Anything Exept That By The Crimson Luna Diviner

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Rating: M

Genre: General/Romance

Summary: Vexen says he can do anything so Zexion decides to do a nasty bet with him. Lemon Vexen/Marluxia.

History: So I was just lost in my own thoughts the other day. Vexen seems like a nobody who exclaims he can do anything… hmm… and then the nasty thoughts started to pop up of course. I can't write anything without yaoi it seems! Gawd it makes me angry!! But hell, I still like to write it! And since my last two fics were Xemnas/Sephiroth and Saïx/Xemnas I decided to do my second Vexen/Marluxia. My head is exploding with ideas lately! Gawk!! Emergency exits are on the top left and right corner of your screen; please remain seated during the fic. Seatbelts are required during heavy fluff and major OOC'ness. This weak excuse for another lemon is sponsored by The Crimson Luna Diviner corp.

Zexion was tapping his fingers impatiently against the surgery table in the laboratory of Castle Oblivion.

"Are you sure you know what you're doing?"

"Of course I am," Vexen snapped back. He was in the middle of the construction of his Riku replica.

"I've never seen you do anything this complicated before…" Zexion sounded like he couldn't care less, as always. Vexen on the other hand sounded annoyed, like always.

"Hah, this is simple."

"You sure?"

"I can do anything."

"Oh really?" A sudden curiosity came to Zexion's voice.

"It will take some time, but the replica will be finished and working."

"Ah, but I was talking about generally… Anything?"


"Geez. And when did you become mister omnipotent?"

"Shut it."

"I'd like to see you try hitting on Marluxia…! But no one can do that and keep their head." Zexion bit back a laugh. An evil grin spread across his face.

"Why would I ever do that?!" Vexen's voice was rising. He was clearly angry.

"Oh, touchy! I dunno. You think you could do it?" His grin widened as the Chilly Academic only grumbled and returned to the replica on the surgery table. "How about a little bet, huh?"

"What do you mean?" Vexen turned towards him. His voice dangerous and his expression sharp.

"I mean, that I wont believe you unless you do the impossible. Hitting on Marluxia."

"Can't you just leave me alone?"

"I will, if you agree to the bet"

Vexen thought for a moment. A moment of peace and quite was very tempting, and he'd at least get away from Zexion if Marluxia killed him out of anger.

"Fine, if you'll never bother me like this again." Vexen couldn't believe he had just agreed to something like this.

"Good. But if you can't do it, and I win, you'll have to admit you're an arrogant liar." Vexen had expected much worse.

"Nothing else?"

"It will be entertaining enough to see flower boy annihilate you after you fail," he snickered. "Take all the time you want for what I care." He went for the door but came to a halt. "Oh, and I almost forgot: no love potions," he snickered.

"Do I look like a person who would use medical interferences?!" Vexen almost yelled. This was way below his level.


Time… It was exactly what he needed. The others would start to wonder if he left his quarters too often, and he hadn't really talked to the Graceful Assassin that much after they arrived at Castle Oblivion. At least it was a great plus that they were on each other's good side from before. Damn! He couldn't believe he was walking along one of the deserted corridors of Castle Oblivion planning on how to hit on Marluxia! It was too goddamn awkward! It was infuriating that Zexion had managed to talk him into this! At least it was Marluxia and not any one of the others… okay that thought really freaked him out! Did it matter to him who it was? Quite a lot, a small voice in his head exclaimed. Vexen shaked himself mentally. Why the hell did you let Zexion talk you into this?! And without any reconsideration he punched his fist into the nearest wall earning a big hole in it. He took a deep breath and slid down with his back towards the wall. Why did it upset him so much? If he did manage to get together with Marluxia he could just dump him right after the bet was set. He was in fact higher ranked than number XI… but he was still much stronger than him. Perhaps it'd be for the best just to pull out while the game was good?

"Vexen?" The scientist hurried to his feet. The one time he had an outburst like this, who else than Marluxia had been there to watch?

"XI? What are you doing down here?" he asked, a bit too hurried perhaps. At least he didn't sound as cold as usual.

"I came to see how your project is going, but instead I find you here, wreaking the hallway…" The Graceful Assassin folded his arms and waited for an explanation. Vexen sighed. He did not look Marluxia in the eyes. He was afraid he might blush. Instead he decided to look at the floor.

"It's VI. He's been rather annoying lately."

"So instead of kicking him out of the lab, you decided to let your anger out on the wall?" Marluxia seemed quite amused somehow. Well, Vexen was usually a content nobody as long as he wasn't disturbed during work. It was very unlike him to let his anger out on anything but the source of irritation. Perhaps Vexen had changed since they arrived here. He had been to busy with his mission to actually talk to him. Pity really…

"I dealt with him alright," Vexen scowled. "I just lost control for a second. Never mind."

