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The story is the first episode in a series called 'Rocky path' and begins around one year after 'Chosen'

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The plane had just stopped near the terminal and a tunnel has been launched from the airport.

The airhostesses were fussing for already several minutes, getting the passengers ready for the exit to come soon.

The hubbub of conversations was mixed to the noise of the baggage compartments that were opened then closed, to the noise of the seats' and trousers' material that went this people getting up, ready to jump out the plane after a too long flight.

Finally, the front door opened and the commander's voice rang out in the cabin.

"We thank you for travelling with us et hope you had a nice trip. We wish you a nice stay in Cleveland, United States of America"

The same message was repeated in Italian and the length of passengers started to move toward the exit. At then end of the place, Dawn Summers was showing her impatience with lot of sighs, standing near her seat, ready to jump in the crowd of people slowly moving toward freedom. Close to her, her sister, Buffy, was still sat in her seat, waiting patiently.

"You don't have to fidget that way Dawn, we'll eventually get out of here. Just wait for your turn"

Dawn turned to look at her sister, an annoyed look on her face.

« Why do you have to be so annoying, even for things as simple as getting out of a plane ? »

« 'Cause I'm the big sister and you're the kid » answered Buffy playfully. "That's my job. Some things'll never change."

Dawn smiled to her sister and turned again to the line before her.

"Come, it's our turn" she said, her hand to Buffy.

Buffy took her sister's hand and got up to follow her in the plane's lane, her bag pack thrown over her shoulder. After some minutes of advance, a smile to the airhostesses and to the commander, both young women finally emerged in one of the airport's lane where they followed the other passengers.

« I'm so happy to come here! » Dawn exclaimed. "It's been so long since we saw the others. Do you think everyone will be there? Well, I know about Giles, 'cause he's one setting up that meeting. But what about Xander? And Willow? I know she has a lot of stuff going on lately in Brazil. But she's gonna be here, right? And if she could just let Kennedy in Brazil for that matter, I wouldn't complain. What do you think? And…"

Buffy rolled her eyes, exasperate by her sister's rambling.

"Dawn, please! How do you want me to answer if you're asking so much questions at a time?"

Dawn shut up and cast a puzzled look to her sister, before resuming:

« Yeah, sorry, I forgot that you couldn't remember 2 questions before forgetting. So, do you know if Xander is there?"

Buffy sighed to her sister's comment but decided against commented on it.

"I already told you like hundred times that Xander and Will are there. Et to your great disappointment, Kennedy too"

Dawn rolled her eyes to this.

« I kind of knew, but it can't hurt to hope…" she said, pouting a little. Then, she added, suddenly happy again : "So, are you happy to be here ? 'Cause you know, I'm so glad to see them all again!"

« As your enthusiasm could remained unnoticed! »

Buffy wrapped her arm around her sister's shoulder with affection.

"I'm glad to be here." she asserted

Then, Dawn pushed a door leading to the arrival hallway of Cleveland's airport. Both sisters' eyes travelled around the room, looking for a known face.

Finally, they noticed at the same time a very smiling Giles moving toward them.

Buffy Summers' former watcher reached them quickly and hugged them affectionately.

« Buffy, Dawn ! »

« Giles, I'm so happy to see you! You look good!" exclaimed Dawn, smiling.

Giles smiled back and began to take Dawn's travel bag. But Buffy stopped him immediately.

"Giles, if you want to get useful by carrying stuff, you will have things to do, Dawn's not travelling light!"

Giles had an indulgent smile and insisted to take Dawn's bag. The younger Summers let him do so.

"Well, that's why I'm taking that one right now. I leave the serious things to more skilled people" Giles answered, with a fake severe look on his face.

Buffy smiled and took his arm as the three of them were getting away from the crowd to the luggage belt in the international area.

« so, how was your trip from Rome?"

« So long ! » complained Buffy. "Sometimes, I wish I am a powerful witch to be able to teleport myself! That will prevent me from hearing my kid sister whining all trip long, 'cause she's soooo impatient to see you again!"

Giles smiled to Dawn et put his free arm around her shoulders in a fatherly way.

"You know that Willow actually travels by plane?" He asked to Buffy.

"Maybe it's because, she does NOT have a babbling little sister?" asked Buffy playfully

"Hey!" protested Dawn.

But she chose to ignore her sister and turned to Giles again :

"Have the others arrived yet?" she asked.

« Robin left to pick up Xander at the bus station just before I left. They should have gotten back before us. And Willow and Kennedy arrived later this afternoon from Rio. They should be there just before our first council's meeting. »

"I can't wait to be there!" exclaimed Dawn. "I can't wait to see Xander and Willow again. It's so good to be all together again! I hope they're doing fine!"