Lonely In Gorgeous

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Kakashi: Now was that so hard?

Sera: sighs no…

Kakashi: gives her a lollypop

(Alternate universe thingy…they are in HIGH SCHOOL)

I remember with clarity where they took me. To a place in which was their haven from the world, where color and fabric was all their own, where they created dreams.

Their hideaway from the world above with the ridiculous red wooden steps leading down to the wooden door which there was a red cloud carved into it.

They called it Akatsuki.

"Hinata watch your footing!"

Hinata, for the umpteenth time fell flat on her face in front of her older cousin. The boy looked down and grimaced.

"I told you to watch your footing."

She sighed and sat up taking bits of dirt off her face.

"Sorry brother."

Lee, having watched shot a glare at the older Hyuuga and helped Hinata to her feet.

"Neji, your pushing her to hard."

"No, it's fine." Hinata said brushing Lee off. She took her pose again. "Shall we continue?"

Neji shook his head.

"No, it's almost dark." He looked at his former teammate. "Will you be joining us on the trip tomorrow? Last school trip of the year Lee and I doubt your precious girlfriend would survive without you." This statement was filled with sarcasm and Lee, having caught it looked down bashfully at his feet.


Neji shook his head.

"Don't be. TenTen and I broke up two years ago, it's old news."

Hinata was slightly uncomfortable by the topic of conversation, which she knew every detail about. Recently Lee had been wearing on Neji's nerves for the sheer fact that Lee paraded his love for TenTen, a girl that Neji dated in his sophomore year. Not that Neji particularly cared for the girl, she was a friend but Lee's love boasts grated on his nerves.

"Uh, Lee, Neji…can we go? It's really late and father uh…"

Lee nodded his dark head.

"Ok princess, sorry for making you uncomfortable but my youthful rival here makes it hard to be civilized."

Hinata blushed.


Lee nodded.

"Anyway…you're staying the night correct Lee?"

"Yes. I've gotten permission from the mother. You're uncle is very flirtatious by the way."

Hinata blushed as well as Neji. How embarrassing.

"Yes…well um shall we?"

Lee laughed at his eternal rival's blush and Hinata ignored the threats. She walked towards a tree where their sweater were folded neatly. She took her white sweater and threw it on.

"Neji, where is this trip again?"

Neji looked towards his cousin.

"In the city…it is a school festival of sorts."

"Oh, the Meio Academy Festival…Hey Lee, doesn't Sasuke's older brother go there?"

Lee nodded.

"He sure does."

Neji smirked.

"Poor Sasuke, having to watch his brother beat him all over again."

Lee and Hinata lifted a brow.


"Itachi Uchiha is the brightest, most athletic person known around these parts. To say that the younger Uchiha loathes the older Uchiha is an understatement."

"So he's jealous? Why? Meio is a design school isn't it?" Lee asked rolling up the sleeves of his green hoodie.

"You'd think that wouldn't you?"

Hinata, having fallen from the conversation and just listening intently sighed inwardly. Sometimes Neji knew too much it was eerie. Like how he had known she had skipped school with Ino to see a THTC concert(if you like Fushigi Yugi then you know what this is) and had waited for her to come home.

'But seeing Hotohori dance and sing was worth the three months of ground-ation.' She thought as a new voice had invaded the conversation.

"My brother's not better then me!"

She inwardly groaned.

'Just great…'

Standing in all of his dark glory was Sasuke Uchiha in his dark coat, dress pants and shoes.

'Why's he so dressy? Reminds me of Eiri Yuki only less attractive and more pompous.' She fought a snigger as she pictured the handsome novelist kick the crap out of the Uchiha for stealing his formal style.

"Says you, Uchiha." Neji said starring the younger boy. He half turned and starred at his cousin. "Let's go Hinata."

She followed blindly, like she normally did, shyly and adorably awkward.

"Hey, girl."

Lee, having been following behind Hinata and Neji half turned in shock. Neji just stood still not even turning.

"Don't call her girl!" Lee said.

"Whatever…" Sasuke walked up to the shy girl. His dark eyes scanned her face. "You should leave these losers to themselves."

Hinata's face beamed.

"E-excuse me?"

Sasuke smirked.

"Dating that loser Neji and hanging out with that Lee character makes you look bad."

If Hinata were anyone else she would have laughed right in his face. He face reddened as she looked over at her cousin, whom was shaking, and to Lee who's eyes were bigger, if possible.

"Neji isn't my boyfriend." She said without stuttering. Sasuke leaned closer still smirking.


She made her cutest smile.

"He's my cousin."

Sasuke almost lost his footing and fell. He stood up straight starring at an amused Neji.

"Hn." He said starring at the girl once more. "I figured you'd be too pretty for Neji, of course I was mistaken, of course he's your cousin."

Neji's amused appearance changed into a scowl then to a psychotic smile that emulated thoughts of various criminal acts including human sacrifice, which he had just asked Lee if such things were still performed.

Sasuke leaned closer to the girl and starred into her white eyes.

"I'll see you tomorrow on the trip then Ms. Hyuuga."

She bowed her head.


He lifted a dark brow.


"My name is Hinata."

He smirked.

"Then, Hinata." He taped her nose and turned his heel leaving the three behind.

'What on earth?'

Suddenly Neji and Lee took hold of her arms and dragged her off in the opposite direction.

"Don't worry Princess, that pervert wont get near you tomorrow." Lee's eyes were burning with fire.

"Sasuke will die if he ever comes near you." Neji had an evil scowl on his handsome face.

Hinata sighed inwardly again. 'Just a normal day for the Hyuuga heiress…I wonder what Kiba and Shino will say?' She thought to herself as again she was reminded that she was in fact, the little cousin of the strongest boy in Konoha Academy.

'Sometimes being Neji Hyuuga's little cousin really sucks.'




Hinata entered her bedroom after her long tiring talk with Lee.

'What is with him…? Wanted to sleep outside my bedroom to protect me. Gosh he's just as bad s Neji!' She flopped down on her bed and sighed. What Lee had said got to her.

"Maybe I'll call Ino." She decided picking up her pink phone. She pushed speed dial and upon it being picked up she smiled.

"Ino Piko at your service!"

"Hey." Hinata said. "I need to ask you something."

Ino's voice quieted.

"Hold on…Dad can I take my break?...Hello?"

"Yeah, about that question…what is up with Sasuke Uchiha?"

There was a pause.


"Just asking."

Ino was silent for a moment.

"Well he's hot, gots tons of girls after him, talented, athletic, intelligent…" She sighed. "Perfect."

Hinata rolled her eyes.

"But not as perfect as Itachi Uchiha right?"

"I guess. Itachi's cold, Sasuke's cold too but not below zero ya know?"

Hinata giggled.

"I guess. Hey! About the trip, are you going?"

"I was but then my dad got me Nittle Grasper tickets."

Hinata let out a fangirlish scream.

"No WAY! You get to see my honey Ryuichi Sakuma sing?"

"Seems so."

During the squealing Hiashi Hyuuga had decided to check in on his daughter. He looked at the girl for a moment before shaking his head and shutting the door.

"Fan Girls…"


SERA: Hope you liked it. Well I've had this idea for about a day and thought to write it down. It's like ParaKiss (not really thought ) meets Naruto (sorta). I'm having trouble on my more serious fics so this is pretty relaxing and helping thought creative juices flowing. Review and I'll go on. . Thanies!