"Alright Hanson start talking!" screamed Detective Judy Hoffs angrily. She slammed the leaflet onto his desk furiously.

"What's this?" asked Tom Hanson feigning ignorance. He allowed himself the briefest of smiles when he saw the lonely-hearts ad for Judy that he and Officer Doug Penhall had constructed together in their lunch hour. They had then thoughtfully stuck it on the notice board of Jump Street chapel.

"You did it Hanson I know you did!" snapped Judy

"How do you know?" asked Hanson shooting her a smile; his eyes twinkled, "This could have been done by absolutely anyone"

"Because genius you and your buddy Penhall over there" began Judy

"Hey don't drag me into this!" interrupted Doug hiding behind a pile of paper work.

"You tell her Doug," replied Hanson

"Hey I'm talking here!" yelled Judy, "You and your partner in crime over there forgot to disguise your trashy handwriting on the draft I found in the canteen"

"Technically Judy we're partners against crime" said Hanson totally disregarding what she had just said.

"Well as a cop you should know that evidence makes you guilty!" cried Judy

"Not if it's planted," replied Doug

"He's got you there Judy," agreed Harry Ioki from his desk

"Stay outta this!" snapped Judy heatedly

"Hanson, Penhall my office NOW!" yelled Captain Fuller entering the chapel

"What did you do this time?" asked Harry curiously

"Pick anything we may have been remotely connected with in the last week and no doubt that's it" replied Doug, "Come on Tom"

"Don't see why we always have to get called in" muttered Hanson as he and Doug entered the office.

"What was that Hanson?" snapped Fuller furiously

"I said it's time you called the decorators in" lied Hanson "Paint's beginning to flake" Doug sniggered.

"Would one of you like to tell me why internal affairs are busting my ass over your latest case?" enquired Fuller sharply. Doug shot Hanson a questioning look. Hanson gave a guilty smile.

"What did you do Tom?" asked Doug suspiciously.

"You just wrecked an entire case that's what you did Hanson!" yelled Fuller turning his attention to Tom.

"No I got us evidence," snapped Hanson

"You broke into a kid's locker!"

"He was dealing smack!" cried Hanson irately, "What was I supposed to do stand by and watch?!"

"You're a trained Police officer Hanson you know what you were supposed to do and it damn well wasn't breaking and entering!" replied Fuller

"Man the kid was an asshole. Picking on everyone else, being abusive towards the teachers…and you expect me to be friendly with this guy?"

"That's your job Hanson!" cried Fuller. "And if you can't remember the rules and stick to them undercover maybe I should put you on desk duty til you cool down and obey the proper procedures!"

"Look I know I shouldn't have broke into that kid's locker"

"Oh I know you know!" snapped Fuller interrupting

"But that kid didn't speak to anyone so how else was I supposed to make a bust?" continued Hanson

"Hanson you have been part of Jump Street coming on three years now and you know what you were supposed to do. That's why you're going on desk duty," replied Fuller.

"whoop-Dee-doo" snapped Hanson sarcastically.

"HANSON!" yelled Fuller angrily, "Do you understand the severity of what you've done? The Jump Street programme is under investigation from internal affairs yet again and you are under the threat of suspension again"

"Er Captain" said Doug cautiously

"You know Hanson you're a good cop when you follow the rules," said Fuller, "A damn good cop"

"Captain?" repeated Doug

"What Penhall?" snapped Fuller

"Is there actually a reason why I'm here?"

"Yes since Hanson's gone and gotten himself some quality time with his desk you and Booker are going on the next assignment"

"Good luck with that one Doug. Teamed up with a first class jerk" mumbled Hanson

"Hanson I am damn tired of your mutterings if you've got something to say then just say it" cried Fuller

"Hell Captain you know what I think of Dennis Booker" snapped Hanson, "The guy's a racist, bigoted jerk who hits on High school girls. High School for God sakes!"

"Cool it Hanson. I told you stop letting him get under your skin" said Fuller impatiently.

"Yeah well he's getting on my nerves" snapped Hanson

" Hanson I'm done with you go back to your desk"

" How long am I on desk duty for anyhow?" asked Hanson as he was leaving.

