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Summary; Tsume is gold. And everyone knows gold is soft. So why must he fight so hard to be strong?

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Pure gold.

Shining, glittering, brilliant.

Oh so precious.

But soft.

Pure gold was soft.

That's why he wondered, often, why Tsume's eyes were so hard, when…

They were gold.


Easy to break.

But precious all the same.

It was so like Tsume- to be so fragile, yet so strong at the same time.


Then again, he was not pure gold.

There were other things- other little bits of things, impurities, fears, dreams, hopes, broken shards of painful memories he'd long since cast aside- and he was far from pure gold.

But he was still gold.

So why did he try to be unbreakable?

Everyone knew it- gold was soft.

So why did Tsume fight so hard to be strong?