Summary: People are out for Hutch's blood when a barmaid is found murdered hours after spending time with him. Starsky and Hutch have to fight to clear his name…….and save his life.

If they weren't great friends of his, they would have to arrest him. The bar he owned was a popular place, but it was his back door dealings that were his downfall. Detectives Starsky and Hutch were sat in their booth at the trendy nightclub Huggy's Place. Owned by their friend and snitch Huggy. Hutch and Huggy had been friends for years and only last year Starsky and been teamed with Hutch and he too had been accepted into Huggy's world. In fact it was Huggy who had helped to catch Reese Feldman, a big time drug dealer who proved a challenge for the detectives. A pretty waitress walked over to the booth with a tray.

"Lemonade for Starsky and Jack and tap for dear Hutch." She said.

"Oh Suzie, you are too good to me sweetheart." Hutch replied.

"For my two favourite detectives…...anything honey." She said.

"You distracting my ladies?" Huggy asked as he approached.

"Never Hug." Hutch replied.

"What can I do for Bay City's finest?" He asked.

"How did you know we were here for that?" Starsky asked.

"You coming in here in working hour's man. Hutch I understand. What's the buzz?"

"Do you know of anyone selling coke to kids?" Starsky asked. Huggy sat down next to Hutch.

"Nothing springs to mind. Got a couple of guys out on the streets, may pick up some juice." Huggy said.

"We appreciate it Hug." Hutch replied.

"Gotta fly guys. See you around." Huggy said. The two watched him leave and Hutch noticed Starsky's glaze had changed. "What is it now?"

"You are still drinking on the clock?"

"Yer so. You have known me for a year now. Get used to it bud. Has it ever affected my job?" Hutch said.

"So we won't bring up the Clock tower incident." Starsky said.

"That wasn't my fault. The guy was fast and the floor was weak. It gave way."

"You were off your game, any more drink that day and you would have been killed in that tower."

"Didn't know you cared that much." Hutch replied. He looked up at Suzie and winked at her.

"And you still can't keep your mind on the job." Starsky said. He got up out of the booth. Hutch was still staring at Suzie as she busied herself behind the bar. Starsky pulled on his partner's sleeve. "Come on, lover boy." He said. Hutch fumbled as he left. Never taking his eye off her.

The mood in Hutch's room was intense. He had never felt like this with anyone before. She had something special. She was the type of girl that could cause loose cannon like him to settle down. They had had an incredible night. A lovely meal in the new restaurant across town, a walk along the beach and a stimulating session of passion. Hutch felt like a new man. He laid and watched as Suzie became transfixed by the patterns his lamp was making on the ceiling.

"I love this room." She said.

"Thanks, it is not very girl friendly."

"It's fine." She said. She turned to look at him. "I had a lovely night."

"Me too. I am glad you agreed to come out tonight." He said.

"How could a girl resist a date with a hot policeman like yourself?"

"True." Hutch laughed. She playfully hit him and the two kissed gently. It didn't take long for the two to fall asleep. The following morning Hutch woke up to an empty bed. He stretched and slipped on some clothes. He peered into the bathroom as he walked down the corridor.

"Suzie?" He called. He descended the stairs and into the living room. He started to smell the sweet aroma of fresh coffee and bacon. He walked through to the kitchen and noticed Suzie standing by the cooker, keeping an eye on the sizzling pan.

"Morning." She said. "Bacon is nearly ready."

"Didn't know I had any?"

"You didn't, I had to pop out for some. I take it you are the type of guy who thinks cold takeout and coffee is a healthy breakfast?"

"And bacon is healthy?" He grabbed her around the waist and they kissed slowly.

"I bet you thought I had left?" She said.

"That is normally my trick."

"I have heard that about you." She said. "The bacon is ready, coffee is ready and I have got to run." She said kissing him.

"Where are you going?"

"Work, if I am late Huggy will kill me."

"It's early."

"It's 10am." She said. "I will pop by tonight and cook you a dinner, one that doesn't come from a box." She grabbed her bag and rushed out the door.