" Til you learn to obey proper procedure! Now hurry up and Go to your desk and do some work." snapped Fuller, "Call Booker in here while you're at it"

" Hey Book!" shouted Hanson, " Fuller's office now"

Dennis Booker looked up from his desk.

" Hey Tommy boy I told you quit calling me Book" he said

" And I told you to stop calling me Tommy" retorted Hanson.

" Hanson! Booker! I do not have time for these pathetic squabbles" called Fuller from the doorway of his office. " Now Booker, get in here and Hanson, for the last time, get to your desk!"

"You know when you sign up for the force they don't tell you it's like being back in 4th grade," snapped Hanson sarcastically.

"Shut up Hanson!" yelled Fuller. He re-entered his office with Booker following behind him.

Hanson sat down at his desk and put his head in his arms.

"Hey Hanson you ok?" asked Harry

"Never been better" said Hanson bitterly. He looked up, "Have you seen my pen?"

"Nope where'd you leave it?" asked Harry

"If I knew I wouldn't be asking!" he snapped. He let out an exclamation of surprise and pain as a biro hit him square on the head.

"Oops sorry Hanson" laughed Judy

"That hurt!" cried Hanson furiously

"Can I have it back then?"

"No I'm keeping it. Maybe it'll teach you not to throw things round the workplace," snapped Hanson,

"And maybe being hit on the head will knock some sense into you; though I highly doubt it!" retorted Judy.

"What is going on out here!" yelled Fuller storming out of his office., " I'm trying to brief Penhall and Booker on a case in here and all I can hear is you lot messing about. Get some work done!"

"I'd get a lot more work done if people didn't keep throwing pens at my head"

"You're getting on my last nerve Hanson!" shouted Fuller

"Why are you yelling at me? Hoffs is the one who just assaulted me with a biro!" cried Hanson indignantly

"Yeah well you slandered my reputation!" countered Judy

"ENOUGH!" screamed Fuller "Are you police officers or children?"

"You can't tell with Hanson," snapped Judy

"Yeah you're real mature Hoffs," retorted Hanson

"Did you not hear me say enough?" yelled Fuller "Now for the last time; all of you better do some work or I'm gonna dock your pay"

"Hanson took my pen" said Judy

"You threw it at me!" yelled Hanson

"Hanson will you just give Hoffs her pen!" screamed Fuller

"Fine!" snapped Hanson as he threw the pen on Judy's desk. "I'll just fill these forms out in pencil"

"Where's your pen Hanson?"

"Lost it," replied Hanson sulkily

"Well you better go find it then hadn't you!" snapped Fuller

" well I dunno where it is!" yelled Hanson

" Did you check the canteen?" asked Judy snidely

Hanson scraped back his chair and slammed it against the desk furiously. He stormed out of the office.

" what the hell is going on?" yelled Fuller, " HANSON COME BACK HERE!"

He reappeared a few minutes later clutching a battered biro.

" found it" he announced grouchily.

" Well do some work with it!" replied Fuller. He turned to walk back in his office, " Oh and another thing Hanson, you ever storm outta here like that again - and you won't be coming back "

Hanson stared at Fuller's retreating back before sitting down at his desk - he continued the rest of his paperwork in silence.

" Yo Hanson wait up!" called Doug after their shift was over. Hanson was walking towards his blue mustang silently.

" yeah?" replied Hanson quietly

" You wanna come for a drink?" blurted Doug

" Not particularly" answered Hanson without looking at his partner he unlocked his car door and got in, " you want a lift?"

" Sure" said Doug getting in the car, " So you wanna tell me what's up?"

" what?" snapped Hanson driving off

" Well since we been in Fuller's office all you done is get real mad and then not say two words to anybody all day" said Doug. Hanson turned to look at Doug his face clouded with surprise and annoyance.

" I'm talking to you right now!" cried Hanson turning his attention back to the road then swerving, narrowly missing an oncoming vehicle

" Are you nuts you nearly hit that car!" shouted Doug

" I KNOW THAT!!" screamed Hanson

" Keep your eyes on the road man"

" Well stop saying stupid things to me!" retorted Hanson

" You are in a mood" observed Doug

" No I'm n-"

" EYES.ON.ROAD.HANSON." interrupted Doug forcefully.

" I know how to drive you know!" shouted Hanson

" Could a fooled me!" yelled Doug.

