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Legendary Celestial Warriors

By Ten-Faced Paladin

Chapter 1: New Frontier

Daemon, if nothing else, was a very patient Digimon. He knew that the best things went to those who waited, and he had been waitng for a long time. He knew how to bide his time and he did it well. He waited in his own hidden piece of the digital world that not even Lucemon knew existed and therefore could not scan. From his hideaway, he saw events in the digital world unfold. He watched the celestial Digimon Cherubimon grow hateful and corrupted. He saw the rise of the Legendary Warriors. He had even witnessed Lucemon's rebirth and his redeath. In all, he now knew what he was up against.

Now, it was his turn.

Now he would rise up and make the digital world his. The only real opposition he had were those Legendary Warriors. As he was now,if he made his move, the warriors would assuredly overtake him and destroy him. At best, he might be able to bring them down with him. Maybe. At worst he'd bring down half of them before he was himself destroyed. That was no way to bring a hostile takeover. No, he would have to consolidate his weapons and forces elsewhere and he knew just the place. The human world. Daemon chuckled as he thought about it. The humans wouldn't know what hit them. The six warriors there didn't even have their spirits. There was only one other real power. The gates of time.
It was a very curious power. Daemon had been keeping an eye on the human world for some time when he had found it. Someone was actually using the gates to try and reach a certain timeline. They were peering through the gates to remove all obstacles that would interfere with that timeline. A fool with a capitol 'F' if there ever was one. One could change the odds of course, Daemon himself had done that to avoid detection by the celestials. This fool thought she could actually manipulate time to reach this outcome. The human capacity for self-delusion was on par with that of Lucemon. Just epic.

As he had kept his eye on the gates, he discovered that the fool in charge could forsee all outcomes and timelines. With something like that, she would be able to forsee an move Daemon may even consider making. It was a wonder she hadn't seen his attacks yet. She was too busy primping stuff in the present and looking at her 'destined' outcome. This just enforced how much of a fool she was. A powerful one,but still a fool.

She was an easy enough obstacle to overcome. Being a Digimon with enough power to match or even surpass the celestials, Daemon managed to send a portion of his power to the human world, namely where the gates were situated. He managed to send the power into the gates. From there, all the timelines that even mentioned his name vanished. Now that fool standing over the gates would never see him or any of his forces coming. Daemon found himself hoping to be able to see the look on the fool's face when everything she has ever known went under his rule. Let's see her precious 'Crystal Tokyo' come to pass now.

With that little problem out of the way, Daemon just had to consolidate his forces. He'd have to be quiet and discrete, lest he catch the attention of the warriors. He really didn't have a problem with that. It would take time but it wasn't like he didn't have that.

6 months later...


The train station was bustling with activity. People heading to work and back again. Kids heading to and from school. Nothing seemed out of place. People just went on with their daily lives and nothing seemed to be out of place. At an elevator, people were waiting for the doors to open so they could get on their merry way. The numbers lit up one b one and then dimmed as the elevator finally came to the ground floor. The doors opened and everyone piled in, but what the didn't notice was two shorter beings slipping past them.

One of them was white with small black eyes and he had a pink band around his waist. He also was holding an old book which had a few strange symbols on front and back covers. To those who knew him, he was Bokomon, keeper of the book.

His friend was quite different. He was slightly taller with short arms and long ears. He was also sporting squint eyes, orange fur, and red pants. This was Neemon, keeper of his pants. It wasn't an official title, but he liked to remind people of it.

"Whew," Bokomon sighed in relief as he and Neemon stopped. "We made it Neemon! We're in the human world!"

"Mmmmph!" Neemon squeaked.

"What did you say?" Bokomon asked as he turned to his friend. "Gah! Neemon, what are you doing?!"

What Neemon was doing, or more specifically not doing, was breating. His cheeks were puffed up and were blazing red even through his fur. Leaping into action, Boko snatched the band on Neemon's pants and snapped them, causing the orange Digimon to leap around shouting in pain.

"Owowowowowowowow!" he cried in pain. "But you said Digimon couldn't survive in the human world."

