriend wants to date her,

She's the prom queen; I'm in the marching band,

She's a cheerleader; I'm sitting in the stands,

She gets the top bunk; I'm sleeping on the floor,

She's Miss America; and I'm just the girl next door.'

Kagome sang along to the song, oblivious to the golden eyes that watched her from next door.