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Chapter 23: The Wedding

"Kagome! Get your ass outta that bed! We have to go! We have to have our hair and nails done, and we have to get dressed! And…and…a lot of other stuff!" Rin yelled into Kagome's bedroom.

Kagome burrowed deeper in the covers, and curled up in a ball. Who in the bloody hell thought it would be a good idea for the wedding to be at four in the afternoon? The rehearsal dinner didn't even get over till freaking midnight last night, and here she was, being forced to get up at seven.

"Kagome, come on! We have to be at the salon in ten minutes! Oh, god. I hope they have enough people working so they multitask and get us done." Rin mumbled more to herself then to Kagome. "Kag, if you don't get out of that damn bed, right NOW, I will force you to walk down the aisle with Sesshy's friend Jaken. Kikyo will walk with InuYasha."

Before Rin could blink, Kagome was out of bed and in the bathroom, changing into clothes to go to the salon.

Exactly ten minutes later, Kagome and Rin were in the salon, waiting for Kikyo, Eri, Sango, and Ayame to arrive. Sango and Ayame weren't bridesmaids, but Rin still wanted them to have there hair and makeup professionally done, since they were the entertainment.

"Okay, so how are we going to do this?" Rin was asking the people that worked there.

"We are going to do it in stations. There are five of us, and six of you, so you guys will be moving around the room in a circle, and there will be one that wont be doing anything. One of you will have your have your nails done, while another is getting her makeup done. Just keep your girls moving in a counter clockwise motion, and we will be done in no time." The owner of the salon said. "We can start on you two, until the others get here."

Kagome was ushered over to have her hair washed so it would be easier to style, while Rin was ushered over to have her nails done. Rin had called in earlier what color the bridesmaid's nails were supposed to be, and how everyone was supposed to have their hair styled. Each girl had their hair styled a different way, according to what Rin thought looked best on them.

As each girl came into the shop, Rin would explain how they all had to have their hair done. Kagome's was to be left down and natural. Eri's was also left in her normal style. Rin had decided to let Ayame's hair down and straiten it for a change. Sango's hair was pulled up on top of her head. Kikyo's was left loose for a change.

After three hours in the salon, all the girls hair and nails had been done. They're nails had been manicured, and there make up had been flawlessly done. Rin was currently herding the group into the cars so they could all go back to Rin's house to get ready.

))))))))))000000000))))))))))))))))HI EVERYONE!!((((((((((((((((((((000000000((((((((((((

Everything was happening in a blur. Kagome and Rin's mom, and Izayoi were running through the house, making sure everything was going according to plan and was on schedule. Rin was barking orders at her friends as they were changing, and starring into the mirror at herself. Eri was running around, doing whatever Rin wanted her to do, even though she was not the maid of honor. Ayame and Sango were getting dressed and trying to finalize the songs they were going to play, without Kagome, who had recently disappeared in the mad rush. Kikyo, sat at the kitchen table, scowling at everyone and touching up her makeup.

"Where the Hell is Kagome?" Sango asked, flipping through Kagome's lyric notebook. They had settled on what songs they would play a few days before, but there were still a few they weren't sure of.

"I don't know!" Ayame yelled. The house was filled with commotion and it was hard to hear each other talking. "Maybe she's with Rin." The girls ran to Rin's room.

"Have you seen Kagome?" Sango asked Rin and Eri.

"What!! You can't find her? Where the Hell could she be!!??" Rin yelled. Rin stomped down the stairs to find her mother. She couldn't have this wedding if her maid of honor was missing.

"Mom, have you seen Kagome?" Rin asked, Sango, Ayame and Eri were all trailing behind her.

"Rin. I'm on the phone with the caterer. Not now." Mrs. Higurashi scolded her oldest daughter.

"I know where she is." Kikyo said, looking up at her cousin and smirking.

"Where?" Everyone demanded at the same time. Kikyo smirked.

"She's not dressed for your wedding. When she left, she was still in her jeans. Actually, I would be surprised if she's wearing anything." Kikyo hinted.

"KAGOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Rin Screamed at the top of her lungs.

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"Did you hear something?" Kagome asked InuYasha, pulling away to take a breath. They had been making out in InuYasha's room for an hour now, and no one noticed that they were missing. InuYasha was supposed to already be at the church and in his tux. Kagome was supposed to be getting ready, and helping Rin out, but she had gotten side tracked.