"Well I was wrong wasn't I?" Bokomon huffed. "We are here after all."

"Yeah," Neemon agreed.

"Well then?" Bokomon asked impatiently. "We have to find Takuya and the others quickly!"

"Okay!" Neemon nodded enthusiastically.

With that small confirmation, Bokomon yanked Neemon along by his armas they headed towards what they hoped was an exit. After walking a few steps, Neemon began to hear something that stood out from the noise. He looked over to the source and saw a little girlsitting on the ground, crying.

"Hey, look over there," he announced, pointing over to the girl.

"What?" Bokomon asked, looking over, his soft spot for children instantly kicking in when he saw the child. "Of, the poor dear. Come on."

The two Digimon veered from their course and walked towards the girl. The child in question sniffed before wiping her eyes. She felt alone and scared, but her crying stopped when she heard someone talking to her.

"Hello," A squeaky voice spoke.

The littlegirl looked up and saww something strange. She blinked in quiet amazement as she saw the two Digimon before her. Most people would have freaked at seeing such strange creatures, but small children have an amazing ability to accept the bizzare.

"Hello," the girl hiccuped.

Bokomon stepped forward with a look of concern on his face.

"What's wrong little one?" he asked gently.

Tears began to come to the little girls eyes again, "I...I lost my mommy."

"There there," Bokomon cooed while patting her shoulder. "Do you know where she might be?"

The little girl sniffed as she thought about the question. After a moment she wiped her eyes again as she began her reply.

"I think she might be at the Juuban train," she replied.

"Juuban?" both Digimon asked at once. They hadn't heard of that before.

"Uh-huh," the girl nodded. "Mommy said we were going to go on that train."

"Maybe Mommy is there," Neemon suggested.

"For once you say something intelligent," Bokomon sighed.

"Huh?" was Neemon's reply.

"Never mind," Bokkomon sighed. "Let's go."

Bokomon and Neemon helped the girl to her feet and all three of them began their journey. The girl had a tight grip on their hands as they travelled. They had to go to several trains before they reached the end of the line where they stoppped to take a breather. While Bokomon tried to look for another clue while Neemon was rubbernecking at all the sights and sounds, the girl managed to catch sight of someone familiar.

"Mommy!" the girl shoouted happily.

The lady in question was trying to get through a crowd of people that were loading onto her train. Apparently she had noticed that her daughter was missing.

The girl broke into a run towards the train, not noticing that she still had a grip on the two Digimon who were with her. She didn't even her their shouts as she jumped through the doors of the train and finally let them go as she hugged her mother. Even though she stopped, Bokomon and Neemon kept going through the air and crashed into the other side of the train.

"Ooog," Bokomon groaned as he and Neemon slid too the ground as the train jolted, begining it's journey.

Juuban Station

The train slowly came to a stop and the doors opened to release the passengers. Among those passengers were the two Digimon who were quickly discovering just how large the human world was.

"That Trailmon was really rude," Neemon huffed. "He didn't even talk to us."

"You dolt!" Bokomon snapped. "That wasn't a Trailmon! We're the only Digimon on this world!"

"Really?" Neemon gasped. "Wow!"

Bokomon shook his head and the two of them made their way outside and onto the sidewalk. They were amazed by all the cars going past and how tall some of the buildings were. It was kind of loud, but it was still pretty amazing.

"So where do we go now?" Neemon asked curiously.

"Hmm," Bokomon pondered as he put a finger to his chin in thought. "My inuition says we go that way!"

Satisified, the two Digimon began walking down the street. Not even noticing that people were looking at them strangely and little kids wanted to talk to them.


After what felt like hours to the two travellers, Bokomon and Neemon foundthemselves still walking down the street. Their posture was slouched and their spirits sufficiently crushed.

"I'm hungry," Neemon whined.

"You said that five minutes ago," Bokomon sighed.

"I'm still hungry," Neemon replied.

