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Rating: T for language and what not.

Disclaimer : Don't own POTO but I do own the other characters since most of the events and characters that will be mentioned toward the end are real people and/or events. mixture of both book and 2004 movie with slight changes.


I buy the POTO movie from a store downtown and bring it home. I live alone since I refuse to live in a group home at age 15. I put the DVD in and skip straight to the menu screen. I press "play movie" and instead of the movie playing the whole screen becomes lit with a blinding light. I somehow get pulled into the light and close my eyes. Soon I am falling for a long time until I hit solid ground. I open my eyes and see a carriage coming toward me.

"Ah!" I yell bracing myself for the pain and closing my eyes.

"Whoa!" I hear someone say and hear the horse come to a stop a few feet away. "Are you all right?" I open my eyes and see Raoul looking at me.

"Whoa. Raoul? What are you doing here?"

"I live here. Do I know you?" He gives me an odd look which is kind of funny to see on Raoul's face.

"Where am I?"


"What?! Don't tell me, this is 1870?" He looks at me like I'm stupid or something.

"Yes. What is that you're wearing?"

"Clothes, I hope." I say trying to sit up and grabbing my head.

He laughs. "Yes, I understand that, but why those clothes?"

"Well, I don't really live here. You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

"Well I am about to be late for a meeting. Are you all right on your own?"

"Actually, if you're going near Opera Populaire could you take me along with you?"


He helps me up and I get in the carriage. We arrive at Opera Populaire and it is amazing. He heads inside and I follow him where he ignores me and goes to meet with the new managers/owners of the opera house. I see the real Carlotta who Minnie Driver imitated very well in the movie. I laugh quietly as she starts ordering people around and then, dare I say it, begins singing a solo. I hear a small creak of the rafters above me and see a shadow moving across them. Soon Carlotta is "shut up" by a prop falling almost completely on her and she soon struts out of the theatre followed by everyone else. The light has gone from the theatre and I am alone in the darkness.

"Thank you so much, people! leave me alone in the darkness because I'm different...god..."

" I would not say alone." I hear a low voice say in the darkness.

"AH!" I squeak out freezing in place.

"Frightened of the phantom I presume?"

"Wait. The real phantom is here? No I'm not frightened. Where are you?"

"Behind you. Why aren't you in your room?"

I turn around and only see more darkness. "I don't have a room. I don't even know how I ended up here."

"Did your parents not send you here?"

"My parents are dead. The rest of the story would sound impossible to you. It is actually impossible to me, yet it happened."

"You may sit on the stage if you'd rather tell your story there."

"I cannot see anything in this darkness."

"I could help you, put out your hand." I put out my hand and feel a leather-gloved hand gently grab mine. I am tugged along for about a minute then we stop. "You may sit here."

I sit and I think he sits too. "Thank you. Well I'm from 2006, not 1870. How I got here was I put in a Phantom of the Opera movie, or moving pictures in your time, and I went into the television. I don't know why I'm here though."

"POTO? Moving pictures of me?"

I sigh. "Yes."

"Does they ...show…me?" He asks hesitantly.

"What's behind the mask? Yes they do."

"Then how can you near me or even talk to me when I have this repulsive carcass? "

I smile in the dark. " I don't care Erik. I mean I've never seen you but I have an idea of it."

"I'm sure what ever you saw was bad enough." he says quietly.

" So you believe me then?"

"Indeed I do."

"Monsieur Erik, I am Kerin." I put my hand out in front of me and feel it be grabbed by a cold hand not a leather glove. I smile knowing the real phantom trusts me.

"Tell me more of this television you speak of."

"Well it's like seeing something happen only you aren't actually where it's taking place. I actually am where something is going to take place yet it's confidential information. I will however tell you it involves you and your opera house and hopefully the ending turns out happy. You deserve a happy ending."

"Thank you for acknowledging that it is my opera house. Come, you may stay with me." I reach my hand out for him since I cannot see at all. A leather-gloved hand grabs mine and I am lead through the dark. Suddenly there is some light leading down a staircase. He's in front of me so I can't see him. We are soon at the lake and we get in the boat to his lair. Even though we're in the bowels of the opera house Erik's architecture makes it beautiful and I can only wait until we arrive at his home.

I wrote this about a year when I actually was 15 and I didn't alter it at all so tell me what you think!!!! Any type of review would be great so I can improve my writing. thanks in advance!!!