Kagome had easily sneaked out of the house to go next door. No one had even seen her. Not even Kikyo, who had been in the kitchen. But of course, she had been fixing her makeup.

"No. I think you're hearing things." InuYasha whispered in her ear. His hot breath on her skin made her shiver. He leaned in and began kissing his way down her neck.


"Now I did hear that." InuYasha said. He glanced at the clock. "Fuck. It's already 3:00! The wedding is in an hour." He jumped off the bed, then grabbed Kagome's hand and pulled her up. InuYasha picked Kagome up and leapt down the stairs, then carried ran her over to her doorstop. Hey, It was quicker then waiting for Kagome to walk over.

"See ya later." InuYasha said, as he set Kagome down. He gave her a quick kiss on the lips, before sprinting over to his car and driving away.

Kagome walked in the door and was immediately screamed at by nearly everyone. Rin grabbed Kagome's arm and pulled her up the steps, screaming at her the entire way.

"We're not gonna be late. I can get dressed in a minute." Kagome assured everyone, over and over. Rin helped Kagome into her bridesmaid dress, to get it done quicker, while Sango and Ayame told Kagome what songs they had decided to play.

"Don't I get a say in this?" Kagome asked. Ayame and Sango had cut out a song Kagome had wanted to play entitled 'Things I'll never say', and she was having a fit about it.

"No, you would have, but you were to busy sticking your tongue down your boyfriends throat." Sango teased. Kagome blushed and bit her lip.

"It's a good song, but it's to new. We don't know it well enough." Ayame explained.


Skip to the ceremony: its gonna be quick. U know how they go. They r boring. 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

"Oh, my gosh. I'm so nervous." Rin said, as they stood in the back of the church. Their cue was coming. She could see Sesshomaru standing down at the alter, looking bored as hell. InuYasha stood with him, looking just as bored.

"You'll be okay Rin. You handled this entire thing fine. You can do this." Kagome assured her. Eri was walking down the aisle right now, with one of the groomsman.

"Ewww. Don't touch me." Kikyo snapped at one of the groomsman. A green, short, toad-like demon named Jaken. They began walking down the aisle together, every time Jaken got near her, Kikyo would shove him away.

Next, Kagome began down the aisle, alone. She smiled at InuYasha, who had started smirking as soon as he saw her. As soon as Kagome got down to the alter, music began to play, and everyone stood and faced the back of the church.

Rin started down the aisle, alone also. She hadn't wanted anyone to give her away if it couldn't be her father. He had been dead for a long time now, but still, Rin hadn't felt that it was right for someone to take his place. It was his job to give her away not anyone else's.

Everyone stared in awe at Rin's beauty. She looked perfect in her wedding dress. Sesshomaru's eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw her, causing InuYasha to chuckle, but he quickly got his expression under control and punched InuYasha in the gut.

Kagome smiled, today her big sister was going to be married. That meant InuYasha and her would be brother and sister in law, but neither cared. They were not related by blood at all, so it was not incest. They were just related through marriage. Kagome watched the ceremony, happy for her sister, but wondered when her day would come.

)))))))))))))))))))))))00000000000 Mt.Dew.is.good.00000000000(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

"I would like to make a speech," Kagome said into the microphone at the reception, once all the band equipment had been set up. Everyone's gaze turned up to the stage. "The Takahashi's moved next door to us when I was four, and Rin was six. We have known them for a long time. But never did I expect Rin and Sesshomaru to end up together. They are complete opposites. But they complete each other. They are perfect for each other. Being in their presence is seeing true love. I just want to say that I am so happy for my big sister. Even though we get into fights and claim we hate each other, I wouldn't trade Rin for the world. She's like my best friend. She has always been there for me. And I will miss her so much, now that I wont get to live with her anymore, but I'm glad that she found Sesshomaru. Even though she didn't have to look to far." The crowd chuckled a little.

"I remember Rin coming home from her first date with him when she was sixteen. She came into my room and went on and on about how much she was in love with him. And I just kept telling her that love was impossible, and that it didn't exist. Especially not to a couple of sixteen year olds. But I was wrong. Rin had been right all along. So, lets all raise our glass, in a toast to Sesshomaru and Rin, they were the first people to show me that true love is out there, and we can all find. To Sesshomaru and Rin." Kagome finished her speech and raised a glass of wine that she had set on her Peavey amp.

"Okay, now how about the newlyweds get out on the dance floor for their first dance!" Kagome yelled. Rin and Sesshomaru made their way to the dance floor.