" WILL YOU JUST GET OFF MY CASE FOR 5 SECONDS?" screamed Hanson making an emergency stop. He climbed out of the car, slammed the door and ran into the nearby woods. Doug got out and followed. He found Hanson sitting by the pond throwing rocks.

" Leave me alone" said Hanson hurling a rock into the middle of the pond. He followed it with his eyes until it made a dull thunk at the bottom of the water.

" What is the matter with you? You get in trouble off Fuller all the time and it's never bothered you before" cried Doug sitting beside him.

" I messed up an entire case Doug. An entire case."

" Yeah well that's not a first either" said Doug smiling slyly

" It's my dad's birthday you know" confided Hanson suddenly whilst hurling another rock.

" I see"

" He never would a screwed up the way I did. He was such a great cop Doug"

" So are you Tom" assured Doug

" since when?! You said it yourself I screw up all the time"

" you Putting words in my mouth Hanson" snapped Doug, " I never said that and you know it"

" You don't have to say it, everyone's still thinking it!" shouted Hanson angrily throwing a rock so hard the water splashed off in torrents.

" Like WHO? You got all these crazy ideas going on in your head Tom. None of them are true" said Doug.

" How the hell do you know?! You-You don't have any idea!" screamed Hanson jumping up.

" sit DOWN!" yelled Doug standing up and grabbing Hanson firmly by the shoulders

" Let go!" cried Hanson struggling

" what you gonna do? Sock me one?"

" If I have to I will!" yelled Hanson furiously.

" Don't be stupid Tommy"


" Except your dad?" suggested Doug quietly

" Yes! I mean no…no; sometimes the people I care about can call me that but I-I don't, I don't wanna be called that today. Not today! " cried Hanson his voice cracking.

" Ok, ok calm down you understandably getting very emotional and confused so erm you ain't sure bout some of the stuff you're saying" soothed Doug patting his friend on the shoulder. Hanson pushed his hand away.

" I wanna be left alone for a little while, Just let me alone for a bit Penhall" begged Hanson wiping his face with his sleeve.

"well..just for a little while" compromised Doug, " I'll be over there if you…you know get into difficulty" Hanson gave a weak smile. Doug walked back towards Hanson's car.

" Hey Doug!" called Hanson suddenly. Doug stopped and turned.

"Thanks" finished Hanson softly. Doug smiled.

" Come on let's go get pizza" suggested Doug brightly a few minutes later. Hanson stood up and walked over.

" Let's go Partner" replied Hanson genuinely smiling. Crying had made him feel slightly better and he realised he was an "ok" cop. He'd do his desk duty and be back undercover in no time regardless what Internal affairs had to say.

" so what's Fuller got you working on?" asked Hanson once they were seated in the local pizza parlour. He took a bite from his slice of cheese and tomato pizza eagerly.

" Usual stuff. Some kids have been cutting class and doing some break ins round the area. Captain wants me and Booker to join the group, find out who's making the robberies and make a bust" explained Doug through a mouthful of pizza.

" Thanks for that Doug I really wanna see a mouthful of half chewed food" said Hanson half amused half disgusted, " so you and Booker got aliases yet or what?"

" Yeah we going in as cousins, just transferred in" answered Doug.

" Booker gonna have the criminal record?" asked Hanson feigning nonchalance

" yeah. Pretty much the same deal as when me and you go as the Maquaids" replied Doug uneasily. He shot his partner an almost guilty look.

" Hey Doug don't sweat it. Booker is never gonna pull it off like me and you can" Hanson laughed it off.

" You sure Tom?"

" yup" replied Hanson smiling.

" You know Fuller wanted you on the case. He even told Booker you were more suited" confessed Doug helpfully.

" He really told Booker that?" asked Hanson surprised.

" Sure" answered Doug, "so erm now do you fancy a drink?" Hanson looked up from his new slice of pizza.

" I'm trying to cut back on my alcohol intake" replied Hanson with an embarrassed glance at his best friend. He knew Doug was remembering the last time they went out drinking as clearly as he was.

" You growing up on me Tom?" asked Doug trying to diffuse the embarrassment with an old joke.

" Naaaaaah" laughed Hanson more than a little relieved.