"Fine by me, but I'd like to see how far the replica has come." Vexen hesitated. He knew he could beat Zexion at this bet if he really tried, but was it worth it? He finally looked up to meet Marluxia's eyes, and Vexen knew, that if he had a heart, it'd be pounding faster than what was good for him at that moment. He reassembled himself.

"It's doing well so far, but Zexion doubts I am capable of finishing it." He gave a low chuckle, unaware that number XI did the same.

"You know I've got fate in you, that's why I ordered you to do it in the first place."

Okay. Something was definitely wrong! When did Marluxia ever become so… nice? It was highly unlike all nobodies, and Marluxia was no exception, especially after he was put in charge of Castle Oblivion.

"Are we going then?" Marluxia asked, a bit sharper. Vexen nodded and took the lead down to the laboratory. He'd been so lost in his own thoughts he'd forgotten that the botanist was waiting for an answer. They walked in silence for some minutes. Say something! Vexen thought. Why was he this nervous? Was he going to go along with the Cloaked Schemer's bet after all?

"I had expected you would be too busy to come down here until the project was finished…" Excellent. Now he sounded like he was accusing number XI for skipping duty. Could this day become any better?

"I had some spare time so I figured I'd take a look. Besides, there isn't really too much to do right now. Our mission hasn't even officially started yet."

"Speak for yourself. This replica has been taking most of my time lately." Vexen had slipped back to his usual, cold tone.

Marluxia bit back a sigh. Vexen was always sounding so rejecting of anything social. It was as if his every word could close the conversation. The Graceful Assassin was surprised he'd even managed to pull five sentences out of him. He wondered if he did it on purpose, or if it had become a habit after being locked up alone in his laboratory for twenty-four hours a day.

"You might want to use this oppertunity to rest up like everybody else. After all, that was our Superior's intensions by sending us here this early."

"I appreciate your concern XI, but the replica won't finish itself and I prefer to keep myself busy."

"I have a name you know," Marluxia said venomously. Vexen was mildly startled by this comment. Fortunately he was walking in front of the botanist so he didn't notice.

"I believe it's just courtesy to call you by number as I am under your charge on this mission?"

"Or do you simply want to remind me that you have a higher ranking?" Marluxia spat back.

"Not really." Finally, Marluxia was behaving more like himself again.

The rest of the walk was conducted in what both thought of as 'awkward silence'. Neither could come up with anything to say, but as they reached the laboratory Marluxia made Vexen explain what he had done so far. He figured it was the first time he'd ever seen Vexen exited about anything. Vexen was very pleased as he held quite a long monologue about the process so far, how he'd done it and what he was going to do. He knew Marluxia didn't understand half of what he was saying, but he was listening, and no one had actually done that since… since before he became a nobody… The thought hit him hard, and he almost felt sad, which only made it worse, knowing he couldn't be sad.

"Is there something wrong?" Vexen became aware that he had paused in the middle of a sentence.

"I was just… thinking." Marluxia gave a sigh.

"Sometimes I believe you think too much," he said. Vexen stared at him. "I'd like you to copy the notes on your progress for me. If you're not going to take this time to rest up, some extra work can't harm."

"The Superior wanted them for later references, didn't he?"

"Yes. And I'd like you to come up to the top floor with them as soon as possible. I probably won't have time to get them myself." Vexen gave a slight nod, and with that, Marluxia left. Vexen was once again alone in his dark quarters but there was one significant difference. Somehow he didn't really have the motivation for returning to his experiment, which was weird. He knew this was the fist time he'd ever experienced this, but why? He couldn't understand it.


Three days later Vexen found himself at the top floor of Castle Oblivion, both hands full of notes. He decided he'd jus teleport directly into the Graceful Assassin's room, seeing it was rather difficult to open any doors carrying a great stack of paper. The last thing he wanted was to drop them. He wasn't surprised to find the room crammed with plants and flowers of all different kinds as he arrived. It was, to say the least, a small jungle in there, which (at least to Vexen) seemed far more chaotic and out of order than he would ever allow if he were in charge. He dodged some low hanging vines and found something that might look like a small room; only the walls were made of climbing plants. XI was standing by a table, humming softly as he watered a small pot of forget-me-nots. The Chilly Academic couldn't help but watch for a few minutes how mellow the other seemed in this little garden of his. Vexen had never seen him so peaceful, so calm, even singing slightly, thought what little he could hear of a tone seemed sad. Vexen was mesmerized to say the least, but he tore loose from his thoughts and announced his presence.