'Wise men say,

Only fools rush in,

But I can't help,

Falling in love with you,

Shall I stay,

Would it be a sin?,

I cant help,

Falling in love with you,' Kagome sang. She was watching Rin and Sesshomaru, like everyone else, but out of the corner of her eye she saw Kikyo whispering something to InuYasha.

'Like a river flows surely to the sea,

Darling so it goes,

Something's are meant to be,' Kagome continued to sing.

"Dude, Kikyo is all over InuYasha," Ayame came up behind Kagome, still strumming her base, and whispered in her ear. Kagome gave Ayame a quick glance to tell her she already saw that.

'Take my hand; take my whole life too,

For I can't help falling in love with you,

Like a river flows surely to the sea,

Darling so it goes,

Something's are meant to be,' Kagome focused on the lyrics, the notes she had to play and Rin and Sesshomaru.

'Take my hand, take my whole life too,

For I can't help, Falling in love with you,

For I can't help falling in love with you,' The song and dance ended and everyone began to clap. Now, more people were coming out on the floor to dance. Kagome glanced back over at InuYasha and Kikyo. Kikyo was sitting on InuYasha's lap and trying to kiss him, while InuYasha was trying to push her off without hurting her, or making a scene.

"Girlfriend," Kagome said, turning around to Ayame and Sango. Girlfriend was a song that Kagome had wrote when InuYasha had been still dating InuYasha.

'Hey! Hey! You! You!

I don't like your girlfriend!

Now Way! Now way!

I think you need a new one!

Hey! Hey! You! You!

I can be your girlfriend!' Kagome yelled, jumping around on the stage. InuYasha was watching her and smirking. Oh yeah. This was getting his attention.

'Hey! Hey! You! You!

I know that you like me!

Now way! Now way!

No, it's not a secret!

Hey! Hey! You! You!

I want to be your girlfriend!' Kagome pointed at InuYasha. He was completely ignoring Kikyo now. Ha.

'You're so fine,

I want you mine,

You're so delicious,

I think about ya all the time,

Your so addictive!

Don't you know what I could do to make you feel aright?,

Don't pretend, I think you know I'm damn precious,

Hell Yeah!

I'm the motherfucking princess' Kagome yelled into the mic, causing her mother to start yelling at her from her seat at her table.

'I can tell you like me too and you know I'm right,'

Kagome glanced over to make sure InuYasha's eyes were still on her, but just as she did, Kikyo pressed her lips to InuYasha's. InuYasha's eyes widened in surprise and disgust.

"Take the lead Ayame," Kagome commanded, ripping her guitar cord out of her guitar, and jumping off the stage, with her guitar still around her.

'She's like so whatever,

you could do so much better,

I think we should get together now,

And that's what everyone's talking about!' Ayame sang, glancing back at Sango, a little worried.

Kagome pushed her way through the crowd of dancing bodies, looking as pissed off as the Terminator.

'Hey! Hey! You! You!'

I don't like your girlfriend!,

No way! No Way!,

I think you need a new one,

Hey! Hey! You! You!

I could be your girlfriend!'

Kagome came up behind her frozen boyfriend and her sluty cousin. Sweetly, Kagome tapped on Kikyo's shoulder. Kikyo glanced up at her and sneered, and then she stood up to face Kagome.

'Hey! Hey! You! You!,

I know that you like me,

No way! No way!

No, its not a secret,

Hey! Hey! You! You!

I want to be your girlfriend,'

"Sorry, Kag, Yashie and I are back together." Kikyo sneered.

"When the fuck did you hear me say that?" InuYasha demanded.

"He just doesn't want to hurt you. But if you don't leave us alone, I will have to hurt you." Kikyo threatened, her voice annoying the hell out of everyone around her.

"Well, then your just going to have to 'hurt' me." Kagome said to her, raising her fists.

'I can see the way, I see the way you look at me,

And even when you look away, I know you think of me,

I know you talk about me all the time again and again,

So come over here, tell me what I want to hear,

Better yet, make your girlfriend disappear,

I don't want to hear you say her name ever again,

(And again, and again, and again!)'

Kikyo made the first jab, but missed and got punched in the nose. Kikyo instantly let out a deranged yell, and started swinging at Kagome, not even looking at where her punches were going. Kagome took a step back, and avoided most of the hits. InuYasha grabbed Kikyo around the waist and pulled her away.

