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Summary; Hige is shameless. Tsume comments upon this.

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1Hige was one of those people that, even when you tried your hardest, simply refused to be embarrassed. Even when the situation was enough to make even stoic Kiba cringe.

Like now.

Tsume's left eyebrow arched as the scene spread before him.

A rather irritated-looking Hige, arms wrapped around the neck and shoulders of a crimson Kiba, whose own arms had wound their way into the taller wolf's hair and around his waist, with barely more than an inch or so between their lips.

Toboe giggled.

Kiba, if humanly (or, perhaps wolfishly) possible, darkened further.

"What?" Hige demanded, looking for all the world as though Tsume should have been ashamed, as though it was he, not Hige, that had been the one thoroughly tonguing their alpha less than ten seconds earlier.

Tsume shook his head. "Shameless, aren't you?"

Hige cocked his head, looking more than slightly annoyed and a bit puzzled. "In certain situations, yes."

Kiba wisely remained silent, glancing to the ground in order to avoid the searching gaze of the rain-grey wolf. His face now resembled that of a severely overripe apple.

Toboe giggled again.

A smirk split the man's face. "Took you two fucking long enough."

Kiba squeaked somewhat indignantly (or, as indignantly as one can squeak when their face is a red that would make Roy G. Biv jealous).

Hige blinked, took the words as an invitation, shrugged, leaned in, and casually continued the action that had been so rudely interrupted by the entry of the two other wolves.

And the scene closed on a still-blushing Kiba, a completely shameless Hige, a helplessly giggling Toboe, and an utterly disgusted Tsume.