Bokomon grunbled and looked around to see if there was anything edible. All he saw was tall buildings and some bright signs. One thing did catch his eye though. It was a temple situated on top of a hill that looke dvery peaceful. It reminded Bokomon of Shamanmon's temple before Burninggreymon trashed it and the surrounding area.

"How about there?" Bokomon asked, pointing to the temple.

"Oooh," Neemon gasped. "Pretty."

"Then let's go!" Bokomon cheered.

With renewed spirits, the two Digimon began heading towards the temple stairs. They had a long climb ahead of them.

Hikawa Shrine

Raye finished her meditations and stepped outside into the sunlight. She stretched a little before looking at her mental list of things to do. Chad was sick and her grandfather was off on errands. That left her to do the chores for the day. She did count her blessings on the youma front when there hadn't been an attack for a while. In all, everything was peaceful for a change. She did do fire readings just to be safe, but she hadn't beeen able to seee anything. Not even a general future. It concerned her, but there wasn't much for her to do about it.

"Best not dwell on it," Raye sighed to herself. "Otherwise I'll fry my brain and end up being like Serena, a second meatball brain."

She walked out onto the groundss to get the broom when she heard voices coming. A little odd for visitors to be coming at this time of the day.Most people were heading for home by now.

"Would you come on already?" the first voice asked. "We're almost there."

"But I'm tired," the second voice whined.

"What on earth?" Rae asked herself.

Her answer came when she saw two strange creatures come to the top of the steps. One was orange with red pants and the other was white with a pink band aroound it's waist and was holding an old book.

"There," spoke the white creature. "Was that so hard?"

"I'm pooped," the orange creature panted.

Raye thought that the two were actually youma for a split second. That theory was shot down when she couldn't feel a hint of dark aura around them. That and the fact that the two oof them seemed more silly than anything else.

The white creature seemed to finally notice Raye at long last. He coughed poliely before he walked over to her with his friend and both of them bowed politely. The white held a pleasant smile while the orange one seemed curious about Raye.

"Hello," the white creature greeted. "My friend and I seem to be in a little bit of a fix. We're trying to find some friends of ours,"

"And some food!" the orange creature added.

"That too," the white one sighed.

Raye blinked as she looked at the odd pair. The two of them couldn't be youma. They were also very polite and the seemed to be in need. Never let it be said that she would turn away those in need.

"Um...okay," Raye finally replied. "I'll show you inside. Why don't you explain and my friends and I will see if we can help."

"Thank you for your hospitality," the white creature smiled before tugging his companion by the ear. "Come on you."


Raye was sipping tea with Bokomon and Neemon. The white Digimon was very polite while Neemon was funny in his own klutzy way. It reminded Raye of Serena in a way. The three of them were making conversation while Raye waoted for the other scouts to arrive. Bokomon said that he'd explain the situation then.

They were interrupted as a knock came to the door. Raye politely excused herself while she went to answer it. That left Bokomon and Neemon alone to converse.

"What a polite young woman," Bokomon beamed. "You could learn a thing or two from her."

"She's really pretty too," Neemon added. "Are there anymore cookies?"

Bokomon sighed in defeat. There was just no reaching some people. Neemon's skull was as thick as they came, next to Takuya's sometimes. Any further musing stopped when two female voices came ringing through the house.

"Kawaii!" was all that was heard before both Digimon found themselves in super-glomps that offered no hope of escape.

Bokomon found himself in the arms of a girl with pink hair that seemed to have it styled into bunny ears. Neemon was trapped in the arms of an older girl with blonde hair that could pass as the younger girl's sister.

"Ahh! Who are you?!" Bokomon cried in surprise. "Raye! Someone! Help!"

"Lookit me, lookit me! I have no spine!" Neemon called from his hug.

That was the scene that the inner and outer scouts along with Darien walked into. It wasn't long before Raye went into action.

"Serena, stop that!" Raye sadi firmly. "You too Rini. Those are my guests!"

"Huh?" both girls commented as they looked down at the creatures in their arms. These were Raye's guests?

"Everyone," Raye spoke while gesturing to the two Digimon. "These are Bokomon and Neemon."