" You gonna be ok on desk duty on your own Tom?" asked Doug cautiously

" Doug, I don't need a baby sitter. I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself!" replied Hanson, " You think I can't fill out forms alone and file em?"

" Hey you the one who gets called in to see Fuller every time we got to do a write up for sloppy handwriting" teased Doug

" that's only cause he can't tell who's who" laughed Hanson

" Sure he can" said Doug bewildered and completely missing the joke. Hanson stared pointedly at his friend.

" Ohhhhhh" said Doug catching on

" There ya go" said Hanson grinning

" You wanna come back to mine and watch some movies?" asked Doug

" Will there be popcorn and candy?" teased Hanson

" Sure"

" And Ushers with hats wandering around in the dark?" continued Hanson sarcastically

" Tom!" cried Doug annoyed

" Hey man you started it - asking me back to your place to watch movies" snickered Hanson raising an eyebrow.

" What? We're partners Tom" said Doug pretending to be mortally wounded

" Yeah - the way you talking people gonna think we more than business partners" laughed Hanson. Doug joined in with him.

" Seriously Hanson are you sure you're gonna be ok?" asked Doug turning serious once more. There were undisguised traces of concern in his eyes

" Doug for the last time I am FINE!" cried Hanson harshly, " Why can't you just drop it?"

" you know why Tom" said Doug quietly staring meaningfully at his friend. Hanson tugged self consciously at his shirt sleeves knowing what Doug meant and how furious his best friend was about the secret he had spilt a few months ago when the pair had been out together and had, had slightly too much to drink. Endless questions about his teenage years and the premature death of his father combined with too much alcohol had made the usually reserved Hanson extremely forthcoming about his angst filled albeit hidden past.

"Doug- I told you it was one time-it's..uh..it's no big deal" mumbled Hanson fiddling with a loose thread on his checked shirt sleeve.

" How can you even say that to me Tom?!" yelled Doug furiously, " How can you when you know what I went through!"

" Doug I was 17! I was 17 and I was hurting" yelled Hanson, " And just cause I did it then doesn't mean I'm gonna turn round 7 years later and do it again!"

" You should never have done it in the first place" snapped Doug



Doug grabbed hold of his partner's arms roughly and yanked his sleeves up so that the faint white lines were visible across each wrist. Hanson screwed his eyes up tightly and turned his head away refusing to look at the scars he had inflicted upon himself in December 1982 with his mother's nail scissors in his room.

" GET OFF ME NOW!" cried Hanson. Doug dropped Hanson's wrists as if he had been burned. Hanson immediately rolled his sleeves down and held them over his hands afraid that Doug would try the trick again.

" I can't believe it took you almost 3 years to tell me about this!" spat Doug

" Oh I'm sorry I'll write you a detailed biography of everything I ever said or did shall I?!" snapped Hanson, " Did it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe, I didn't WANT you to know?! That maybe I'm not PROUD of what I did?!"

" well you shouldn't have done it then!" yelled Doug

" Oh right like you never tried it Penhall! Don't pull this shit with me. So ok suicide is a sensitive subject to you I know that and I'm sorry but don't you DARE sit and preach to me because you know damn well that you tried it too!" cried Hanson

" When I was EIGHT!" yelled Doug, " I was just a little kid- I was grieving!"

" SO WAS I!" screamed Hanson furiously his soft brown eyes filling up with tears, " I was grieving Penhall, I was upset and I missed my dad. I was sick of never having time to myself. All I did was run around looking after my mother. I wasn't allowed to be me Doug. I wasn't allowed to do anything!"

" Hanson at least you HAD a mother to take care of!" spat Doug

" Yeah blame me for YOUR mom's mistake THAT makes sense!" yelled Hanson.

" Hanson you make me sick! Your mom's always there for you and you don't give a shit!" cried Doug

" yeah my mom's just perfect isn't she Doug?! If she's so damn great then why did she leave me alone with her asshole boyfriend Jack who she knew, SHE KNEW, hated my God damn guts?!" shouted Hanson

" Maybe she wanted YOU to stop acting like a selfish little prick and actually hold a civil conversation with the guy!" snapped Penhall remembering all the times when Hanson had told him about how he would be a right jerk to his mom's boyfriends whilst growing up.

