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Chapter 1

Naruto walked through the streets of Konaha with a heavy mind. His thoughts kept going back to the fight with Sasuke he had. He still remembered the tears Sakura had when she asked him to go after the Uchiha. Naruto sighed to himself as he glanced at the people staring at him with anger in their eyes. He closed his eyes as he thought about those last moments against Sasuke.


Sasuke began to change into his curse seal level 2 form, and two wings extended from his back. Naruto just stood there in a hole of one of the statues. He growled at Sasuke, one of his chakra tails smashed against the statue with anticipation. He watched as Sasuke formed a couple of familar hand seals, and the Chidori began to form. Naruto growled again as a huge red energy ball began to form in his hand. "Ready to die dobe," Sasuke mocked.

"Just try it," Naruto growled in his duel voice of him and the Kyuubi. Sasuke's face became serious as he lunged forward his Chidori aiming at Naruto, who in turn was jumping forward, his Rensangan prepared to rip through Sasuke. "Resangan!" Naruto growled with all his anger.

"Chidori!" Sasuke matched the anger and the two attacks collided in mid air and created a giant explosion of energy that enveloped the area know as the Valley of the End. Sasuke's Chidori connected and began to twist into Naruto's chest, while his own Resangan scratched the headband that Sasuke was wearing. The two friends stared at each other. One with sadness, the other with anger. When the energy died down, Sasuke stood over the unconsious form of Naruto. The rain plastering his hair to his face. He stared with much sadness at what he did to his friend. He lay his scratched headband onto the ground beside Naruto. Sasuke nodded to himself as he grabbed hold of his injured arm and slowly began to walk away from his friend. "I will get power my own way," he muttered. "I will kill that man, but I won't kill my friend." He disappeared into the rainy night, leaving Naruto alone in the cold rain. Kakashi had found him laying on the ground and quickly picked him up and carried him off to the villiage. On the way he learned that Choji and Neji were in bad shape, while Shikamaru, Lee, Kiba and Akamaru, Temari, Gaara, and Kankuro were not to bad. Kakashi sighed to himself as he turned to look at his student.

"I'm sorry," Kakashi muttered as he continued to run back to the villiage.

End Flashback

Naruto glanced down at the bandages wrapped around his body and sighed. He could still remember Sakura's reaction when she came to see him, and found out that Sasuke was not back. She acted happy, that it didn't matter, and that Naruto would get him back. But he could tell that she was in pain, and was crying on the inside. He sighed to himself as he continued his walk around Konoha. "Maybe I'll go see how the others are doing," he mumbled to himself. He nodded in agreement to his mind and ran off down the street toward the hospital of Konoha.


Neji lay in a bed, his eyes closed and his face in a peaceful state. Tenten looked down at him with worry. "I can't believe this happened to you, Neji, I thought you could handle anything," she whispered. Tears slowly came down her face as she rubbed his face. The door slowly opened and Naruto came walking in.

"How is he?" Naruto asked.

"He'll be fine," Tenten just said. She turned her head to see Naruto with tears in his eyes.

"It's my fault, I wanted to stay and help him, but, he said I should go after Sasuke," Naruto whispered.

"Don't worry Naruto," Tenten said with a smile. "It's no ones fault what happened to you guys, you fought some really powerful oponents."

"Yeah, thanks for that comfort," Naruto said with a smile. Which for some reason made Tenten blush. Naruto turned and walked out of the room to leave her to her own thoughts.

"Why was I blushing," Tenten whispered to herself. "It's not like I'm falling in love with him or anything. Is it?" She turned back to Neji and just thought more about Naruto. "What do I see him as. All the other girls don't even care he exists, but, I do. But, do I love him?" She continued to think to herself about it for the rest of the night.


Naruto found Shikamaru and Ino in Choji's room. "Hey guys," he said in a cheery voice.

"Hey Naruto," Shikamaru simply said.

"Hey loser," Ino scoffed at him.

"Buddy," Choji smiled at him. Naruto could tell he was fine now, and he wondered how it must feel to take those three soldier pills.

"I'm glad your okay Choji," Naruto smiled at him.

"Yeah, honestly, I thought I wouldn't make it," Choji said. "But I did, and now I can go get some barbeque!" Choji puffed his fist into the air with exitment. Ino sighed at the boy, while Naruto just laughed.

"How troublesome," was all Shikamaru said. Naruto bid them farewell as he walked to Kiba's room to check in on him.


Naruto entered the room to see Kiba laying on the bed with bandages wrapped around different parts of his body. Hana, Kiba's sister, was kneeling beside Akamaru and patching him up. Sitting near Hana was a few dogs that were worried about Akamaru. "You doing okay dog boy," Naruto smiled. Kiba looked at him and smiled.