"Marluxia, I brought the notes."

The humming immediately stopped and a slightly blushed botanist turned to face him.

"So I see. And you could always consider to knock before you enter."

"Does it matter?" Vexen asked slightly surprised. He was used to people barging in while he was working.

"Yes! Quite a lot in fact!" Marluxia grew one shade of red deeper.

"Is it the singing you mean?" Vexen was still sounding a bit surprised.

"I was humming," Marluxia muttered through gritted teeth.

"I think it was nice." Vexen bit his tongue the instant his words had escaped him. Why was he saying things like that all of a sudden?

"Come on! It's not like all of you aren't making fun of me behind my back!" He sounded exasperated now.

"What do you mean?"

"Calling me names. 'Flower boy', gay. You all think I'm an insufficient leader."

"I don't…"

Marluxia looked at him. There was something hopeless in his eyes.

"…And what if I am?"

"Snap out of it! Firstly, the Superior entrusted this mission to you meaning he knows you're capable of it. Secondly, who cares if some scum like Zexion calls you names? You are a botanist goddamn it! So what if a couple of persons don't respect it as a profession, and… I'm not saying you are, but…" Marluxia took a few steps towards him and he could easily see how glazy his eyes were. "There is nothing wrong in being gay…" Vexen bit his tongue another time.

"You don't know how much it means to me… hearing you say that." XI took another couple of steps followed by an awkward silence. This was it, Vexen thought. He'd either do this now, or he'd pull out of the bet. He made a grimace.

"You couldn't take these notes? They are getting heavy…" Which was quite true. Vexen wasn't a warrior like most of the other members; his strength didn't last forever. Marluxia nodded and reached out to get them, but right before he seized them, the scientist dropped them, paper flying everywhere.

"Don't worry, I'll get them," Marluxia said and sighed. He bent down to get them, but the moment they were at face-level Vexen grabbed hold of Marluxia's cheek. He stared into those sad eyes, cold green meeting glazed blue. Come on, do something! He drew slightly closer, faces only two centimetres away from each other. Was it so wrong to meet those perfect lips just because of a stupid bet? Marluxia knew what was coming and he did not step back, still Vexen didn't do anything. Would he pull back? No. He wouldn't let him. And slowly the Graceful Assassin closed the gap between him and the Chilly Academic, pressing his lips softly against Vexen's. Vexen smiled triumphantly as he tilted his head and deepened their kiss as he felt Marluxia's arms around his waist, pulling him closer, the scientist's hands around the botanist's neck and in his pink hair.

Heaven. There was no other word for it.


"You actually did it?" Zexion stared at him in disbelief. "You fucking kissed Marluxia?!"

"I did. And not just once either." Vexen was just half-listening to what the Cloaked Schemer said. He was sitting by his desk, staring at the ceiling, lost in his own thoughts. "And we had a deal, so get lost, will you?" Zexion reassembled his usual potty expression.

"Oh no. You're not done with him yet!" VI didn't have his fun this time, so he would just have to pull it to a level he knew Vexen wouldn't succeed.

"Pardon?" Vexen finally looked at him, arching an eyebrow.

"This isn't over yet." That wicked smile was back in place. Vexen on the other hand went icy cold again, his tone deadly.

"If you are saying you want me to fuck him…"

"No, no! Not at all!"


"You will make him fuck you!"

"I hope you understand you would have been dead now if it wasn't for our mission?" Vexen snarled.

"Of course I do," Zexion smirked.

"And that I am going to kill you in the most masochistic way when this is over?" Vexen had stood up now and his death-glare could have scared the shit out of anyone.

"Well, if you can make him fuck you that is." And as soon as those words escaped him the Cloaked Schemer made sure to teleport away before Vexen decided to kill him right there.

Vexen couldn't believe what Zexion was saying. How far was he going to pull this? He had been okay with holding and kissing, a part of him had even liked it, but Zexion was practically ordering him around now and if Marluxia found out… there would be hell to pay.

Vexen caught the sound of footsteps and a door opening and closing.

"Is something the matter Vexen?" It was Marluxia, and he looked concerned for a change. Probably because of Vexen's own grim face at the moment.

"I… no, it's nothing," he lied. He expected Marluxia to say something about the replica and leave, but he did the exact opposite. He walked up to Vexen and embraced him, and Vexen returned, burying his face in the other's chest. It was just so damn good to have someone there to hold him.

"It's going to be fine," Marluxia whispered, stroking his hair. "I'll make sure Zexion does not bother you any more."

"How do you know it's Zexion?" Marluxia gave a vague smile and planted a soft kiss on his forehead.

