The Morning After

Chapter 1—Waking up

Veronica woke up slowly. Allowing her surroundings to set in as she groggily searched for her underwear. She had been raped, and there was nothing she could do to stop the pain that filled her now. She slowly remembered the events of the night; Seeing Duncan with Shelly, taking the drink, passing out. Then a thought hit her, People had seen her and stood by idly while she was taken to a room and raped. She had been stupid to take the drink, but the fact that people hated her enough to let this happen hurt.

She slowly raised herself from the bed, trying to fix her dress as much as she could, while seeing her underwear. The mere sight of them almost made her puke. She looked at them as the last of her innocence. She knew that after this morning she would never be the Veronica everyone knew again.

Walking to her car she realizes that she obviously won't be driving it until she has cleaned it. Letting a few tears fall as she reads what has been written on the window 'Whore—Abel, you got the wrong girl' she starts walking, not knowing where exactly to go. She wanted out of that dress, and realized that she needed to go to the sheriff's office and make a report.


As she walked out of the sheriff's office his words rang through her head 'Go to the wizard—get some guts' he had told her. She now more than ever hated him, not only was he the man who had replaced her father, but he was mocking her for getting raped. They really chose a winner to replace her father. She rounded the corner of the building just in time to collapse into a fit of tears. She had lost her innocence and there was no way she would ever get it back.


Logan had seen her leaving the police station as he drove past and decided to take this opportunity to have a little fun with the girl he once considered his friend. By the time he got his Xterra turned around and pulled into the police station she was a mess. He looked at the girl he had once been friends with and for the first time in months felt a pang of guilt. There she was in her white dress sobbing. The next thing he knew he had parked his car and was rushing over to see what was wrong.

She was so distressed that she didn't here him coming behind her, so he gently touched her back. She jumped about ten feet into the air at his touch, turning her head to see who it was. Seeing Logan her fear turned to anger. "Don't touch me!" She exclaimed as she stood up, once again fixing her dress.

"Well, sorry for worrying about you" He shot back, a bit shocked by her bitter tone, and the glassy stare that he was receiving. He was looking into her eyes trying to read what was going on in her head. What he saw saddened him; her eyes that had once held hope even in the midst of heartbreak and death were now cold and distant. He again felt a twinge of guilt build up in his stomach.

"You don't get to worry about me Logan; I'm not your problem, not even your friend." She couldn't handle this and went to leave, but he grabbed her arm pulling her close. Grabbing her arms to make her look at him.

"We may not be friends, but you are not walking around like this. What the hell is wrong Ronnie, you look like somebody just shot your dog?" Veronica still avoiding looking at him just sniffed.

"If somebody did, you'd be the first to know, because it probably would have been you." She bit back, the venom in her voice causing him to release her. Turning to leave she turned around. "I love my car decoration by the way, really mature by the way."

Logan stood there puzzled, 'what the hell had gotten into Veronica?' Letting out a breath he didn't know he had been holding he walked back to his car and got in. What had she meant about her car? So many questions ran through his mind.