"You better be happy that my boyfriend doesn't want me to hurt you," Kikyo said, over her shoulder, as she walked toward the bathroom to fix her hair. It had fallen out during the little scuffle that most of the guests hadn't even noticed.

'She's like so whatever,

You could do so much better,

I think we should get together now,

And that's what everyone's talking about!' Ayame and Sango were still jamming on the stage, but were watching what was going on in the corner of the room.

"You mean EX-boyfriend." Kagome corrected, her voice full of confidence. Kikyo spun around, shocked that anyone, especially her geeky cousin, would say that to her. Before anyone could stop her, Kikyo was running full force at Kagome.

'Hey! Hey! You! You!,

I don't like your girlfriend,

No way! No way!

I think you need a new one!

Hey! Hey! You! You!

I could be your girlfriend!'

At the last moment, Kagome raised her Hello Kitty Strat, and Kikyo ran right into it. There was a loud crack, and everyone in the hall turned to find its source. When Kagome lowered her guitar, she saw Kikyo's dented face. Blood was pouring profusely from her nose, and down onto her dress.

"Dammit Kikyo! You got blood on Hello Kitty!" Kagome yelled, pointing at her now bloody guitar. InuYasha handed her a cloth napkin so she could clean it off. Kagome took it thankfully and cleaned off her guitar.

"Oh my god! Kagome! What did you do?" Kagome's mom asked running up, with Kikyo's mom, Rin and Sesshomaru at her heels.

"Kikyo was trying to kiss InuYasha! So we got in a little girly fight, and then she came back for more and ran into my guitar." Kagome explained quickly, really wanting to get back up on stage.

"Oh. Well then that's okay. Wait…did InuYasha kiss her back?" Rin asked.

"No. Course not." Kagome answered confidently, completely trusting InuYasha. Kagome turned away from everyone and ran back toward the stage. Kikyo was being led out of the reception by her mother, who was rushing her to the hospital.

'Hey Hey You You!

I don't like your girlfriend,'

Kagome clambered back up on the stage and plugged her guitar back in the amp as Ayame finished the verse.

No way No way!

No its not a secret!

Hey Hey you you!

I want to be your girlfriend!

Ayame stepped back and smiled at Kagome. Kagome smiled back and stepped up to the mic.

'In a second you'll be wrapped around my finger,

Cuz I can, cuz I can do it better

There's no other so when's it gonna sink in?

She's so stupid

What the hell were you thinking?' Kagome sang, pointed at InuYasha who laughed. What had he been thinking when he had dated Kikyo?

'In a second you'll be wrapped around my finger,

Cuz I can, cuz I can do it better

There's no other so when's it gonna sink in?

She's so stupid

What the hell were you thinking?' Kagome smiled down at InuYasha as she ended her song, then she turned to her friends and smiled at them, as they quickly choose the next song.

This was the life. Playing the music she loved. She had the best friends possible and the best boyfriend ever, even though he was the most popular guy in school. Sure, InuYasha would be elected prom king and Kikyo would, of course, be prom queen, but that didn't matter. InuYasha would never cheat on her.

This is how she wanted to spend her life. Kagome wanted to be a rock star. She always thought she would have to do it alone, and never have a real boyfriend. But, as she looked down at InuYasha, while they started the next song, she knew she was wrong. She would never be alone. Because, despite what she thought before, Kagome was truly loved.

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Summery 4 the sequel: 'The Life She Chose' (that's the title btw.)

Seven years ago, High School ended. Five years ago, Sacred Arrow, Kagome's band, became famous. And four years ago, he left her.

Her life consisted of having a kick ass concert, partying hard at the after party, pass out drunk, get carried to the tour bus, wake up at noon hung-over, practice, have a kick ass concert….repeat. Everyday. Nothing was more important. Not even him.

He wanted a family. She just wanted to rock. He wanted to spend time with his fiancée after her concerts. She wanted to party with random people and get shit faced drunk. Every night.

He told her to choose a life. Rock and Roll, or marriage. Him or partying. She chose partying, and he left her standing in the middle of a dance floor, martini in one hand, to drunk to remember what happened when she woke up the next mourning.

They promised never to meddle in her love life all the way back in high school. But, it had been four years. Desperate times called for desperate measures. When they trick him into spending the holidays with a girl he never wanted to see again, in a house he should be living in, the shit will hit the fan. Because none of them are ready for the drama about to unfold.

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