" Hey man Fuck you! Fuck you Penhall cause you weren't there, you didn't have to live with him. You didn't get told to call some worthless asshole "dad" and then get smacked in the face everyday for refusing! He wasn't my dad! My dad didn't beat on kids" screamed Hanson, " So don't you sit there and judge me because I self harmed ONE time. You weren't even there. You don't even know what it was like". Tears spilled down his cheeks silently. Penhall watched grimly.

" It's not like you were the only kid to get beat on Tom" he said angrily, " Me and Fuller both went through the same thing and we didn't try it"

" STOP PREACHING AT ME!" screamed Hanson his voice cracking "you're not perfect Penhall!"

" I don't pretend to be!" retorted Doug

" Excuse me I'm going to have to ask you both to leave" said a waitress firmly, " You're disturbing the other customers."

Hanson rose swiftly and slammed his chair against the table irately. Doug got up and stormed out of the parlour slamming the door in Hanson's face as he did so. Hanson pushed the door open to let himself out angrily glaring at his partner's retreating back. Hanson had nothing else to do but get in his mustang and go home. He sat up alone, unable to sleep, drinking a bottle of whisky in the darkened kitchen of his apartment. that's when the memories started flooding back through the barriers he had spent the best part of eight years creating.

He can't hear what she's saying. She's tugging at the sleeve of his blue tux and all he's doing is standing there bathed in the blue and red lights. He can see them. The ones Dad said would come if ever there was a problem no matter how big or small. Only this is more than a minor problem. They don't send the captain of the police force to pick up an officer's 16-year-old son and his girlfriend from the Prom if it's no big deal. There's a pit of nausea in his stomach and he knows. Tom knows his father's dead. He knows but he doesn't want to believe it so he takes off down the steps three at a time with Dianne Thompson following close behind.

Everything's a blur and the memories are all merging into one. He's in Charlie's house being told the details of the shooting. He's at the funeral helping to carry the coffin. He's watching his mom have some sort of breakdown and missing important classes to make sure she's ok. The rare days he goes to school he comes home to find the house a mess and his mother in bed with a different guy each night. It's his responsibility to sort everything out. After all he's the man of the house now as everyone keeps reminding him. The memories are all merging faster and faster until the room seems to be spinning.

There's no air and all Hanson can see is his 17-year-old self picking up the scissors and carrying them to his room down the hall. He's sitting rigid looking at the picture of his dad and him. It's snowing outside and the windows are all fogged up. He's sitting bathed in the multi coloured fairy lights which he put up around his window ledge on the 1st December just like his dad would have wanted. His Dad. Thinking of him pains him. He wishes his Dad was still here. He puts the blade across his left wrist and cuts. There's no pain just blood. He does the same to his right wrist and sits staring at the bloody marks he's inflicted upon himself. The flow's getting heavier now, getting worse. He begins to panic as the blood drips onto his faded jeans and down his hands. He runs downstairs into the kitchen looking for his mom. She's not there. She's in bed with Jack. Tom runs in her room not caring what they're doing. His mother looks at him. His white t-shirt's soaked in blood and he's crying. His mother screams and sobs begging Jack to call an ambulance. Then Tom blacks out.

Hanson took another long swig of whisky. He wanted these memories to leave him alone.

" I don't care what you think either!" he mumbled drunkenly at the picture of his father he was clutching, " You shouldn't have left me. Y-you sh-shouldn't have l-left". The clock ticked in the silence of the kitchen as Hanson carried on drowning his sorrows, trying to dull the pain and find a solution to his problems at the bottom of a whisky bottle.

The chapel was a bustle of activity the next morning. Judy sat chatting to Booker brightly. Penhall sat hunched at his desk playing with his collection of pencils seeming somewhat distracted.

" Hey Doug, where's Hanson?" asked Judy glancing at the clock. It was almost 7am and Hanson was never late. He nearly always arrived early he was that dedicated a cop.

" what am I his keeper?!" spat Doug, " How the hell should I know where he is?"

" Geez Penhall she was only asking man!" snapped Booker

" It's not like Hanson to be late especially since he's on desk duty" murmured Judy anxiously

" Well he better hurry up. Fuller'll be in soon and Hanson's in enough trouble as it is" observed Ioki quietly. All four officers looked up sharply as a loud thud reverberated round the chapel as Hanson stumbled in and almost fell down the steps.