"Yeah, I'm doing great, just laying here with a hurt body, but nothing big," Kiba said sarcasticlly.

"How's Akamaru?" Naruto asked, turning to look at the injured white dog.

"He will be fine," Hana replied. "Akamaru is a fighter." The other dogs in the room let out a bark of approval as they watched their owner work on the dog.

"I'm glad you guys are okay," Naruto said.

"I would think you would still be in bed," Kiba said. "You took a Chidori right in the chest."

"Y-Yeah, well, I'm a fast healer," Naruto laughed, trying not to let Kiba know about the damn fox in his body. "Well, I need to go check in on Lee, then go find the sand siblings and thank them for their help." Naruto waved by to Kiba, Hana, and the dogs as he left the room and headed towards Lee's room.


"You doing okay Lee?" Naruto asked as he entered the room to see Gai-sensei sitting in a chair beside Lee.

"I'm fine Naruto-kun," Lee said.

"YEAH YOUR FLAMES OF YOUTH CAN OVERCOME ALL!" Gai said, giving Lee the nice guy pose.

"Gai-sensei," Lee said with tears in his eyes.

"Lee," Gai said at the same time.

"Gai-sensei," Lee said again as he hugged his teacher in an affectionate way. Naruto sweatdropped as he made to leave the room.

"Well, um, see you guys around," Naruto quickly said as he rushed out of the room to fine the sand siblings.


Naruto found Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro standing on a mountain side, looking at Konoha. "Hey guys," he said. Gaara turned and gave a smile that looked like a maniacs.

"Hey friend," Gaara said. After he lost to Naruto in the exams that took place not to terribly long ago, he had become a little nicer to people, and wasn't a sadistic maniac. He became one of Naruto's best friends in no time.

"Hey there Naruto-kun," Temari said.

"If it ain't the idiot from the exams," Kankuro smirked. Temari punched Kankuro in the back of the head, and sent him flying forward.

"Show respect to Naruto-kun, he saved Gaara remember!" Temari yelled at Kankuro with venom in her words. Gaara laughed, which was awkaward to the others, at his sister and brothers antics.

"So, feeling better Naruto?" Gaara asked.

"Yeah, I still can't believe I lost to Sasuke though," Naruto said, his eyes filled with sadness at remember his friend.

"Don't worry Naruto, we will help get Sasuke back," Gaara told the blonde.

"Yeah Naruto-kun," Temari smiled at him.

"I-I'm with you," Kankuro said in a painful voice.

"Thanks guys," Naruto smiled. "See you guys around." Naruto waved by to his friends and headed back into the villiage, he wondered the whole time what would happen now.


Tsuande rested her head on her desk as she thought about the past days events. It had been a week since the group that went after Sasuke returned. She had been busy trying to save Choji's life, while Shizune did the same for Neji. They were now both recovered and ready for missions again. The sand siblings have returned to Suna, and Gaara was recently proclaimed Kazekage of the villiage. She sighed to herself as she lend back in her chair and watched the ceiling. "Damn you Sasuke," she mumbled. "Damn you to hell. You hurt Naruto, and you're making everyone worry. And Naruto was your friend. Damn you!" As she screamed the last part, she heard the door open and a robed figure with a foxes mask walked in.

"Is this a bad time Hokage-sama?" the man asked.

"Sorry," Tsunade simply muttered. "What do you need?"

"Got something here from Gaara of Suna," the man replied. Tsuande extended her hand to take the letter and opened it.

Dear Hokage,

I have a mission for some of your Konoha ninja. And before you wonder, our sand shinobi are busy, and we need you guys to help. This is a S-class mission. A S-class missing ninja is leading a group of ninja in one of our villiages. They are terrorizing the citizens of wind country, and with us being swamped by other missions, and all this paper work I have to do, I need you to send a team of ninja to stop these criminals. I do however, request that you send Naruto with the team. I would like to see him when the mission is over. I hope you send a good team, all I know is that these guys are strong. I will pay the group up front after the mission, and pay some to Konoha if possible. Thanks for accepting the mission.



Tsunade folded the paper and thought for a moment. She then picked out three cards from her stack of shinobi and handed them to the ANBU in front of her. "Go find these three ninja, and Naruto. Tell them to come here immediatly." The ANBU nodded and disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Tsunade sighed again as she rested her head back on the desk. "I hope I'm doing the right thing sending them," she mumbled. She just stayed in that position, waiting for the ANBU to return with the four shinobi who would be going to sand.

To be continued...

End Chapter.

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