Hey there it's me yet again making another note for this rather interesting story.n Anyway, some of you really liked this story-which is really was a surprise to me. I thought it was going to tank actually, I mean, Itachi a fashion designer?

I tried to make part 2 which centered on Gaara but that didn't work out at all did it? Anyway, I'm actually going to make a Prequel to this story. Yes I know, what the hell am I thinking? I bet you've had enough of Susan(Sasuke) and Muriel(Itachi) right? I'm pretty sure some of you are a bit interested in the Akatsuki members that didn't get enough fic time in the first story though.

So how 'bout it? Wanna read about Sasuke Susan Uchiha's rivalry with his older brother Itachi Muriel Uchiha? Wanna see Deidara and Tobi wackiness? Wanna read about cool clothes being made and about the model whom is someone's certain younger brother having to wear them?

How about learning more about Sai and Hinata before she met Itachi? And what about the whole Naruto cheating on Hinata with Sakura thing? Ah, I see this has caught your attention...hopefully...well I'll stop here, don't want to give it all away. PM me for ideas and requests that you want in the story, I'm taking those, and I hope to hear some positive feedback on what you think about the upcoming prequel to this story.

Flames wont do-So please don't Flame me for my idea.