"It's always Zexion."

"I… suppose you're right." Vexen was in a daze. It felt good, just standing there, being held and slightly cradled by the one nobody he had ever let this close onto him. "…Thank you."

"It's okay. Everything will be fine." Vexen wanted to believe it, but he couldn't. Something told him things would only get worse, and not just this stupid bet. They stood there in each other's arms for some minutes until Vexen spoke again.

"I… should get back to work."

"Mmm… I suppose." But they didn't part, not for another couple of minutes at the sole reason of Marluxia kissing Vexen deep and passionately. They both wanted it to last forever. Still, Vexen had a bad feeling about this. At some point he would have to tell about the bet, for if Zexion beat him at it everything would be ruined. Marluxia would hate him. Well… as much as possible anyway. For if VI understood that Vexen liked Marluxia… The unfamiliar feeling of dread made Vexen pull away.

"I need to get back to work." Marluxia nodded; kissed him one last time and teleported back to the top floor. Vexen was once again left with that damn replica. Why did it feel so good being with Marluxia? He couldn't understand it. Why!!


Two days had passed with kissing and cuddling. Vexen had never seen himself as a person to make that his favourite hobby, and he'd never believed Marluxia would either, but as the two of them were alone together all self-respect died. It was wonderful. Vexen's cold mask would brake up into a smile every time he saw the Graceful Assassin who did the same, though IV was better at hiding it among others than him. He had personally overheard Axel and Larxene discussing whether their boss was trying to hit on the Chilly Academic. Axel seemed to be amused by the thought but the Savage Nymph didn't sound too pleased about it somehow. Vexen snickered. He was tore out of his thoughts and back to his work as he earned a slight twitch from the replica. He was installing the nerve system, which wasn't too lucky seeing he was still trembling after their last kiss. He just couldn't concentrate. He found himself wondering whether they'd ever have sex. Damn that stupid bet (for something like the billionth time)! He wanted Marluxia, but each time it had been close to happening he had hesitated, not knowing whether it was the bet or his want that pulled him.

Gawd, why hadn't he realized it earlier? It was mainly the bet that kept him from doing it! He was way too distracted to work so he made a decision. He needed to see him again, it didn't matter if it was less than four hours since last time, he needed it now. And so he teleported right into Marluxia's room. Marluxia looked up from a report he had received from Larxene and wasn't too surprised at seeing him there. He had already become used to Vexen's sudden appearances.

"Vexen, what a pleasant surprise," he smirked. "I thought you were too busy working?"

"Don't even mention it!" Vexen groaned and dropped down on a nearby couch. "Four more days and the shit is finished!"

"I simply can't wait to see the result of your project," Marluxia answered settling down beside him and kissing his cheek. Vexen smiled and met his lips and they were once again lost in each other. Vexen felt his cloak sliding of his shoulder. Marluxia gently caressed the few inches of bare skin he had revealed. He wouldn't take Vexen until the day he was allowed to, but he could wait. Meanwhile he was quite satisfied with feeling those few inches. He traced his collarbone softly with curled fingers. Vexen gave a quiet moan into Marluxia's mouth, leaned back against the cushions, grabbed the front of his cloak and yanked him down with him. Marluxia gave a triumphant smile and pushed his tongue into Vexen's mouth, tasting his cavern. They broke apart to breath, both panting.

"Marluxia! Zexion told me you wanted to talk about my repo…" Larxene came to a halt at the doorstep. She was stunned, to say the least, seeing the scientist and her boss together like that. Marluxia together with Vexen! No! She wouldn't take that! It couldn't be! NO! She stormed out. Vexen swore he could hear faint sobs somewhere from the hallway. Marluxia sighed.

"I suppose I should talk to her," he said and pushed himself off of Vexen. "I'm sorry." He kissed him swiftly and hurried after her. Vexen was disappointed, but he couldn't help but chuckle at Larxene as he pulled up his zipper again. It was a good thing she wasn't able to love Marluxia for real, or Vexen would be in trouble. He probably was anyway. And so he left. Some other time, he thought.

Weeee! I just decided on making this a chappie thingy since it's getting much longer than I ever intended too. This wasn't really supposed to be more than 'bet, kiss, fuck, and ending'. The plan was to end it about two thousand words ago… I'll update as fast as possible, even faster if people review. Gawd, this really is OOC… But trust me, I will make this exiting, so hang on for the next chappie!! And you might not believe it, but I've been reading walkthrough on COM until late at night so I won't break the storyline with the coming stuff!! Gawd it makes me mad when the walkthroughs aren't detailed enough!!! ARG!!