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The Winchester family used to be happy. They were until Mary Winchester, mother and wife was taken from them by something. The night that happened triggered a list of events.The way John Winchester changed was one. How he changed his children was another.From sweet innocent youngsters to hunters.

Their youngest child was Sam. His parents had already called him Samuel Dean from the moment they knew he would be their child. He was six months old when the tragedy took place. unbeknown to his parents Sam would not live a normal life. Sam was the one with the brains. At the age of one his parents knew he would be the one that got on well in life. His eyes were a lovely brown, to match his hair and his mother would be mesmerized by the puppy dog looks he gave. Sometimes they led to sticky situations. Mary didn't mind these. She loved the attention Sam got her. And the attention Sam got himself. She couldn't be happier.

The oldest, Dean Andrew Winchester was the ladies man. Even at four, young girls would want to be his friend and hold his hand. Dean lapped at the attention and he was popular. Every day a new friend would come home with Mary and her sons for tea, to then be replaced by another. Mary never tired of this. It was a great way to make friends with other mothers. Mary loved her oldest child, she loved how his hair went, she loved how he acted and she appreciated that he was their for her. Helping her with Sam and cleaning. He was such a loving child. That soon changed. If only she knew he would grow up to be a person full of rage,admiration to his job.

Kimberley Louise Winchester was not a child of Mary or John. Her hair was a deep brunette and her eyes were gray in color. She looked nothing like the Winchester sons. Her real name had been Jade Parker until John took her in a year after the incident. He remembered that night clearly. The fact that he had dawned a child without knowing it. Drinking was the solution and it was more than a few times that he woke with a hangover. This time shocked him. In his state he thought he was seeing things as a five year old Dean cradled a young baby.

"Someone left her on the doorstep. She was cold."Dean whispered, rocking the young child slowly in his small arms.

"Do you know who Dean?" John had asked, shocked to see his son taking to someone so easily.

"No but they left you a note. It has your name on it so the baby must be for you.Is she a present?"Dean lay the child on the floor and stood up slowly,taking a note from his pocket. He walked over to John and passed him the note before walking back over to the girl and picking her up once again.

"She had a basket with her. To sleep in. And a bottle but she drank that. She was hungry. Can we keep her?"John grimaced at the question but didn't answer his son for he had begun to read the letter.


Don't be alarmed. You Don't know me but I know you. I have seen you around with your two sons and I cant help but to admire them. You have done well for yourself. After some research I found out about your wife. I must say I'm sorry. You're probably confused by now as to why I'm writing to you. The reason is that I lost my wife in a house fire,the same as you did yours to be precise. Unfortunately I still have my daughter. I never did once love the child seeing as she might not be mine. So I thought that seeing how well you cope with your children I would pass on my daughter to you. Don't worry she is no trouble. Her name is Jade but I know you will change it.I know what you do. She is six months old. I know you have it in your heart to take her in and love her. I hope you do because i just cant right now.

Farewell John.

"So can we keep her?"Deans voice snapped John back to his sense and he looked from his son to the baby in his arms. He saw wisps of her brown hair and watched as she grasped onto one of Deans finger.

"Can I hold her?"John asked his son. Dean stood up slowly and walked over to his father. John took the baby from the boys small arms and peered at the baby. He smiled slightly and let his guard slip as the baby snuggled into his warmth. In response John held her closer.

"How about you go make her a drink of milk. You know the ones you make for Sammy. And while your at it check on your brother. He's sure to be awake."

"Does that mean we get to keep her?"Dean asked, looking at his father closely.

"Yep. We are."Dean squealed at the news before running off to follow his fathers orders. John meanwhile looked again at his new daughter,accepting her as one of his own. Knowing Mary would be pleased.

That very day John packed him and his family up and took off,stopping only for food. He left his old life behind the day he received the gift,his daughter Kim and went on for more. To find the thing that did all this to change his life.

The going was tough for the next few years. Having two young children with nothing but a year between them was a task. What with the hunting their was many a time when John thought that he couldn't do it. Of cause he managed and as the years went by he almost forgot that one child did not carry his blood. She had a strong relationship with both her brothers and could rely on them greatly. Until she found out the truth. John cringed whenever he thought of that day. How his daughter had reacted.

"Dad. You got some explaining to do. Because I was thinking and Mom died before I could have been born. Why did they get it wrong?" A thirteen year old Kim asked her father.

"Well here's the thing."John had sat his daughter down and explained everything to her,from her appearance and to her real father. Afterwards she had jumped away from him,wanting to let her anger out.

"What do you mean i was adopted?"She asked,looking at her father in such a way he got chills.

"Well one day you just . . turned up. On the doorstep. Please Don't be mad Kim."Dean had butted in,trying to grab at his sister. In a moment of fury she had punched him,causing him to cuss.

"I cant be. It doesn't make sense. Why in the hell did you look after me?"She shouted.

"I had no other choice. I couldn't have left you on the doorstep."John remembered how he looked at Kim,with sympathy in his eyes.

"So you mean you didn't want me. Why didn't you leave me then. I would have been better off alone."

"I did what was right. I think of you now as my daughter,because you are. So stop fussing and hurry up and pack."

"What the hell is wrong with you. I just found out I'm frigging adopted and all you care about is leaving. You're a pathetic father. I hate you!"Kim had screamed that last line before walking out, slamming the door in the process. John stood,stunned at her words before directing Dean to run after her,to stop her from doing anything stupid. After he had gone John lent against the nearest wall and tried to calm himself. Aware that Sam was watching he turned to the boy.

"Why didn't you tell us before?"

"I was hoping she would never find out."John had answered coldly.

"But that wouldn't be right."Sam turned from his father to finish packing,leaving the two in silence.

Half an hour later Dean returned with a tearful Kim in tow,he kept on whispering to her, trying to help her case. Dean could never stand it when any of his family acted on ways they shouldn't. From crying to acting completely how they shouldn't,Dean couldn't take it because he was the one who had to comfort them. This time was just the same with Kim. As she had been growing up their had been many tears, the first time she broke a bone and the first time a boy had broken her heart Dean always managed with it. Comforting her and agreeing to help her. She had faith in Dean and this time wasn't any different.

As the pair walked into the room John stood up, as if to walk over to his children. Dean had given him a look as if to say not yet and John knew it was in his best interest. Letting his daughter calm down would help the matter. He watched as Sam looked at her,his face etched with worry before Kim walked back over to her bed and started to pack her stuff, sniffing every now and again. John felt guilty as hell at that moment,knowing he might not be able to make it better. Two days later almost everything had been forgotten. But the damage had been done and the family slowly started to fall apart.

A few years later Sam went off to college. Dean was nothing without his brother so he began to drink. His rage slowly began to come out. He became more vicious in each hunt,his anger coming out as he killed whatever he was hunting, bullets going to waste. In the meanwhile he began to woo women to help ease a hole,to help forget about the hurt. It didn't seem to work for him. Kim could tell he was grieving in his own way and she could tell he didn't want her around,cramping his style. So she left. Her father was too angry to stop her and Dean didn't know because she left while he wasn't their. She thought it would help to stop him from hurting anymore. She obviously thought that he didn't want to know her anymore. She grew bitter,waiting for his phone call. It never came and slowly she found herself dragged into a new addiction. One of her junkie friends told her to try heroin,telling her it would help her forget. She found herself spiraling. The drugs taking her time away. She forgot about her troubles and wandered through life, using her addiction as an excuse for the tears she cried. Knowing it was something else.

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