Starsky and Hutch were out chasing up leads when the call came through about a dead body.

"We are looking into this dud coke deal captain." Starsky said over the radio.

"You will want to take this one, Huggy called it in." Dobey said.

"Is he okay?" Starsky asked noticing the concerned look on his partners face.

"He is fine, it is some lady."

"Okay we will be there in 5 minutes." Starsky said. He put the radio back. The two got into the car and Starsky screeched away. Five minutes later the Gran Torino pulled up to an alley behind Huggy's bar. There were already a handful of police cars there, an ambulance and a coroner's wagon. Starsky and Hutch got out and headed over to where Huggy was talking to an officer.

"We got it officer." Starsky said. "What happened Hug?" He asked.

"I heard a noise and came out here, she was laying there."

"Who is she?" Hutch asked. Huggy looked to him.

"It's Suzie." Hutch looked shocked and walked to the body bag that was being loaded onto the gurney. He unzipped it and stared at the pretty face that confronted him. He quickly zipped it back up and stepped back.

"What's up?" Starsky asked. Hutch jumped as the voice boomed in his ear.

"Nothing. She was a nice lady." Hutch said. He hadn't told his friend about his relationship with Suzie but he knew he would have to soon.

"Any idea who would want to hurt her?" Starsky asked Huggy.

"No." Huggy said. Starsky once again looked to Hutch who was still staring at the body bag.

"You okay?" He asked. Hutch looked to him.

"Sure." He said. "Poor girl. Why would anyone do this?"

"That is what we are here to find out. You were a friend of hers right? Did you know much about her?"

"No, not really." Hutch said.

"I gotta buzz cous. Things need a sorting you dig." Huggy said.

"Sure Hug. I know where to find you." Starsky said.

Back at the station Hutch was wrestling with his feelings. He needed to tell his partner, he had too. Starsky would soon find out she stayed at his that night. He had to talk to him. They had been called into Dobeys office.

"What is the latest on the murdered waitress?" He asked. Hutch was sat in a chair opposite the captain while Starsky was pacing the floor.

"Looks like she was strangled. We have no suspects as of yet but we are going to head to her flat and try and get some clues." Starsky said.

"I got the lab report back; she may have a male friend. There was evidence of sexual relationships."

"First suspect?" Starsky asked.

"Possibly, we do need to find him." Dobey replied.

"I can help with that." Hutch spoke up. Starsky looked at him. "Me and Suzie have been seeing each other."

"What! You didn't say anything?" Starsky said.

"I didn't know where it was going to lead. She was with me last night. She left mine at about 10am." Hutch said.

"This is going to look bad Hutch." Starsky said.

"I know. But you need my statement right? Well there it is."

"I will have to hand this case to another detective." Dobey said.

"You can't, this is ours Capt." Starsky said.

"Hutch is involved, any action taken by you will be deemed tainted." Dobey replied.

"Capt…." Starsky started to say.

"Starsky stop." Hutch said getting up. "We understand." He said walking out. Starsky quickly followed his friend out. Hutch slumped down in his chair and Starsky sat on the edge of the desk.

"We can't let someone else take this case Hutch."

"I can't take it. And they won't let you either, you know the score." Hutch said. Starsky looked to the blond policeman.

"Why didn't you tell me?" He asked.

"About Suzie?"

"Yer, her, the fact you saw our victim this morning."

"It is a hard thing to tell your partner. That you were probably one of the last people to see a murdered lady alive." Hutch said.

"That doesn't mean anything Hutch."

"To us no. But to her family, friends. It will."

"Did she know anyone that might have done this?"

"I don't think so. Maybe it was me?"

"What?" Starsky asked looking at his partner puzzled.

"There are a few people out there with a grudge against me, what if they……"

"Don't think that partner."

"We have to find out who done this." Hutch said.

"We will. I am in no mood to break in a new partner. Especially someone as annoying as you."

"Yeah it will probably take you a few weeks to find someone who can stand your driving." Hutch replied.

"Detective Hutchinson?" A voice pounded from behind them. The detectives turned around. A tall man stood in front of them. He wore a sharp suit and looked more like a lawyer then anything else.

"Who wants to know? Asked Hutch.

"I am Detective Rees." He said.

"Rees, the new guy. You have got to be kidding me." Starsky said.

"I may be new Detective Starsky but I know what I am doing."

"Let me guess, you are a fan of the Hardy Boys and think you can do better." Starsky replied standing up to face him.

"I want to get to the bottom of this murder; I am not here to nail anyone, especially a fellow cop."

"So you have him pegged as a suspect already, that's reassuring."

"Starsky sit down." Hutch said. "What can we do for you Rees?"

"Call me Karl."

"What can we do for you Rees?" Hutch repeated.

"I need to take a statement from you Det Hutchinson."

"Okay but not out here, the last thing we need is for me to be the centre of the precincts gossip."