"Hello," Both Digimon waved with strained smiles. Well, not so strained for Neemon anyway.

After everyone calmed down and introductions were made, everyone took seats around the table. Bokomon made sure to stay out of arms reach from both Serena and Rini. Neemon was much more comfortable since he was sitting in Hotaru's lap. He was actually taking a nap as well. The youngest scout had a happy smile on her face for the company.

"So, Bokomon," Amy began. "Raye told us that you are here to find someone. Who are you looking for?"

"We are looking for several someone's," Bokomon replied as he opened his book. "We're looking for the ten Legendary Warriors."

"Legendary Warriors?" Asked Haruka, her interest even further caught.

"Yes," Bokomon confirmed. "Ten heroes who have saved our world several times."

Mina leaned on the table, resting her head on the palm of her hand, "What do they look like?"

The other scouts couldn't be sure if Mina was asking so that she could help or of she was wondering if they were good-looking.

Bokomon immediately grasped his book and opened it. All of the girls leaned in to see the inside of the book and the pictures inside. The pages held a picture of a humanoid figure dressed in coloured armour and a symbol was drawn alongside them. Each symbol slightly resembled a Kanji.

"These are the Legendary Warriors," Bokomon smiled proudly.

"Do they have names?" Michelle asked curiously.

"Of course they do," Bokomon replied. "Since I don't suppose you can read digi-code I'll have to list them off."

Agunimon, warrior of flame

Lobomon, warrior of light

Kumamon, warrior of ice

Kazemon, warrior of wind

Beetlemon, warrior of thunder

Grumblemon, warrior of earth

Ranamon, warrior or water

Arbormon, warrior of wood

Mercurymon, warrior of steel

Loewemon, warrior of darkness

"A warrior of darkness?" asked Setsuna with a degree of suspicion.

"Of course," Bokomon replied. "You can't have a source of light with darkness."

"But isn't darkness evil?" asked Serena.

Unknown to Bokomon and Neemon, three cats were underneath the table and were also listening in on the conversation. Luna, Artemis, and Diana. They had every word of the conversation so far. They pondered on the thought of ten warriors of legandary status. Maybe if they were lucky the could get their help in facing future threats. The mention of this warrior of darkness though cast a bit of a shadow on their thoughts, excuse the pun.

"Nonsense," Bokomon retorted. "Darkness is a part of nature just as much as the ground we stand on or the air we breathe. It is only evil when it is used to those ends."

"So why do you need to find the warriors so badly?" Lita spoke finally asking the question everyone wanted answered.

"Sadly, a new evil has risen to threaten both our worlds." Bokomon explained. "We need to find the warriors because they are the are the only ones who are powerful enough to stop it."

"A new evil?" Hotaru asked in slight worry.

Setsuna felt herelf stiffen in slight worry. The gates of time hadn't shown anything like a Digimon. She had only seen something like them when the black dragon had tried to rise out of the ground in Shinuya, but something had pulled it back down. If a Digimon was going to threaten the world, she should have forseen it. She would have to examine the gates later.

"Wait a minute," Raye suddenly spoke out. "If the warriors are Digimon, then why are you searching in the human world?"

"A good question," Bokomon nodded. "You see, the spirits of the Legendary Warriors are, or were, in the digital world, the ones who have inherited those spirits are in the human world."

"Just how are we supposed to find the warriors?" asked Darien.

"My book of course," Bokomon smiled as he held it to his chest. "The spirits are connected to it and if we are near one of the inheritors then they will react."

Suddenly, the snot bubble coming from Neemon's nose popped and he sat up drowsilly. He looked at the people around him and then back up to Hotaru.

"Is it lunchtime yet?" he asked innocently.

Hotaru giggled while everyone else sweatdropped.

Outside the temple, a boy was eating a chocolate bar while pondering what to do next. As he munched away, he hadn't noticed that a tiny black vortex was opening in thr street. It was also getting bigger by the second. What noone knew was that what was going to come out of that vortex was anything but friendly.

To Be Continued

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