" Hanson are you..uh..you ok?" asked Ioki shooting a bemused glance at Judy. They glanced at their fellow officer who was clearly unshaven and looked extremely worse for wear. His hair was unbrushed and unwashed. His eyes were bloodshot and there were dark shadows beneath them from an obvious lack of sleep. He was wearing a pair of faded jeans and the same red and white checked flannel shirt from the day before.

" Look Penhall!" slurred Hanson stumbling over to his partners desk and rolling up his sleeves, "No..n-no new ones. Just-j-just the old ones. W-won't go away"

" Hanson go away NOW!" shouted Doug irately

" No man you wanted to hear bout it. Kept p-pushing for details th-that night in the b-bar. W-wanna hear em now?!" mumbled Hanson


" Hanson…are you..uh…are you drunk?" exclaimed Judy as Hanson struggled to stay upright and clutched at the edge of Doug's desk in an effort to stop himself from falling to the floor.

" Looks that way to me" snickered Booker

" SHUT UP BOOKER!" chorused Ioki and Judy

" You didn't th-think I'd be ok d-did you Doug?" questioned Hanson, " But I'm fine."

" Yeah it really looks that way Hanson" snapped Doug

" no cuts ..not even a slight graze" said Hanson softly so only Doug could hear.

" Yeah so what does that prove?!" cried Doug sharply, " All you've done is moved on from self harming to trying to drink yourself to death!"

" No, don't wanna die" muttered Hanson defensively, " Want th- want the memories to g-go away and you to stop d-doubting me"

" I don't doubt you Hanson!" spat Doug, " I just don't trust you!"

" Have a little faith in me and have a little faith in me, Just have a little faith in me. All you gotta do for me Doug is have a little faith in me!" sang Hanson drunkenly. Booker stifled a giggle. Judy shot him a black look and he desperately tried to stop.

" C'mon Jude he's singing John Hiatt songs. The guys funny when he's hammered!" whispered Booker.

" it isn't funny Dennis!" snapped Judy

" Right" said Booker clearing his throat, "sorry Judy"

" Penhall! Booker!" called Fuller from the chapel hallway. Booker, Judy and Ioki exchanged alarmed glances

" Shit what do we do about him?!" panicked Booker indicating Hanson who was now attempting to climb on Doug's desk in an effort to make his friend pay attention to him. He lost his footing and went crashing to the floor.

" HANSON!" cried Judy rushing over. She crouched over Hanson and attempted to pull him up but to no avail. " Booker help me"

" c'mon Hanson get up" snapped Booker hauling him to his feet. He steered the fellow officer to his desk and made him sit down.

" I'll go get him some coffee. Someone make sure he doesn't speak to the Captain" whispered Ioki.

" Booker?!" questioned Hanson, " Booker make Doug talk to me!"

" Hanson I'm not a mediator for you and Penhall. Whatever your problems are with each other sort em out like adults for God sakes!" snapped Booker

" He's mad at me" muttered Hanson

" He can hear you too you drunken ass!" called Penhall loudly from his desk. " Why Don't you tell them all why I'm mad at you?!"

" Shut up Penhall!" cried Hanson

" PENHALL! BOOKER!" screamed Fuller storming into the chapel

" Yes sir?" asked Booker


" He..uh..went to get coffee captain" volunteered Judy softly

" WELL TELL HIM TO HURRY UP!" screamed Fuller furiously

" Stop yelling" muttered Hanson


" Stop Yelling" repeated Hanson holding his head

" oh I'm sorry Hanson" said Fuller softly walking over to his young officer. He positioned himself behind Hanson's desk, " FEELING HUNGOVER ARE WE?!" Hanson jumped violently. Booker laughed but stopped as soon as Fuller glared in his direction.

" Hanson you are on desk duty for a reason! What the hell gave you the impression that showing up to work half drunk would be a good idea?!" cried Fuller

" He ain't half drunk" muttered Doug, " He's completely hammered"

" Penhall if I wanted your opinion I'd ask for it!" snapped Fuller

" Not my fault" mumbled Hanson, " Doug kept pushing. Now he hates me. Told him it was only once"

" Hanson I have no idea what you are talking about but you and Penhall better sort your differences out now. Then you're going home to sleep this off and when you come back in sober we're gonna have a little chat." said Fuller sternly

" Okey dokey" mumbled Hanson

" Well Penhall go sort things out with your partner then get to school with Booker!" commanded Fuller, " Hoffs you and Ioki are gonna go in as back up. Hanson go home!"

