FanFic 100 Prompt #:: 040- Sight- Albus watches Minerva eat a lemon drop. ;D

Rating:: T

Sweet Torture

I look up from my work papers at my wife. She smiles sweetly, waiting patiently for me to complete my letter to the Ministry so that we may go on our evening walk together.

"Would you like a lemon drop, Minerva?" I ask, offering her the candy dish.

Although she does not often care for my lemon sweets, she decides to humor me this time by taking one. I attempt to return to my work, but I cannot help but watch her as she brings the candy to her lips. I pretend I do not notice as she slips the lemon drop into her mouth, her fingers lingering at her lips as she slowly licks off the excess sugar. My heart races; I cannot bear to watch her unknowingly torture me, but neither can I tear my eyes away from her seductive routine. She moves the candy in her mouth, swirling it on her tongue until it becomes smaller and smaller, almost ready to dissolve completely. Minerva looks up at me with a coy smile and devilish twinkle in her eyes. I now realize that she has been fully aware of her cruel torture.

Yes, rest assured that I will return the favor to her tonight.