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Tough Love


Teris Xenite

He'd never understood as a boy when his father had told him when he was being punished, 'this hurts me more than you'. Now he understood. Understood what it was to have to hurt someone that every single instinct called for you to protect. The reasoning that it was for their own good be damned, it still hurt. He'd had to do it. He'd had to and he knew it, Kara wouldn't have responded to cuddling and coddling, she never had. That still didn't make it any easier. And he hadn't had time to be patient, to wait for her to come back to herself while every minute she wallowed in her own pain caused a bigger rift among his pilots, endangered his crew.

But gods the look she gave him when he pushed her out of that chair had hurt. The disbelieve that he would do this, the pain when she realized that he would say those cruel things that she'd trusted him not to say. The look of betrayal when he'd called her cancerous, told her that he no longer considered her a daughter, that she could shape up or ship out. He didn't think he'd ever be able to forget that look.

He'd seen her kick the chair on the way out, knew that it would work. He'd heard that she'd butchered her hair in the pilot's head. Been told that she'd finally gone to see the little girl she'd brought back from New Caprica, dressed in her old uniform. She'd be alright. And just maybe in time she'd understand that though love hurt every bit as much to give as it did to receive.

AN: I hope that ya'll enjoyed it. I've wanted a Kara/Old Man scene for a while now. Since there was one in this episode I decided to play with it a bit, since the personal interactions were still a bit absent.