" Captain you don't understand" protested Doug

" Save it Penhall!" snapped Fuller, " Go sort it NOW!"

Hanson walked out of the chapel shakily with Penhall following reluctantly. Hanson leaned against the wall in the hallway and stared at his partner.

" I'm really sorry Doug ok?" said Hanson quietly, " I'm sorry" Doug looked his Partner over sadly

" Look at the state of you Tom" he said, " You're a mess man"

" I know" admitted Hanson softly; looking at his shoes.

" You..uh…you know I didn't mean to be so rough with you in the diner" said Penhall

" Yeah Just don't try it again" said Hanson firmly but with a hint of a smile playing around his lips. He looked up to see Doug smiling back.

" Partners?" asked Penhall extending his hand

" Partners" confirmed Hanson hi-fiving him.

" You best go get some sleep" suggested Doug

" Yeah guess so I gotta face Fuller when I get back" said Hanson. He pulled a face, " He's going to kill me isn't he?"

" No doubt about it Tom" said Doug laughing.


" I better go before he decides to kill me" said Doug, " I'll catch you later"

" Sure" replied Hanson leaving. He walked back to his apartment and let himself in. he wandered into his bedroom took off his jeans and shirt before climbing into bed where he fell into a deep sleep.

Booker and Penhall arrived at the high school halfway through their scheduled first class. Maths was in full swing when they threw open the door and sauntered in the room all eyes on them. Booker was wearing black jeans with a ripped white t-shirt whilst Doug was decked out in his usual Maquaid brothers attire.

" You must be Dennis Brewer and Doug Peterson" commented the teacher Mr Stanton dryly

" Maybe" cried Doug. He glanced at Booker who just stared in confusion. Doug rolled his eyes. If Hanson had been on this case he would have jumped straight in with " Maybe not!" and their usual Maquaid brothers patter would have begun. Booker however was not aware of his role as a Maquaid Brother stand in.

" Yo Stanton!" he called cheerfully

" That's MR STANTON!" cried the teacher

" Whatever" muttered Booker

" Take a seat gentlemen. We're in the middle of simultaneous equations" said Mr Stanton annoyed by Booker's show of disrespect.

" No thanks I think we'll pass" Doug replied

" Yeah let us know when you get on to trig" said Booker grinning, "we might have a go at that one"

Booker turned and followed Doug out of the class with Mr Stanton yelling after them to get back to class.

" So you think we defiantly made an impression?" asked Booker quietly, " Think they bought it?"

" Yeah we were ok I'm pretty sure we're safe" replied Doug " So where do we go now?"

" Where all the others go when they cut class - down by the bike sheds"

" How'd you know that's where they'll be?" enquired Doug

" C'mon Penhall didn't you ever cut class?"

" Yeah but we left school grounds when we did it" was Penhall's reply. Booker smiled and the pair made their way down to the bike sheds.

Hanson awoke with a start. He realised it was just a dream he couldn't remember and settled back against his pillows. He reached lazily over to his bedside cabinet and picked up his watch. The digital numbers clicked over to indicate it was 3pm in the afternoon.

" Shit" he groaned stretching. He got up and padded over to the bathroom, had a shower and then came back through to his room searching for some clean clothes to wear. He pulled on some ripped jeans, a black t-shirt and tied one of his many checked shirts around his waist, he pulled his brown leather jacket on and continued brushing his wet hair up into spikes. He shaved and then pulled on his boots ready to go back to the chapel and catch hell off his captain.

Judy was sat at her desk wrapping up a piece of paper work when Hanson entered the chapel looking extremely sheepish.

" Hey Hanson you sobered up then?" she taunted

" Is he real mad?" asked Hanson ignoring her dig.

" Who? Fuller? Very." replied Judy smiling, " I can't believe you came to work drunk Hanson"

" I didn't intend to!" cried Hanson, " It sorta just happened"